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Zenith Open Hangar Day

To all those lucky people attending the Zenith open day this weekend have a great time and enjoy the experience. I hope to attend one of the open days soon and to all those keen aviators who will be entering Zeniths first friendly STOL comp at the weekend good luck most importantly fly safe and in the words of Deano and those of you who have met me will know and understand what I mean.


Fly it like you STOL it!



Added by Deane Philip on September 17, 2014 at 4:00pm — No Comments

Jabiru Air baffle.

These are the last picturtes of the cooling baffle that were taken today, Sept 16th, 2014.  There is just one more item to add to the system to be finished.  I will take that tomorrow and add it to my photos

Added by Sam Birchill on September 16, 2014 at 9:05pm — No Comments

Zenair Rivets Now Available from Aircraft Spruce & Specialty

Zenith Aircraft now supplies its proprietary rivets and riveting system through Aircraft Spruce and Specialty:

The 1/8-inch (A4) and 5/32-inch (A5) blind rivets are available through Aircraft Spruce in batches of 100 each.  The riveter tools, supplied…


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CH701 flight testing (61.8 hours since September 28th,2012)

Wednesday September 10th,2014

Since I had to get the lawnmower to the airport, I decided to take the afternoon off, get the lawn done and squeeze a little flight in. I still had my share on the old girl for sale (Cherokee 160hp - 1961) and I tought I could also arrange a demo flight for a perspective buyer.

I got the lawn done, got my Cherokee demo flight done and did a couple touch and goes with the 701.

1.5 hour of flying (1.1 hour with the Cherokee and 0.4…


Added by Normand Lambert on September 11, 2014 at 9:41pm — 8 Comments

Preview: 2014 Zenith Aircraft OPEN HANGAR DAY and BUILDER FLY-IN GATHERING

Following is a brief preview of our planned activities for the upcoming Open Hangar Day and Builder Fly-In Gathering on September 19 & 20, 2014 at the Zenith Aircraft factory in Mexico, Missouri.  View the Event Page for "official" details and to…


Added by Zenith.Aero on September 11, 2014 at 3:30pm — 2 Comments

Jabiru Cooling

I am just completing a cooling baffle for my 601.  This design is by Bob Gutteridge.  He is an EAA Tech Advisor who built a Jabiru aircraft with the 3300 engine.  He had continuing problems with cylinder head heating problems and designed this baffling system.  I copied his desing and adapted for the Zodiac.  I should have this finished this week and will report on my temps.  On my first flight I had cylinder head temps right near 400 degrees with the older Jabiru fiberglass system.  

Added by Sam Birchill on September 10, 2014 at 3:44pm — 2 Comments

iPad mount for 601 XL?

I am after some advice if anyone has found a suitable iPad mount for a full size iPad when you have a 'busy panel'? I have tried a couple of different suction mounts on the canopy but they all fall off in the end (the iPad is so heavy!!).





Picture of panel attached.…


Added by Huw Carey on September 9, 2014 at 5:00am — 4 Comments

Viking Zenith Weekly Review

Several Vikings having their one year birthdays

It's been 1 year and 80 hrs. since my first flight in my Viking…


Added by VIKING AIRCRAFT ENGINES on August 31, 2014 at 5:35pm — No Comments

Second Wing

Finally finished with second wing except the wing tip that I hope to get to this week.  Wanted to get done before July 4th but screwed up top rear skin.  Ordered new sheet of aluminum (still thinking could get done in my time line) and the sheet was damaged in shipping.  Re-ordered and got it a few days later.  Now shock and horror I start to think about match drilling all of the holes, weird myself out, so I put it off until after the forth so I don't have to rush.  Now (as we know how this…


Added by Tim Smart on August 31, 2014 at 2:34am — 1 Comment

4 Vikings at Zenith fly-in registered so far

Viking is inviting anyone with a Viking powered Zenith to join at the 23rd Zenith fly-in in September.

  • Flying aircraft - fly it in
  • Fuselage with engine mounted - trailer it in
  • Have an engine - bring it for show and tell

This was 3 years ago - come see what Viking is doing now…


Added by VIKING AIRCRAFT ENGINES on August 26, 2014 at 6:32am — 2 Comments

One Week Wonder - Chapter Ten - Thunderbirds are GO! (but only after the One Week Wonder!)

With the FAA paper finally in hand, the shout came out from Charlie 'Move that plane NOW!'. 


