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One Week Wonder - Chapter Five - Day Four - The day of Cake.

With all the 'smaller surfaces' completed, day four was a day of looking for jobs for the core team not involved in the fuselage or left wing - there was no shortage of tasks - event the clearing up and sorting out the tools that had managed to have a party and get muddled up! 

For those who had built Zenith Aircraft before, this seemed like an easy build - until they all realized that this was a CH750 Cruzer - so it was different.  With less than a handful of Cruzers flying…


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One Week Wonder - Chapter Five - Day Three - The Joining of Parts Begins...

Day three was always going to be the day when we got an idea of where it was all going.  Everybody was tired, already.  The sprint had been done, and the plane looked like a plane... well almost - but this was not the time to give up - we had to hit the wall and keep on building! 



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One Week Wonder - Chapter Four - Day Two - Drilling out rivets

When the team arrived on day two they looked over the work from the day before... and noticed some mistakes.  That happens on EVERY build.  Every builder makes mistakes, so having some mistakes in One Week Wonder was to be expected... The mistakes were minor.  Not all the rivets had pulled well - it happens - and some had been pulled that shouldn't have been yet - that happens too!  So, as the volunteers for day two were lining up, the core team set about some minor fixes.  It should be…


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One Week Wonder - Chapter Three - Day One - A Day of action

It was a tense moment, all of these people who didn't know each other - about to start in five minutes - building a plane in less than a week.  They all stood awaiting the starters orders... and then they came, from Jack Pelton, the EAA Chairman.  Jack comes from the illustrious aircraft manufacturer Cessna, and is now the leader of the EAA pack in feeding the worlds aviation spirit at a grass roots level.



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One Week Wonder - Chapter Two - A CAST OF THOUSANDS

Over the week over two thousands five hundred people were involved in the build - and signed the builders log - the worlds biggest builders log!  But it was down to a core team, and a lot of organization to make the week come together...


THE CORE TEAM:  This is the team that were practically full time in the Bull Pen - that place where the machine was being brought to life.  It should be noted that the core team had not met before the day... they…


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One Week Wonder - Chapter One - BEFORE THE EVENT

We all know that any project of the magnitude of the One Week Wonder has to be planned.  This event started well in advance of the 28th July 2014 deadline - but not that many months in advance.  The team had to get all the parts for the project together, and a suitable space available to build the machine!  But that is no different, whatsoever, to any other aircraft project.


Clearly, all aircraft build projects require parts - quantity and type based on your project.  Once…


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One Week Wonder - Prologue

It all started in a dark, damp, fuel and oil perfumed hangar.  The dim moonlight seeped through a crack in the hangar doors, picking out, with an eerie glimmer, a shiny spinner.  A large brown and black spider could be made out as it crawled along the strut towards the pitot tube of another unsuspecting aircraft, as they waited for they next flight.   That hangar held within it the 'Spirit Of Building Aircraft', also know as the SOBA.  That spirit, the very source of creativity and…


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From Ghana to Oshkosh 2014

It's confirmed! Oshkosh 2014 here we come! 

Patricia and I will be there! We will be spending our time at the One Week Wonder Event - and hope to see our fellow Zenith builders too!  We will be more than happy to answer face-to-face all those questions about building and flying in West…


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Santa with a 701 Difference!

I guess that we are a bit like a 'sensible Santa' in our part of the world... we fly over the African Bush and look for communities that need some health education and then drop them a package!  (no chimney, no reindeer, no toys)... our Rotax 912iS powered 701 works really hard... and today we dropped over 100 packages to rural communities - some which have never had even a motorcycle to them!…


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The nose job....

As we work ever creatively towards using the Zenith STOL aircraft in practical applications, in the heat of the tropics, we are currently working towards a concept for improved cooling.  It has taken us a long time, but we are close to test flying the 'nose job' on the 701 with a Rotax 912iS up front.…


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News From Ghana

For those who have been wondering what is happening in Ghana - well, we have a few challenges!  You can read our latest newsletter in the PDF below... 

We are also working on a radiator gantry for the 701/750 for the Rotax 912iS (and the other Rotax installation, but we are working on improved cooling for the iS at the moment) and a really simple cowling modification that goes with it.  We expect to carry out flight tests next week, and, if all goes well, will share…


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Flying with 912iS in a CH701

One of our pilots from Brazil is transitioning to the CH701 with the 912iS.  He put a GoPro on the mount and then created with You Tube video... - although it is speeded up, it shows a lot of interesting hand movements in the cockpit... watch carefully as you see me in the right seat moving my hands around a lot!  Also check out the full and free movement prior to take off - as well as enjoy…


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Zenith 701 Humanitarian Pod

Our drop tests went 100% to plan.  We now start working on how to get our new project to reach the tougher parts of West Africa with the 750 platform (more load, more range!).  Thank you Zenith and Rotax for making it possible!…


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Zenith STOL CH 701 Air Drops help African communities grow...

Those who know what we do will remember that we are authorised to drop health education materials to rural communities using our specially modified, Rotax 912iS powered, STOL CH 701 aircraft.  As part of this we made the first ever aerial supply drops into the Afram…


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Research and Results for Fuel Supply Solutions Rotax 912iS

Finally we have reached the point where we consider that we have expressed how we have established our fuel system for the 912iS in our test bed CH701.  No, it does not contain all that we wanted to, but we feel that it conveys the points about what we have done, why we have done it and what we would prefer to do.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE the engine and the airframe combination.  It is a great airframe and a great engine.  A marriage of heavenly proportions, for us and what we use…


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Header Tank

In our line of operations we often experience a lot of turbulence at low level (we are approved to operate below 500' for aerial dispersal and supply drops).  We also get some long, at times fast, descents.  With this combination of events we have decided that we really want a header tank for a variety of reasons...  We have simulated 'uncovered ports' in ground tests, and do not like the VERY unlikely possibility that it could cause.  By taking the 'Tee'ing of tanks to a low point 'air…


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Building an airfield...

Building Zenith aircraft is a pleasure we all enjoy.  Being a little more than 'naive' my team got to build the aircraft, the hangars and the airfield - as well as work on the regulations and approvals process for Ghana!  Today, we administer the training and assessment, as well as licence issue for the National Licence (LSA equivalent) on behalf of the Authorities.  It has been a long journey, and we have further to go.…


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Recovering from Oshkosh 2012

It is hard to believe that it is nearly one month since the annual pilgrimage of the faithful came to an end.   We are all back in Ghana, and busy getting ready to start 4 more girls from the bushlands on a 4 year programme of learning to fly, build and maintain aircraft, run an airfield and use a well as drive a tractor and a truck!  …


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Zenith STOL Prevents Teen-Pregnancies

Incredible as it may sound, that is the fact of today.

At the request of a teacher in a rural African community we were asked to extend our drop run to fly around a remote school so that the teachers could tell the girls 'that is a plane built by Ghanaian girls and flown by them' - and…


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Learning to Fly with a broken wing...

Lydia is already known to many of you, she has undergone a lot of challenges in her little life.... yet, through the amazing healing power of Zenith Aircraft, she is getting above her problems...

As we beat out the circuits with the occassional 12kt gust that made her work harder, we started to…


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