My Zenith CH750 is effectively grounded by installing Zenair 1450 amphibian floats. Two take offs and two landings with the front gear wheels siezed in the straight ahead position. The top & bottom nylon (UHMW)used as a front bearing welds itself to the each other and siezes. I was able to land safely with the wheels locked in the straight ahead position.

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Comment by robert t moore on Saturday


Little different topic but float related.  I have a CH750 and am planning to replace my O-200 with a rotax 912 that has the 114HP big bore kit on it.  I also have the Zenair amphib floats that did not work well with the O-200.  Looks like you have a rotax in yours....  Is 115 HP rotax going to be enough engine....  My plane was probably an average build, weightwise.  .I fly at nearly sea level most of the time, ocasionally to lakes at maybe 3000 ft msl.   Thoughts?

Comment by Bob McDonald on August 23, 2012 at 7:40pm

Tim I sent you a private e-mail. I thought you were lost.... :>)   I'm sure we can find a pilot  / owner to help your instructor get type trained.



Comment by Timothy Stephens Minor on August 23, 2012 at 8:31am

Hi Bob,

I don't know if you remember me. I was at Can-Zac building a 701 during part of the time you were there building your 750 (incidentally, hope that you soon get that float issue resolved to your satisfaction). I've finally gotten my fuel-injected Rotax running right and hope to be flying soon. One of the fellows who is going to fly off the initial hours on the plane would like to get some time in with an experienced and responsible Zenith pilot. You came to mind immediately. The fellows name is Jim Nadig. He is an experienced pilot and CFI, and retired electrician (he has also helped me with some wiring issues). His son lives in Buffalo and they routinely motorcycle through Ontario. He was wondering if you might meet up somewhere (say, Region of Waterloo Intl. A/P) in order that Jim could get a few hours of introduction to the aircraft (750 time will be roughly the same as 701 time, I'm assuming). I know that the timing is VERY bad, but there is no exigency related to this. When you have some time, if willing, I could use your expertise. Hope that all is well. MY EMAIL:



P.S., I wonder if Zenith might provide some help in this regard, in Midland.

Comment by Bob McDonald on August 20, 2012 at 7:16pm


I sent the front gear back to Zenair, Midland today. They are re-designing and changing a few things so hopefully it will work when it is returned. I will post the results after a test flight.


Comment by Thomas Jackson on August 20, 2012 at 2:12pm


How are things coming along with the front wheel bearings? What did Zenith have to say?

We are about ready to return to the lower 48. Maybe next year we will see a 750 on floats appear at Sowerby, Ont..

Have a good year and fly safe!


Comment by Leo Arrigo on August 12, 2012 at 9:48pm

Yikes.....Easy boy's...Not the place for this.....Take it behind closed doors and we will all be better for it. Looking forward to outcome..lets hope it is positive and the fix is not a hard one........


Comment by Bob McDonald on August 3, 2012 at 7:57pm


As I indicated in my e-mail, this week and weekend I am busy with my daughters wedding. Last week I was working 12 hrs / day which leaves little time left in the day for working on an aircraft hangared 45 minutes away. Any manufacturer who supplies a product which performance is less than as advertised will not be endorsed by Bob McDonald. Zenair is being treated the same here as any other manufacturer. examples -UL Power, Jabiru 3300,  Rotax, Dynon, Icom, Garmin, Andair, Spot, Matco, Warp. I have photos of 3 versions of your front landing gear since Giuseppe Lamanaco's in 2011 the latest version shown Oshkosh 2012. I asked you about Giuseppes gear issues and was assured by you it had been resolved before I purchased my kit. If designing and building his own front gear is acceptable I guess Giuseppe's was resolved to your satisfaction. I supplied you with design information on reducing front wheel shimmy from Clamar floats in an effort to point you in the direction of the source of wheel shimmy and resolution of your design problem. I will not do the engineering for Zenair free.  I have a shop which will re-design your front gear but again not "not for free". The good news is I will use my CH750 to field test your new re-designed front gear for free. I also agree with you that the Zenith builder site is not the appropriate forum for this discussion. Please use the home / cell phone numbers or my home e-mail to contact me after August 7th. I know you have them because they worked fine when you were looking for someone to demo a CH750 or show a 1450 float kit assembly. "So lets work together in solving your float issues in a positive way."

Comment by Matt Heintz on August 2, 2012 at 8:35pm

Hi Bob,

I offered to go to your place 2 times with the last time being this week. I was willing to drive to your place (+4 hours) during my own time off. Your comments about Zenair and the floats are not fair and this is not the place for this. Zenair has a customer with the exact same floats as yours located on the Midland airport (where Zenair is located) and the front wheels and floats work great. 

Zenair management has been answering emails and giving shop tours during the regular employees holiday time, same as last year. We even had a customer build an excellent 801 rudder last week as part of our rudder workshop program. 

So lets work together in solving your float issues in a positive way. 

Comment by Don Walker on July 30, 2012 at 8:41pm
Bob; Sorry to hear about your problem with the float nose gear. I particularly like the fact that you cleared up any misconception as to which Company you were dealing with. As usual, your comments are clear, objective and of real value to the rest of us that can benefit from your experience.
Comment by Bob McDonald on July 29, 2012 at 5:51am

If the e-mail reply I got had indicated that Zenair staff (12 - 25 persons) was occupied with the Oshkosh fly-in I would have been more understanding..."We are on 2 weeks vacation" just pushed my button. I too was on vacation and supposed to be flying. Think of it as if I bought a new boat from your Marina and on the first day of my boating vacation it won't start. You call the Marina and are e-mailed that "We are on 2 weeks vacation". In Canada you only have about 4 weeks of summer float flying left....then it gets cold (winter). Its a good thing I have a CH601HD as a backup wheel plane and can borrow my buddy Ray Nash's Challenger or I would not be able to fly at all.

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