When I built my Cruzer, I installed a dual USB port for charging my IPAD ( while in use) and for powering ADS-B portable, Stratus.  I have quickly discovered that the IPAD will not charge. The USB hub is putting out 5 volts @ 2.1 amps per socket.. I think that to recharge, or maintain a charge in flight, It must take around 7 amps. Has anyone come up with a solution to keep their tablets charged ?  I know it has an 8 hour battery, but keeping the charge up from the ships battery would be nice.  Matt Miller

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The output on the Apple charger for my 10.5" iPad Pro is 2.4 amps at 5.4 volts. It is marked as a 12 watt charger. The iPad will not run down if used when plugged into this charger. It may be that your USB charger is almost, but not quite capable of keeping up. Apple offers a Belkin USB-C Car Charger which they claim "can charge your iPad quickly and safely in your car. It is rated at 36 watts. Of course, with Apple being $Apple$ you would also need to buy another cable.

I'd also noticed that my iPad charger "can't keep up", but it does slow the overall rate of discharge such that the battery will last considerably longer than any flight.

That being said, the bigger issue (for me, in a low-winged XL) was the iPad overheating.  I habitually put it to sleep in flight, and cover it (from direct sunlight) with the flap on my kneeboard.  I only power the iPad back up when I want to verify my position, or when I'm getting close to a strange airport.  Doing that enables me to maintain 100% charge while not overheating.

One of my "personal rules" is that all batteries (iPad, cell phones, etc) be at 100% charge before takeoff from home field.  Starting off with 100% charge makes it easy to maintain 100% charge. 

- Pat

Ya, I have had problems with after Market chargers? Even using Apple lightning cords? Some chargers don't work as well.Some after Market cords will not work as well and some times it tells me cord cannot be used. Its all in the cord ? They have it programmed to work good with only there components?

Ton of info here on USB charger ports, you can't just use a $5 plug in device and get good results. I have no connection with the author or his devices, other than I know they work because I have one...


Great read, thanks

Wow, there you go ?

Don, you get my vote for "best post of the week".  This is some good info...

I just now installed a USB Voltmeter/Ammeter on a couple of smartphones, and compared charging rates from some things (computers, vendor chargers, and my airplane) as was pleasantly surprised that the new charger I installed in N63PZ (when I rebuilt my panel) charges my Samsung phones faster than anything else I've got. 

Have not tested chargability of my iPad yet with my new panel.  Gotta run the battery down first, and fingers crossed..........

- Pat

I just received a USB port from Belite aircraft. It is a USB horizontal charger. I talked with the Belite sales person, before ordering. He did not hesitate with "yes" when I asked him if it would charge my IPAD while using. Before installing it in my Cruzer, I decided to test it on the bench, at home. With my IPAD running FlyQ, it took only a minute or two to go from 87% charge to 88%. I walked away and when I came back, it was at 89%.  So there you are. Problem solved for $59.95.  Here is a link for more information. By the way, I also ordered an altimeter from the same company. Matt




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