Hello builders. I am ready to buy a tig welder. A friend of mine suggested me an AC/DC tig for thin aluminum sheets. WHat difference the ac does? they are more expensive for sure. Which gas do you guys use for your welds on 6061? argon or argon,hydrogen,helion. Is that the correct combination for the T6? Any recomendations and knowledge will be very helpful. The tig I will buy is called IMPERIA 202P just for the records and is one of the best affordable welder in my area.

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For the minimal amount of welding you may require, I'd recommend just paying a qualified welder to perform the work and put the extra money into avionics. I'm a professional welder and see many people spend money on a welder thinking they can do it themselves only to call me later to fix the job.
Two good friends of mine are professional welders and willing to suggest to me professional technics to avoid much struggling. I just ask the community if there is something to point out. Like what filler? does the 4043 is what I actually need for the fuel tanks of my 701? also what filler should I use for the 4130? or for the 4130N? Do I use the same filler for the 4130 and 4130N? These questions are important to me at this point and I want an opinion from the aircraft community..

We use a EVER LAST (powertig) 250EX  IGBT inverter technology

it's the same technology my new welder uses.

I would make a suggestion to consider taking the EAA sportair workshop on TIG welding. It will be well worth the effort if you can travel there. It will answer your questions on setup, and let you try some options before you spend your money on a welder. You would also learn a variety of material, such as stainless & mild steel, aluminum and 4130. It will also let you get some confidence under supervision, and set you up to assess the adequacy of the welds you do later.

As far as AC goes, you will need that to weld TIG on aluminum, as the AC is needed to clean away the oxide and establish your aluminum puddle. 100% Argon does the trick.

Thank you Daniel. I will consider registering to a local welding class. I am at a point where I need to make the longerons and the L's of course as I go for my 701 so I desided to make a sheet metal brake by buying a welding machine that will maybe useful in the future . but I will have to experiment a lot before and if I start welding on any aircraft part.

I have an Eastwood AC/DC welder. While I am by no means a pro, I can produce pretty decent welds on steel and thicker aluminum.
I am however absolutely unable to weld thin aluminum, like what is needed for the tanks, which I believe are just 0.025" or maybe even 0.020".

Not sure if it's me or the welder (probably me), but I would suggest that if you take classes you specifically request to practice with some of the more challenging materials you are planning to weld.

I tried looking up the specs on your welder, couldn’t find one site with information in English so I can’t comment on it’s specifics. I weld with quite a few different machines but I would also recommend the Everlast TIG machines. Unbeatable features for the money and great quality for the home shop.

On learning welding, start reading and make some contacts who are in the business that can provide help with getting started. Straight Argon is fine for Aluminum. There are some other mixes if you want to get fancy. 

I know its hard to find info on this machine. Its origin is from Italy. The Greek market sells it. The prices here are different. But check the machine if you like to


Translate the specs from Greek :D its a solid machine a couple of pros told me.

I currently have an older 220 Amp IGBT Esseti TIG welder and it is a fine machine, it welder down to three amps and smooth as butter. They were built in Italy, I wonder if it’s the same guys who made the Esseti.


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