New Form Link

I have a new way for you to join the spreadsheet

Long term I think it will make it more secure to participate. If you fill out the form, I will be the only one that can see your email address. I will only use your email address to secure the form and map. Only catch is, it has to be Google compatible email address.

  • If your personal email account wont work
  • Its super easy to create a google gmail account and link it to your own personal account. I created one after my N Number.
  • Its - you could use this account to log into the shared spreadsheet and new Google map.

New Form Link

Winners Announced See Latest Post!!! 

I will contact all the winners and let them know what what they need to do next.

Thanks for Participating !!!

Zenith Aircraft Builder and Pilot Experience Info Sheet

Google Shared Sheet Link


Google Map Topic/Discussion Moved here

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Thanks for taking any time you can from your project or flying, to fill out the spreadsheet.


John M. Greiner

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cool, how to do I get access to it?

Do you mean someone already has all of the zenith flyers and builders placed on a google map?

or were you directing my to google maps?

Here is the map I am working on -

Try this link

Also, originator also on this forum, see if you can access this discussion. Most 601 and 650's

NEW - Gross Weight Calculator

I added a Gross Weight Calculator so you can play around with the different weight possibilities. Enjoy the new tab on the bottom of the spreadsheet!

Here is where I think I will be with my Zenith CH750 STOL  with Viking.

I am not going LSA, now that I have my Private Pilot's License it opened the door to go over 1320 lbs along with my Ed.2 and 3 updates I have done. I might just make my Gross Weight for Airworthiness at 1500 lbs for some cushion to add accessories later and be legal.


Ok, I can secure both the shared sheet and map, but there is a catch of course.

  1. I have to have your email address. I could probably even make it where only you can edit, your line in the spreadsheet.
    • Unfortunately not all email address will work with Google Security.It has to be a Google chrome compatible account. Obviously anything that ends in will work.
    • At the very list, only one of our friends could make a mistake, and I would have a log to help them understand what when wrong, and I can fix it, so don't worry about it.
  2. I am considering having an unsecured version for those that don't or won't get an email address that works with Google Drive, just send me your email address it takes only a few seconds to whether is will work or not.
  3. One option, is I can give registered users with a compatible email writes to edit their Line. Input will switch to a long form that submits the data to the spreadsheet.

There have been many other domain names that will work.

Shared Map

In the US I might be able to download the N Number lookup, and at least find all of the registered Zenith owners and import them into the Google Map. Its all public knowledge, for the better or worse.

I am not sure Zenith has anyone that can help export it more easily out of our forum. As a member I can individually look at each person profile, friend or not, and see where they live and what they are building, World Wide. But understandably I don't know Zenith would be comfortable making that easy on me by supplying the export containing every customer. We might be crossing sensitive area there. But again I am a forum member, so I can see it anyway. Once you register your plane, then the World can see it anyway, and the FAA even lets you download the database. So there you go.

All I use is the following info on the Google Map:

  • Country, Provence,State,City,Town you register with the FAA or is on the Forum
  • Zenith Aircraft Type
  • First Name and Last Name
  • Tail Number - N Number in the US - all other countries have their own database online
  • Web site of your project - if you have shared it with me on the spreadsheet.

No other information related to Pilots or Builders is posted on the Shared Map. It is read only to the public.

I can add Modify rights, if you request access, so you can add more info to your Airplane Icon on the Map.

Lets get to 100 Contributors!!! 

AeroLED Microsun and 50ft of wire Prize Give away if we do.

At 90 now 10 more to go!

Reach out to your Zenith Friends, you can message them all at once, if you like. Yes I am asking you to SPAM your Zenith Friends. I did and I got 5 more people on board. Yes your friends are likely, my friends to, but whats one more email. 

Just need 10 more Zenith Builders/Flyers and I can give away the AeroLED MicroSun and 50ft of wire for it.

Terrence Hall

Cruzer CH-750

Viking 130 engine



All good Gary, welcome aboard. You do exist!

Thanks for joining the fun. 

Great News All!

Levil Technology/Aviation - way to support our pilots and builders!!!

  •  They are given one lucky pilot an iLevil3 AW - $1295 value - WOW!!!
  • They are offering discount to anyone in the spreadsheet that would like to purchase instruments from them. But you must enter a valid email address in our spreadsheet to verify your identity to receive the discount.
    • Here is the discount code for you to use ZENITH15. All you have to do is type the code at check out and they will receive a 15% off on the entire purchase! May be subject to validation by the Levil sales team, but if you put your email address on the spreadsheet it won't delay anything.
    • Makes perfect sense to make sure its really one of our Zenith folks participating.
    • must enter a valid email address -  this also has the side affect of letting me secure the spreadsheet  better in the future. For the easiest security you need to have a Google Drive compatible email account.

Another great vendor has stepped up with yet another awesome prize for contributing your info to the spreadsheet.

Please visit the spreadsheet here to fill out your info on Avionics to be eligible to win. You do not have to have iLevel in your plane to win, you just have to fill out what system you have or are considering to use in your airplane.

Your Privacy and Right to Not be Solicited

I haven't heard of this happen yet, so I wanted to address it now.

I take your privacy and rights very seriously as I am sure the Zenith forum does as well.

  • All participating Vendors understand they are not to contact you directly via phone or email, unless you become one of their customers. When you win the prize however, you will need to contact them to arrange shipping direct to you. So I completely understand if you can't accept a prize in the interest of privacy and I will run the Google Random number generator to go on to the next Builder/Flyer.
  • Please contact me if an vendor contacts you in a way that you feel violates this agreement.


New from Zenith:

Zenith Planes For Sale 

Classified listing for buying or selling your Zenith building or flying related stuff...

Custom Instrument Panels
for your Zenith

Custom instrument panels are now available directly from Zenith Aircraft Company exclusively for Zenith builders and owners. Pre-cut panel, power distribution panel, Approach Fast Stack harnesses, Dynon and Garmin avionics, and more.

Custom Upholstery Kits for your Zenith Aircraft:

Zenith Vinyl Upholstery Kits

Zenith Apparel from EAA:

Zenair Floats

Flying On Your Own Wings:
A Complete Guide to Understanding Light Airplane Design, by Chris Heintz

Builder & Pilot Supplies:

How to videos from

Developed specifically for Zenith builders (by a builder) these videos on DVD are a great help in building your own kit plane by providing practical hands-on construction information. Visit for the latest DVD titles.

Aircraft Insurance:


West Coast USA:

Pro Builder Assistance:


Transition training:

Golden Eagle Aviation

Pianosa Flying Farm

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty for all your building and pilot supplies!

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