The builders guide shows using a 3M Super Strength Adhesive to bond the rubber windshield trim to the windshield.  When I google 3M Super Strength Adhesive, all that showed up is 3M Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive.  I purchased the 3M Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive from a local supplier and found that while it does bond to the windshield, it does not bond to the rubber windshield trim.  

I'm now looking at using Seal-All but concerned with reaction it may have with the windshield due to having some acetone. 

What are others using to bond the windshield trim to the Windshield?

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Thanks Ken.  It is what I'm looking for, but unfortunately no stores I can find in Anchorage appears to carry it, not even Walmart.  I'm doing a test with Seal-All on scrap rubber and acrylic to see how that works.

You can order it from Walmart.

I think the problem you may be having is that during the molding process for the trim there is a release agent that is used. It can leave a residue that is acting as, well a release agent and preventing adhesion. 3M weatherstrip adhesive is an excellent adhesive for the purpose and should do the job. Dan

Any ideas on how to rid the rubber trim of that residue to get a good bond?  I used acetone to clean a sample area, then sweared some 3M weatherstrip adhesive on both matting surfaces, and after 5 minutes clamped together overnight.  Still not holding to the trim.  By the way, since the adhesive does not want to adhere to the rubber trim, getting it to smear is very difficult.  

The Seal-All also failed to bond to the rubber trim.

Last night a fellow builder last night, who's flying his 750 STOL, said nothing has worked for him and the trim on the bottom sides keep slipping off.  

Another builder recommends we try Proseal PR-1425.  That's expensive stuff and I'd like to know if others have had success with this product before buying?

Someone must have a method or better adhesive for success?


You might try some lacquer thinner, maybe isopropyl alcohol. I use acetone for a lot of things but it will not work for some things.( i used to use cut off mountain dew bottles as mixing containers, residue dried in the bottom would not be affected by acetone) Is it possible that the weatherstrip adhesive is not fairly fresh? When squeezed out of the tube it is fairly liquid when it is fresh, it will almost run out on its own at room temp about 70? and is easy to spread thinner over a surface. Even if it doesnt want to stick to the surface it will spread out easily.. after it begins to get old it will be a little more gummy and not spread as well. Dan.

You're right Dan.  We watched the following and noticed it flows and spreads easily.  Our does not, and is exactly as you describe for old stuff, very gummy.  Sad thing, this was purchased from a store just a few days ago and there is no date on the box.  We'll get another tube but this time open it at the store before buying.

Perhaps there is a date code on it.  Buying from a high volume store gives best chance of recent material.  I have read where some small tire places sell tires that have already past expiration date.  Helps to know the date code.

Joe, there are no dates on the tube or box.   There is a code but which likely tells the manufacture something, but means nothing to us.

the best thing to do the job will supprise you,,,,.Super Glue. I have used it on two 601,s

Funny you should mention it, while not super glue, we just picked up some Gorilla Construction Adhesive by chance a new batch of the 3M Adhesive fails.  Going to test the Gorilla adhesive tomorrow on a small scrap piece.

actually I should have said Gorilla Glue ( that is a improved version of Super Glue ) thats what I used on each of my 601,s I also used Gorilla Tape to attach the rubber fuel lines to the front of the carry through.

I used other products which came loose in the summer hot temps. the G tape lasted.I am sure you will be pleased with the results.Is it not amazing sometime when a simple everyday product beats the recommended expensive ones. 


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