The Thunderbirds (you know the F16s that display really well), were ready to do their display to close the whole weeks events... but they couldn't.    The crowds were on the line, and the planes had their jet engines running, but they were not being given the 'GO!' until after the One Week Wonder did its first ever 'under its own power' taxi.   




Added by Jonathan Porter on August 25, 2014 at 11:30am — 1 Comment

750 Cruzer build photos

I am waiting for the wings to be shipped Aug. 28.

 For those of you who couldn't attend the one week wonder build I took 178 pictures mostly relating to a successful 750 cruzer build. If you request them I'll be glad to send them. I also have 55 of my own 750 build as far as rudder, stabilizer and fuselage build you may also have if requested. The reason I don't upload these is because I can send to you with one click, This is much easier and faster for me. Thanks.



Added by Lyndon Robert Leining on August 24, 2014 at 10:57am — 1 Comment

One Week Wonder - Chapter Nine - The Day of the FAA

Arriving on the Sunday morning, nobody felt 'not tired', but everybody felt 'totally exhilarated'.  The One Week Wonder sat out front, like a toddler about to go out in it's push chair for the first time, full of anticipation, ready for an adventure - but looking so innocent and unprepared.


It was 99% ready, and with just 50% left to go!  But that 50% was going to be a challenge... Then, they came with a black plastic bag and a remote control unit for the countdown clock.  It…


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One Week Wonder - Chapter Eight - Day Six - Getting Wings...

Saturday morning was a blur.  Nobody could remember their own names any more - let alone whether they were coming or going...  It was as if those 'patience pills' were affecting memory too!  Thankfully, between everybody, everything was being accounted for, but the team were visibly slowing down.  Caution was being applied, because everybody knew that it was better to miss the deadline than make a mistake that could jeopardise the long term benefits from…


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One Week Wonder - Chapter Seven - Day Five - First Words...

Friday... less than two days to go... 

everybody finally realized that somebody had been lying to the team - that clock was not right.  This was not anything like a seven day challenge.  Seven days would have given the team until 08:00 on Monday morning... BUT the organizers had this hidden agenda... the plane would be INSPECTED on the SUNDAY by the FAA... and needed full FAA certification before 15:00 on that very Sunday... so that a public taxi test could take…


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One Week Wonder - Chapter Six - Day Four - The day of Cake.

With all the 'smaller surfaces' completed, day four was a day of looking for jobs for the core team not involved in the fuselage or left wing - there was no shortage of tasks - event the clearing up and sorting out the tools that had managed to have a party and get muddled up! 

For those who had built Zenith Aircraft before, this seemed like an easy build - until they all realized that this was a CH750 Cruzer - so it was different.  With less than a handful of Cruzers flying…


Added by Jonathan Porter on August 22, 2014 at 6:00am — 1 Comment

One Week Wonder - Chapter Five - Day Three - The Joining of Parts Begins...

Day three was always going to be the day when we got an idea of where it was all going.  Everybody was tired, already.  The sprint had been done, and the plane looked like a plane... well almost - but this was not the time to give up - we had to hit the wall and keep on building! 



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One Week Wonder - Chapter Four - Day Two - Drilling out rivets

When the team arrived on day two they looked over the work from the day before... and noticed some mistakes.  That happens on EVERY build.  Every builder makes mistakes, so having some mistakes in One Week Wonder was to be expected... The mistakes were minor.  Not all the rivets had pulled well - it happens - and some had been pulled that shouldn't have been yet - that happens too!  So, as the volunteers for day two were lining up, the core team set about some minor fixes.  It should be…


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One Week Wonder - Chapter Three - Day One - A Day of action

It was a tense moment, all of these people who didn't know each other - about to start in five minutes - building a plane in less than a week.  They all stood awaiting the starters orders... and then they came, from Jack Pelton, the EAA Chairman.  Jack comes from the illustrious aircraft manufacturer Cessna, and is now the leader of the EAA pack in feeding the worlds aviation spirit at a grass roots level.



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One Week Wonder - Chapter Two - A CAST OF THOUSANDS

Over the week over two thousands five hundred people were involved in the build - and signed the builders log - the worlds biggest builders log!  But it was down to a core team, and a lot of organization to make the week come together...


THE CORE TEAM:  This is the team that were practically full time in the Bull Pen - that place where the machine was being brought to life.  It should be noted that the core team had not met before the day... they…


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