Noticed a new crack in my canopy today at the leading edge of the canopy about two inches long 

not my first crack, I did some plastic repairs on my first which was there when I bought the plane in 2014.

my plane was factory built by AMD in Georgia.

it a s held to the frame by pop rivets. Don’t know if the screws will fit the pop rivets holes if I want to use screws.

i have the plans and it shows screws hold the canopy to the frame 

so question 1, anyone have a canopy they want to sell? 
anyone know the freight charges from Zenith on a new canopy?

how is your canopy attached? Screws? Pop rivets? Glue?

i ordered some materials to try to repair the new crack, but exploring my options.

any suggestions welcome.


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Hi Dave,

My advise is related to replacing the canopy if that's the direction you go.

Follow good practices when drilling plastic

Use abrasive disks to cut the canopy

Use a heat gun to very carefully soften the plastic around your fasteners to relieve any stress.

Good Luck!


I did mine with screws per the Zenith plans. Over-sized the holes and used tinneman washers. I spent a lot of time polishing the holes to eliminate minor stress cracks. I used fine sandpaper wrapped around a pencil for the inside of the holes, For the hole outer edges - I can't remember what I used but I did them separately, both sides. 

Make no mistake, building a canopy is not an easy process. And every second of the process you are one slip away from cracking it and having to start all over. I have built two because my first one cracked when it was nearly 100% complete. I swore I would never build another one. I'd sell the plane first. 

Thanks for the tips

I’m going to try to repair the crack as I have done when I first got the plane 6 years ago.

it seems to have held up ok.

just wondering how difficult the replacement would be.

Gary convinces me.


Hi David,

I am close to completion on a Zodiac 650B. I used screws and countersunk tinnerman washers to spread out the load. I did not like the difficulty of a Tinnerman screw trying to form a thread in the hard aluminum hoops. Instead I used flat head stainless machine screws and used my cordless drill to tap machine screw threads into each hole in the hoop. That gave me easy tightening without over torque. Also, I confirmed that Loctite urethane roof caulk was compatible with the canopy plexiglass and applied a dab of this urethane caulk before I installed the washer and screw. Looks good now, but no flight time yet.  One other note - do not use any type of Loctite of anaerobic thread locker in contact with the canopy. The Loctite causes the canopy to crack - it attacks the plexiglass. Not what you need!. Larry Zepp, Zodiac 650B N22LZ

Thanks for your input


If I remember right, they quoted me $270 to ship the canopy from the factory to my house in Georgia. I am a cheap air line guy, so I went and got it and shipped it back myself on my air line. It was a massive PITA to go get, but like I said, I am a cheap air line guy. I got an online quote to have it shipped for $190, and I probably should have done that.. Believe it or not, there is an uber freight.

I installed my new canopy with both screws (as originally done) as well as Sikaflex. I like the way it came out but that Sikaflex is messy stuff! 

What part of the country do you live in? The manufacturer of the factory canopy is I believe in PA. What used to be Todd's Canopies is down in FL. 

Thanks for the info

Im in florida

I repaired it for now and will watch it to see how it holds up



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