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At 12:12am on August 11, 2014, Jack Martin said…


Please let me know how your 750 flies with the 0-235. STOL performance? Total Weight?

I would like to use the 0-235 I had in my Longeze, but I need to make the LSA weight limit and only have 1000 feet of runway.

Thank You ,

Jack Martin


At 11:31pm on April 22, 2013, ronald zielke said…

Thanks for your kind word Thomas  we never did get togher, there was a good reason, my wife of 55 years passed away in august and it really did me in.  But maybe with summer coming on we can get together some day in the near future I will call you one evning this week thanks again  

At 2:30pm on August 22, 2012, ronald zielke said…

thanks Thomas Just let me know when your back and settled in,  I'll be looking forward to meeting you,and seing your plane.  it must trully be exciting that your into painting. 

At 8:48pm on August 19, 2012, ronald zielke said…

Hi Thomas I just recived my plans for the 750 and was wondering if i  could come somtime and vist you and see your aircraft.  I too am retired so any time coveniant for you would be good for me. my email is thanks  Ron Zielke , I live next to manmoth cave natl. park ky

At 4:03pm on November 2, 2011, David A. Wiebe said…


I understand that you are using a Lycoming IO-233 for your 750. I have been in the throes of deciding on the UL350IS or the 233. I prefer to buy American for a number of reasons.

I would appreciate any information you might pass on to me regarding firewall fireward components, particularilly about sourcing an engine mount, cowling, and propeller.

Thanks for your time.

At 10:20pm on January 28, 2011, Ron Belknap said…
Tom How is your 750 comming along. I ordered the cowling and engine mount from Zenith, Mexico but is back ordered untill march. Tried to contact Zenith Canada but they don't answer. Added a hand brake in the meantime.  A question: the pedal connected front wheel stearing rotates on a bearing pad that is not flat but angles up on the front and back which when when air born is forced into the bearing by the bungy chord. This causes a great deal of foot load to opperate the rudder in the air and tends to return the rudder to neutral. When on the ground the engine weight most likely will streach the bungy so that the force on the bearing is zero. For what purpose is shaped bearing pad? I have it in mind to mill it flat.
At 6:41pm on January 9, 2011, Paul Bonasera said…

Thomas, I haven't rebuilt the 0-235 yet just a tear down and inspection. looks like all I will need is main, rod bearings, send out cyl's for bore and new pistons w/ rings. the cam and lifters will need to be replaced (rusted same as tops of cylinders).

I've called and checked on prices only so far.


At 12:02am on December 15, 2010, Ron Belknap said…

Thomas, your pic, remind me of where I was. Had it all put together, wings, stabalizer, elevator and rudder all to specks, than took it apart to paint. Finished painting, not a good job, and put it back together except for the wings since I need to trailer it to the local field. Engine due end of Feb. In the mean time toughing up on odds and ends. Have you run the cableing yet? Tested the rudder movement? After installing the break lines I modified them to add a hydraulic parking break.Have you ordered your engine? Looks like a 90 day lag.

At 3:06pm on November 11, 2010, Doug Johnson said…
I think you will be flying your 750 before I really get a good start on mine. I bought the rear fuselage parts and some other parts. Wanted to get my garage built before jumping into the 750. Have garage under roof and plan on a nice workshop in it for the plane. bought a 172 and took lessons in it. got to solo and fly around some. good days and bad. decided to sell it and build a garage and a ch750. Using a Lyc.0-235. someday........
At 2:02pm on September 14, 2010, Samuel H Drake said…
I had noticed that the window cutout in the new rear fuselage side skins (part 75F1-3) were modified so that the rivets for the windows are now longer shared with the Side Channel cover. However, the side skins that are in upgrade kit are the Front Side Skins (part 75F12-2) that attach to the firewall. They have increased the thickness from 0.020 to 0.025.

I will be picking up the upgrade kit either tonight or tomorrow and should be back to building shortly. I am going out tto the open hanger day this weekend.

