The mission statement for states that it is an "Online community for active builders and pilots of Zenith Aircraft kits (Chris Heintz / Zenair light airplane designs)." It has been obvious that is indeed for active builders and flyers of Zenith aircraft and the forums' purpose is to provide helpful information, tips, building and flying assistance, flight experiences and trips, and any other information that promotes our passion for building and flying. Although it has not previously been stated in the Member Rules, commercial or business use of the forums is not permitted. The member rules have now been amended (Rule #3) to correct this.

This does not prohibit a member (that is a vendor of a product or service relative to Zenith aircraft) from participating in the forums, but, as with all members, participation should be comments relative to the subject of the topic being discussed. If a member recommends a product, they must disclose if they have a business relationship with that product or company. If a member solicits information on the availability of a service (such as flight instruction) or a product, it is certainly acceptable to respond with your contact information, location, etc., but again, make your response relevant to the post and not an advertisement!

Finally, Rule #1 clearly states you should post with your real name. This prohibits posting with a company name, which would be another form of advertising.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance!

John Moderator

... and I have no business affiliation with Zenith Aircraft, just a happy customer!  ;>)

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Good idea, John. Thanks for moving on this. Some posts, both in the forums and in the blog section, are getting very very close to commercial advertisements rather than informational/building posts. Some posts even have the vendor's logo as their little avitar picture thing up the corner rather than an image related to the human being who is doing the posting. Let's keep this a true builder's forum, not a place to plug one's wares. I appreciate your willingness to "hold the fort" here at the forum, thanks a bunch!



I am a 750 builder who is almost finished. Anyway, been on this site about 2-4 times a day for the past 2 years. During the building of my plane, I patented a new version of a tool that we all use every day in building our planes. As a long time member and builder, would it be possible to make a small mention of it on considering that I am advertising the Ch 750 in my mentions of the origins of the tool, and it was developed while building my 750?

Let me know. 




As long as the product is relative to building or flying a Zenith aircraft and the post provides helpful information (and what's more helpful than a new tool!), there is no reason why you can't mention it, state your business relationship (i.e., "I invented, patented and sell this product.") and give your contact info for those who want further information, etc. The forum itself should not be used for taking orders or otherwise conducting business and the topic or response you write should be posted under your own name and not a business name.

The complaints I receive are usually generated by blatant advertising:  "You know it when you see it!" 


You must be referring to the - "Viking Engine Blogs" that do not meet the established criteria as posted... how can they be a member of the Zenith family if they are not a builder... ?????

"Finally, Rule #1 clearly states you should post with your real name. This prohibits posting with a company name, which would be another form of advertising."

Viking aircraft engines posts are made by me, Jan Eggenfellner. I work for the company. We have a lot of zenith related info. Recently we have been asked on the forum if we have firewall packages, when we will deliver a spring system and some other questions. We have been forthcoming with as much info as we have available

"First, let's kill all the admen," Dick might have said. While there was an abundance of deceit and hyperbole in his time, he would no doubt lead a riot in the streets if he were so unfortunate as to live in this Age of Deception and "silly millimeters of profit margin" at the expense of anything, any company, any one, by the whole blessed bean-counting, One World of corporate control of, yea, my very breathing. It's a little different when mere information is passed along, but that, too, is subject to interpretation.

I'm even open to hearing outrageous claims, provided the postor makes a covenant not to sue a condition of participation. That is, if I want to relate my experience with a product, even if some lawyer might consider it libelous, the libeled party's only recourse should be to counter the point, yea, "until the cows come home" if necessary.

On my back burner there lies, dented and scorched, a website portal proposal that would have the effect of "killing (or at least starving) all the Mad 'Aves" and spreading the shekel excesses across the 'Avenots, all by "market forces," thus requiring all the King's Men and Women to do "it" the old-fashioned way--"by earning it." Anybody interested in this blatant proposal to for a closely-held entity akin to Eddie's Wiki? If not, how about getting out in the streets and being counted standing by the multitudes of "security" cameras? Are we thus "heading for the Great Roundup?"

I hope this meets the standard so sensibly set forth.



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