New Form Link

I have a new way for you to join the spreadsheet

Long term I think it will make it more secure to participate. If you fill out the form, I will be the only one that can see your email address. I will only use your email address to secure the form and map. Only catch is, it has to be Google compatible email address.

  • If your personal email account wont work
  • Its super easy to create a google gmail account and link it to your own personal account. I created one after my N Number.
  • Its - you could use this account to log into the shared spreadsheet and new Google map.

New Form Link

Winners Announced See Latest Post!!! 

I will contact all the winners and let them know what what they need to do next.

Thanks for Participating !!!

Zenith Aircraft Builder and Pilot Experience Info Sheet

Google Shared Sheet Link


Google Map Topic/Discussion Moved here

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Thanks for taking any time you can from your project or flying, to fill out the spreadsheet.


John M. Greiner

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John I downloaded the app. What are we using for the password? Thanks Mike Armstrong 750 Cruzer N919MM Pueblo CO KPUB

Well technically there should not be a password. I have shared with anyone that has the link above.

Let me know if you are being prompted for a password and I will see what I can do.

I've been flying my CH750 for 4 years now with the Jab 3300.  Not a lick of problems with the engine, airframe or Dynon Skyview.  I use my machine for low and slow around the mountains of North Carolina where I fly around 80 hours a year.  4 other 750's being built around the area.  I regularly go into a 600 ft. strip with trees on both ends with no problem.  I'm headed for Sun N Fun this April.  Hope to see other 750's there!

Thanks for putting your info on the spreadsheet.

John Greiner

Zenith CH750 STOL number N1972C completed and had flown off 10 hours of phase 1 when lost due to lose of fuel flow and engine stoppage.  Uneven fuel flow in flight that resulted in no fuel in the left tank and 8+ gallons in the right tank.  Turned on electric fuel pump but would not pick up.  Static fuel flow on the ground was 1 gallon in 2.5 minutes gravity flow and 1 gallon every 1.5 minutes with electric pump.  Added snorkels to the vented caps but did not correct the problem.  I am rebuilding but have added a header tank and appropriate valving in the rear fuselage wall.  If any builders wish to see the header tank installation I can be reached by email at  Please note that Zenith is putting out a Service Letter addressing this issue.

Thanks for putting your info on the spreadsheet.

John Greiner

Attention All - the good news, we have a lot more participation, the bad news, this probably resulted in a few accidental field deletions, which I expected at some point and which I have restored.

Well it was bound to happen, I think someone accidentally deleted all the pilot names and tail numbers.

I have restored all of the data up to about 2 pm and pilot number 57. If you have come in recently to add your info, please come back and add back your name and info. Or at least verify it. This isn't for everyone, just for those who have put in data in the last couple of hours today. Now everyone else, if you get a minute, you might spot check your info, but it looks good to me. Again, I will take a  backup about once a day, so we should loose more than only a few new entries.

So who won?

I added a Prize winner column, so everyone can see who won, and what interval. This preemptively hoping we will keep hitting 50 contributor milestones...  :)

At least 1 added from Australia!!! but it was built in the US originally and imported

Its like beer man, imported or not, its still darn good to enjoy. "Zenith Aircraft, it's Australian for fun, mate!"...

Ok little joker there, I know everyone in Autralia doesn't necessarily run around calling everyone mate like Crocodile Dundee, but hopely you don't think we all run around going "Ye Ha, Y'all come back ya here" in Texas either, well at least not everyday, and yes I have been know to where a cowboy hat from time to time. Mostly to try and impress women, at the right dance, on that note I don't think it helped much, especially once they saw me try and dance, The Texas 2 step, it literally has like 2 steps, how can you screw that up, maybe I will post the video some time. LOL , I hope I can build aircraft better than I can dance, especially past step 2, because I am pretty sure I am on step 12,394 of 17,394.

I want to throw an idea out there. I didn't invent this idea to promote products for vendors. But the spreadsheet clearly shows what the vendors of choice are in many areas. I plan to reach out to other vendors to see if they will help promote the sharing of information. I think almost all builders and pilots have agreed, its so hopeful and vital to assisting us with understanding not only what is working in the real world right now, but will help us make decisions on things to come. Whether your building from scratch, or already flying your awesome machine, if your passionate about our shared interest in building and flying, you always want the best you can afford in your aircraft. So if we all need the info, why don't I work with vendors to get my fellow pilots some really good, free items, to assist in their builds or update their plane, or mentor another builder by gifting it to them. Just an idea, if I am crossing some ethical boundary that will offend anyone, its not worth me doing it. I have no agenda, other than finishing my project as fast as I can safely, and helping my fellow pilots and builders.

I also know, my fellow pilots and builders have clearly shown they will share info without any reward, so its not about that either. Its basically, "Hay, why not, if couldn't hurt to ask" we can all live with free T-Shirts from Zenith, that's really awesome all by itself. That's worthy of comment to, I was prepared to pay for the T-Shirts my self, but John Austin had a great idea to ask Zenith, and before I even fully explained my story, Zenith was prepared to support this. No surprise to me, but just cool that, as usual, Zenith does a really good job, in my opinion, of supporting us builders and pilots in all sorts of ways. My sincere thanks to Sebastien Heintz and his whole team and Zenith!


John M. Greiner


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