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Viking Crew after a day at the show,  

The "Air around the spinner" design is perfect for the Viking liquid Cooled engine.  Those that implement this design benefit from the following:  

  • Plenty of cool air for the engine air filter.  (Eliminating the need for a separate NACA air inlet)
  • Plenty of air to cool the reduction drive unit
  • Plenty of air to reduce under cowl temperatures, increasing the life of all components.
  • Good looks
  • Aerodynamically Efficient
Viking will work closely with Homebuilthelp to make sure the Zenith Viking Super Duty will fly to Sun N Fun 2018 with a Viking 190 hp engine, sporting a 5 blade DUC constant speed, all carbon fiber propeller.  Viking has kit serial # 1 for the Super Duty design.    
NEXT, The Viking Super Duty will fly at the 2018

Dual Viking 130 throttles by Sam
Viking CruZer 130 VIDEO
CH-601 Viking 130 FLIGHT VIDEO
Steve Choosing his 130 Viking engine Video
Roger flying the Viking 130 Video

When you install an O-200 engine, or a Viking 130 aircraft engine, the weight of the aircraft will be about the same.


  • You will have 30 more HP and close to 100% more static thrust.  
  • You will have a 2018 model Honda, usually built in America - not a 1945 design now sold to China
  • You will have 5,000 Honda dealerships from where you can get parts.  
  • You will have DIRECT, into the cylinders, fuel injection.  No carburetor anywhere
  • You will pay much less for much more.

The question regarding weight should be put to rest permanently with this note.  

This Zenith CruZer was initially built with an O-200 engine up front.

Due to low performance, the engine was removed and a Viking 130 installed in its place.  

The airplane now has 30 additional hp at essentially the same weight.  A true performer.  

There should never again be any reason for anyone to  assume that just because the Viking has superior engine block casting technology, direct fuel injection and 30 more hp, that it is automatically heavier than the old school air cooled.  

So AGAIN, a final verdict between traditional aircraft engine weight and the modern Honda derived aircraft engines: 


Deane Philip posted a status

"the Viking 130 CH701 (JUG) is almost complete with new paint and cowls a couple of small alterations and were good to go bash some river bed"
6 hours ago
Jimmy Young
Jimmy Young I see you previously had a 912S on the plane. I would like to hear what the performance differences are comparing the Viking 130 to the 912S, please keep us posted on that if you would.
2 hours ago
Deane Philip
Deane Philip Hi Jimmy I can tell you so far the engine is obviously heavier than 912uls but honestly there is no comparison what I have experienced so far similar if not same fuel burn as 912 but need to do a few more longer trips, smoother running bucket loads more power when you want it quieter than 912 I bol...



For now, Honda is keeping the Accord 2.0T’s horsepower and torque ratings under wraps, but the company promises both better acceleration times and better fuel economy than the current V6/6AT Accord (21 city, 33 highway).

The Accord’s 2-liter turbo is identical to that in the forthcoming Civic Type R, save some trimmings and tuning. It has two chain-driven cams, full variable valve timing, one single-scroll turbo with an electric wastegate and an air-to-air charge cooler. Its exhaust manifold is cast into the cylinder head and the engine is loaded with heat-mitigating features, including coolant passages between the bores, sodium-filled exhaust valves and new piston-cooling measures. Honda engineers say it’s substantially lighter than the Accord’s current 3.5-liter V6, but they won’t say precisely how much. The company’s engine plant in Anna, Ohio, will be the sole source of 2.0T production for applications around the world.

An identical long block generates 306 hp and 295 lb-ft in the Civic Type R, which recently set a front-drive lap record at the Nurburgring. Honda’s 2.0T will certainly be de-tuned for the Accord, but it will also add things to deliver the refinement expected in a midsize sedan, including a balance shaft and different engine mounts. It will also pipe digitalized engine sounds into the Accord’s cabin

Missouri Stud Muffin
Here is a guy that built AND flew a Rutan LongEZ
Then went all Zenith.  
Tried a Corvair engine first
Then saw the light Video with Viking 130
Dick Flying Viking Video
Taking Dick's plane to Zenith 2017

Dick reporting of his latest flight:  

Took off from 18MO at 11:11 for C17 on 10 July 2017 in my CH 601 (N624RJ) equipped with a Viking 130 turning a 3 bladed Whirlwind prop.
Cruised most of the flight at 5,500 feet. Total time was 3:04, flight time was 2:42. Average ground speed of 140 mph. Had a fuel burn of 5.4 gallons per hour of car gas.
Return trip flew at 6,500 feet for 2/3 of the trip then 4,500 feet to avoid the building cloud deck. 
Total time 3:30 with a flight time of 3:06
Love the ease start, smooth running and High Reliability of the Viking 130

(I made the right choice for engine this time)

Landing at the Marion airport is like landing on a sidewalk.
Dick Jones - builder/pilot of N624RJ

The Stud Muffin also helped Roger after he ended up with Corvair engine issues and decided to also go Viking 

Roger going Viking after the Corvair pull

Jon Croke now flying Viking 130 in his CH-750 CruZer.  No more old fashion O-200

Good times giving rides

The Viking King live in Thailand.  4 Vikings in 4 years for Mike Wilson.  The only person with the same number is Stan Albright in Indiana. 

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