At 8:58pm on August 16, 2010, Chad Johnson said…
Hey, Thomas Palmer My cowl did come from zenith.
At 9:12pm on May 4, 2010, Mark Kikendall said…
Wow, you are really coming along. My project isn't moving forward yet. I am planning on attending the rudder workshop in September. I have the plans for a CH601-HDS but I really like the CH750 better. I have built all of the parts for the 601 rudder but haven't assembled it. I am planning on picking up the plans for the CH750 from the factory in September. I would like to see your project some time.
At 9:50pm on April 27, 2010, Samuel H Drake said…

Send me an e-mail address and I will send you some more information on engines including a copy of the spread sheet

Sam Drake
At 12:35pm on February 26, 2010, Angus Watt said…
Thanks Tom. Not had any cooling problems with the Jab yet, but as you say, the weather is cool. Only issue I have noticed is the middle two cylinders are running about 10-15 degrees hotter. May have to adjust the air dam inside the cooling shroud.
At 8:04pm on July 25, 2009, Richard Benson said…
Thomas, I have not started the 750 yet. I should be getting the kit this fall and start then. Am going to start out with wheels only. Let me know if you decide to fly up here.
At 9:45pm on April 22, 2009, Gary Graham said…

I am one of three partners building the 750. I was out to visit Pat at Miles Field a while back and he told me you were building one too. I have a question on the Elevator Nose Skins. I assumed they were sheared to the finish size, but mine look like I will have to cut off at least an inch. Did you have to trim yours? I hate to start cutting a perfectly straight edge!

Gary Graham
At 12:16pm on February 6, 2009, Richard Benson said…
Hi Thomas, Yes I intend to put floats on it but have not decide what kind yet, will probably go with straight floats as I have a spot on six mile lake to park it. If the amphibs are light enough I might go with that instead. Still quite a ways off for me. When you come up to Alaska we will go fly together. I have a bunch of secret fishing spots from my years as pilot/guide. Rich
At 10:25am on February 6, 2009, Dan Yeast said…

I have a lot of time in the Remos as I have flown several to shows for the former distributor, Rollison Airplane Company, it is a wonderful airplane, but was bought out by a non aircraft fellow and the management, and marketing has suffered greatly for the last few years. I have minimal training from Rotax, but have been flying with their engines for over 10 years. I do the light maintenance, but will send the heavy maintenance work to Lockwood. I just had my gearbox rebuilt by them last fall. It is a pretty straightforward engine which has more in common with motorcyle engines in some ways than aircraft engines. Also, a very good friend is a certified Rotax mechanic and his brother-in-law is the distributor for Great Britain. Therefore, I have some knowledgeable people to consult with issues. The 9XX series of engines are for the most part bullet proof as long as you keep fresh oil in them, synchronize the carburetors on a regular basis and change/clean the filters regularly too. I flew the Sea Rey for several hours last September in the Orlando area. It is a pretty good short field plane with the 912ULS or 914 and should fly easily enough from a 1,000' strip. My strip is very tricky and mean and at 700' I would not attempt anything that is not an excellent STOL aircraft. The 701 is quite remarkable in that aspect. I discovered with the 701 that building is not my strong suit and I did not particularly enjoy the build process, but that was the only I could have the plane I wanted and building is much less costly than buying a factory built aircraft. I also loved the Sea Rey, it is the most fun plane I have ever flown. We are planning on flying the 701 to Alaska, this year or perhaps in 2010, but after flying the Sea Rey that might be an even better aircraft for the trip.
At 9:40am on February 6, 2009, Dan Yeast said…
I am contemplating building a Sea Rey amphibian, but sort of waiting to see what our economy does. I don't want to give up flying from my short strip so floats on the 701 are out, but I love landing on the water! If I build the Sea Rey I will most likely power it with the Rotax 912ULS although I would prefer the 914, but it is a little to costly. Delete Comment
At 8:27am on February 6, 2009, Robert Carlson said…
Hi Tom,
Good luck with your project. I keep my plane at Miles Field in Shelby County. The man that owns the field is the local DAR. He will be the best choice for your final inspection and sign off.

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