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Spars done

spars.jpgI finished up my wing spars tonight, all in all it was an easy build.  My transmission went out on the Explorer and is gonna cost 1500.00 bucks to fix........ So that will delay my next and last aluminum order for a few months.  Time to make wing ribs and tidbits.

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Time to dig into spars

It's been a busy summer with kids sports, boating and working.  The boats are put away and the time has come to start drilling some holes.  I'm getting ready to start my spars and I have to admit that I'm not looking forward to these, don't know why, just dreading them.  My building buddy Timothy has his done already, so I will be leaning on him for much needed motivation.  Some times,...... ok most of the time I wish I had a pile of money to buy a kit but that's not going to happen. Well,…


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On to the next step.

I finished my flaperons tonight.  I was not looking forward to these, but found them very easy to scratch build.  First one took the longest and it got faster after that.  I logged 6.5 hours from cutting the skin out to having the part finished.

Now its on to the spars...... hoping I only have to build 2.

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Received my engine today

I took ownership of my new engine today. Now it's time to strip all the unwanted parts off and take a good look see.  Once I strip it down I will post a video with a walk around.  If anyone is like me, you have spent hours looking for a good video of the engine, or even good pictures.  This is a 2010 Honda Fit l15a7 engine.

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Free slat jig

I finished my slats tonight and have a nice CNC made jig.  Its free to local builder if they want it.  It will be made into BTU's by Friday so speak up.

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Getting back at it.

I've been swamped with work and no time to build.  I have Monday off and plan on finishing my last slat.  After that will I will make some long range tanks. 

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working on horizontal stab. parts

working on parts for horisontal stab.  Just have to make some type of brake with 6.4 mm radius to bend parts.  What are most of u bending these parts with.  I see when I get to firewall stiffeners I have to make a bend almost 900 mm long.  Not sure if I can bend these over a peice of wood or not.  What is the best way to do this without making another brake?

Added by Jesse Hartman on February 12, 2012 at 10:26am — 1 Comment

4130 list for ch750

Hi.  Does anyone have a 4130 list for the ch 750 that they would like to share?

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rudder skin on plans built

Hey guys.  I just made my first parts this weekend and have already come to a head scratcher.  I have my rudder frame all clecoed together ready to fit skins.  My question is,  what is the best way to drill the skins?  Is it better to drill them before I even test fit them, or put them on and try to find the rib locatons some other way? 

     I guess I probley look foolish asking this question and being a plans builder but I dont know what to do next.  Any help would really help me…


Added by Jesse Hartman on February 5, 2012 at 1:54pm — 5 Comments

What are the pros and cons of props

Im years from this part of my build, but I have always wanted to know the pros and cons of different props?  Two blade , three blades,wood ,metal carbon fiber.  I would like to have more of a STOL prop so what would I look for in a prop?

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flying today

I flew to another airport for the first time today.  Managed to get enough courage to leave home airport (kmic) by myself.   Used gps from Microsoft flight simulator to get right heading.  It worked, I ended up about 3/4 mile north of Buffalo airport.  Seen alot of people out on lakes with very thin ice (looked black from the air).  Go to store and buy fish, or fall through thin ice and freeze to death?  Its a toss up.

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hardware kit for 750

Is there a hardware kit from Zenith that has all the AN bolts washers and what not, and how much is it.

Added by Jesse Hartman on November 16, 2011 at 3:23pm — 6 Comments

thicker sheeting on wings

Anyone put thicker aluminum on wings of 750.  whats the pros and cons?

Added by Jesse Hartman on October 18, 2011 at 10:00am — 7 Comments

folding wings

Are there many of you who have folding wings on your 750's?  Im wondering if they are a good option to build into the plan?  I have the blueprints for them just wondering if they work well.

Added by Jesse Hartman on October 8, 2011 at 6:38pm — 3 Comments

Corrosion Protection

Hi.  Wondering if its easier to buy zinc chromate in spray cans, or if I should buy the gallon?  Do you brush it on or spray it on? Also If I want to prime only mating surfaces is one gallon gonna be enough for a 750?  Any help would be great.

I know I ask alot of questions, and im sure there will be 100's more but I can give you guys my social # so you can claim me as a dependent If I get to needy :)

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Sheet metal supplier

I have been turnd onto a company called Metal Superstore.  They are local so no shipping is good, and they came up way cheaper than aircraft spruce.  For 10 sheets of .020 and 3 sheet of .025 they wanted 843.00 after tax. Aircraft spruce wants 1210.85 plus shipping. Thats 367.00 plus shipping cheaper. How ever they cant get .016. Check em out they have locations all over the US.


Added by Jesse Hartman on September 29, 2011 at 3:31pm — 2 Comments

Do I have the right part numbers?

Could someone check these part numbers with aircraft spruce?  They are for a4 and a5 rivits.  I just want to make sure that Im ordering the right rivets.  A4 part #1604-0412  @7000 pcs.  A5 part # 1604-0514 @3000 pcs.

I just want to make sure before I order 400.00 worth of rivets.  Thanks for your time.

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Anyone want to go to OshKosh with us?

HI. I will be going to OshKosh on Wed the 27th or Thurs. the 28th.  We will be taking a motorhome and have room for one more person.  You will have your own bed, and we have a quiet generator for A/C. A little about us.  We are in our early 30s and like to drink beer and let a couple swear words out here and there.  We are not all night party people just like to have fun.  We camp as close to the ultralight strip as we can.  You should be ok with swearing and drinking and have a good sense…


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ch 750 forced landing ntsb report

NTSB Identification: WPR11LA199

14 CFR Part 91: General Aviation

Accident occurred Thursday, April 14, 2011 in Winchester, CA

Aircraft: ZENITH CH-750, registration: N632DR

Injuries: 1 Minor.


This is preliminary information, subject to change, and may contain errors. Any errors in this report will be corrected when the final…

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