Those of you with flying O-200s....  Did you install an oil cooler or not? Along with your answer it would help to know the state in which you're based.

If you didn't install one, do you wish you did?  How close are your temps to the max limit?



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My AMD built 601XLB uses a Continental O-200A

no oil cooler

my max temps run 210 f normal temps 185-195F

I think max recommended temps are 230F

i am in Florida, don’t need a cooler, keeping it simple works for me.


AMD did install oil cooler in their 0200 powered CH-750, but it was the lightweight version of the engine, which might make a difference.

  1. No oil cooler.  Live in eastern VA.  Winter I am 160 - 180 and summer I will hit 200.  I have oil filter bolted to the engine.  It was either cooler or filter so chose filter.  I converted to a "B" and put in 9.5 to 1 piston.  I usually run at 2300 to 2500  (85 to 105 KIAS).

No oil cooler. Live in southern Texas, so it’s hot most of the time. Oil temps average 180 winter to 200 summer. If I have a passenger, fuel of fuel and max weight, it’s 95 degrees outside, I’m going to see 210 - 215. You are  probably going to have oil temps at 225-235 on your break-in flights if its above 80 degrees, so throttle back and put it in a decent for a bit. Eventually they will start to drop. I’ve heard they are supposed to drop all of the sudden when the rings seat and it’s “broken in”, but my experience was more of a gradual decline over a few weeks of flying. Are you getting close to finished?

Oh, I probably have about another year. I’ve only spent 360 hrs since 12/2017 cuz life gets in the way. I do some engine tasks in between Zenith tasks and am starting to slow roll parts acquisition for engine. Car done, crank cam n gears done etc. Have the oil filter assy already from the core. A few hunnert here a few hunnert there makes it easier on the wallet. 

just run the 2 inch hose from the front cowl that feeds the cabin heat of the exhaust muffs to the oil filter in the summer. the oil filter should lower the temp 5 degrees and the 2" hose will reduce it another 15. I went from 205 degrees full corse prop in 30degree to 180-185.

i still see 190 fully loaded in more hot climates. i never liked it going over 200 but the spec says it's ok for 230 continuous. way too hot then. its also related to pressure. you need that minimum oil pressure.

oil cooler can easily be added to the spin on filter mount. the adapter is here from airwolf

and you can add a heat sink to the filter

I live & fly in NW Montana, winter flying oil temps run 165-170, summer temps run 200-215, so I'm putting in a cooler. I'll disconnect it for winter, but I like cool oil, I want it to stay in the 180-190 range all summer.


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