My son and I rented a truck, and picked up the tail kit at the truck terminal - his first time seeing one of those.  We used a couple of furniture dollies to move the crate.  Then, while we had the truck, we picked up an air compressor and some wood for the workbench.  Next is to build the work bench.  

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Comment by Larry Hursh on May 3, 2011 at 1:40pm

Hi Rebecca,

I wouldn't let the weight of the Corvair bother you too much.  It's lighter
than an O-200 Continental and that's what Zenith puts in most all of their
factory built aircraft.  The Rotax is lighter but they have a recall on them for
their redrive having issues.  One that just came out is the UL.  Gus Warren
worked with WW for many many years and did all of his testing of flying parts. 
Gus is out on his own now but remains a good friend with William.  He is the
distributor for UL.  I would have considered it but it wasn't available at the
time I made my choice.  The Jabiru 3300 is a good solid motor that's been around
for years.  The sticker shock got me though.  I just don't have the $19K for a
motor.  I liked the idea that I was going to be learning something completely
out of the box so to say.  I've rebuilt many Chevy and Ford engines (I raced
Super Pro Stock for Ford) but I never worked on an air cooled engine.  It was
really interesting to see the logic behind the design of the motor to begin
with, then have William adapt and or manufacture a completely new part from
scratch.  ALL of WW's parts are either made my his own hands, or he's outsourced
them to make them on a CNC.  The quality is there in all the parts.  William and
Grace DID build a CH601 but have since sold it.  William has a  whole fleet of
people testing various parts for him.  

One person that is very avid in the Corvair movement is Mark Langsford.  Mark
and William have been friends for quite a few number of years.  Do a search on
Mark.  He doesn't have an active website.  Mark also runs the "CorvairCraft"
website.   Here is the sign up screen (I hope!) 
There are TONS of information on this sight.  There is also an archived section
that has many YEARS of stored info also.  This should keep you reading for a

Well, I need to get to the garage/shop.  I'm match drilling the main center
beam carry through to the right wing today.  After that, I can install it back
into the fuselage (again).  I only have the seat supports to add and the aileron
control assembly at the very rear of the torque tube (at the front of this tube
is the Y bracket where you control the elevator and ailerons
with).  I can then call my DAR Inspector/EAA Tech Advisor for him to look over
my work.  Hopefully he'll give me the OK to button up the wings (again).....


Have a good one and enjoy your building!  Sure glad to see this is a "family




Comment by Rebecca Anne Shipman on May 3, 2011 at 9:45am

Thanks for the advice and encouragement, Larry!  I feel we will be done with the tailkit in the next week or two, and so it's about time to go for the wings next.  It is certainly a journey of many tiny steps.  I was thinking about the Corvair College as well - Michigan is relatively close for me - but my daughter's dance recital is on the 4th as well.  For me to make it, I'd probably need to fly out and back, and I wouldn't have a core or anything to work on.  

William's site, and the conversion manual and 601/650 manual show that he has been diligent in turning the Corvair engine into a aircraft engine.  I really like that he flies one in a Zodiac.

I would probably go the route of having him do most of the work - I just want to do enough to learn the info I need to maintain it properly, and to maybe give the kids some insight into engines.  

The only downside is it's weight.  I want to fly with my son, and he, at 14, is already 6'1" and 185#.  So I'm attracted to the lighter engines.  

I did read about the 750 that went down in CA, and I'm glad William is right on it.  He is passionate about his work and his customers.

Anyway, congrats on getting your upgrades done on your 650!  I'm anxious to know how your Corvair conversion works out.  

Comment by Larry Hursh on May 2, 2011 at 10:04pm

Good work Rebecca.  Keep it up.  If you can find just one hour a day to work on your plane, your dreams WILL come true!  I see you are thinking about the Corvair.  Another great choice!  I have built mine and its sitting on the motor mount.  I was hoping to go to Corvair College #20 in Hillsdale Michigan and run my Corvair.  My son't 40Th birthday in June 4Th.  Right in the middle of it.  William Wynne saw where I wasn't going to be able to be there for the entire event so he got on the telephone and invited me to come either Friday or Sunday.....Keep in mind I have never had the pleasure of meeting him in person but we have talked several times on the telephone.  If you'd read where a CH750 with a Corvair went down in California, as soon as William was getting off the telephone with me, he had a flight to catch....he was going to California to help the pilot figure out exactly what went wrong and why his Corvair kept stopping on him.  William has an impeccable reputation for caring about the people he supplies parts to.  I am one of his loyal customers.  If there is ANYTHING wrong with ANY part WW supplies you, he WANTS to know about it.   Now if that isn't customer service, I don't know what is then!  If you feel you don't want to build your Corvair yourself, William or Roy ( will be more than happy to build one for you. If you are really serious about the Corvair, William would tell you to come to a College...they are free.  The price is right!

Well, I hope I've helped to give you some insight as to what you can expect if you go with the Corvair.  I strongly urge you to stay away from anyone else offering a Corvair flight ready engine.  There are several out here that have ripped off William's designs and sells them as their own invention.  These people are former students of beware.  If there is anything I can do to help you out, just ask.  I'm usually around on-line if I'm not building on my CH650.  I'm just finishing up the upgrades now....


Larry Hursh

Edwardsburg, MI


N650LM (Reserved)


Comment by Timothy S. Drumm on March 9, 2011 at 2:42pm
I picked up my tail kit on Friday. After inventorying the parts I disassembled the crate and am using the bottom of the crate and a pair of saw horses for my workbench.
Comment by Zenith.Aero on March 9, 2011 at 8:36am
Thanks for the post.  We look forward to reading about your adventure...
Comment by Bob Pustell on March 8, 2011 at 10:38pm
The beginning of a great adventure. I am glad your son is participating. This could be a wonderful bonding oportunity. Enjoy!! And, be strong in the discouraging times.........

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