I'm replacing a few damaged parts and have discovered that the shipping costs for very little material from the factory is OUTRAGEOUS!  So, being a perfectly capable engineer and fabricator, I will be drilling my own holes.  Does anyone know a source for 3/4" X 3/4" X 0.093" extruded 6061-T6 angle?  I don't usually mind paying a little extra for great work, but when the shipping exceeds the cost of the parts, it's time to look at alternatives.

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Hi Dan, from what I have been told, it's fine to use 3/4 x 3/4 x .125 angle that you typically find locally for a substitute. From what I understand, the standard angle that you find locally is 6061-T6. This is what I have used in my entire build.

Hope this helps,

Very helpful.  Guess I have to completely revise my weight and balance fo compensate for the added 1/4 lb. ;-)  

It does seem odd that the original design called out such an odd product.  I can only guess it was readily available in Canada.

If "standard angle that you find locally" means "at the hardware store" that is very rarely 6061-T6. 

I'm actually a fabrication engineer, working with sheet on "massive" equipment designs, so sourcing is rarely a problem for me. But this one just couldn't be found anywhere short of special order at the extruding company. I can't see them setting up for one short stick.  The 6061-T6 is pretty easy to source as it is probably one of the most used alloys due to strength and workability.  Finding local sources in the Jacksonville area can be a little tough due to the lack of industry around here, but easy enough.

Sounds like you will have no problems Dan. I just don't want people reading this to think it is okay to get their aircraft aluminum from Home Depot, etc.

Good advice can't be bought.  I have two 601 projects. The first one had the wings removed for the B-mod by an A&P who discovered the spar mounting holes were all buggered up.  I bought it (scrap) and figured out the reason for the seriously elongated holes was the fact that the left and right spars were swapped and upside down. The builder elongated the holes to get an upward cantilever instead of a wing droop... Fact!  There are builders out there that can and do make "mistakes." So, offering common sense advice could literally save a life. ALWAYS welcome in these parts.

As I understand it, typical hardware store aluminum angle has a sharp 90 degree inside corner. It’s inside radius is prone to cracks and failure for this reason. Even if it is the proper alloy, the shape is generally a problem.

Daniel, this what I purchased from a local metal supplier. Is this the "sharp 90 degree inside corner" you are referring to? 

The aluminum angle that I see locally looks like the pic below - not aircraft stuff.

Dan , if I heard correctly, it sounds like your in jax,Fla area, try Alro metals as I understand they have most anything, not tried personally. Tom Hankamp

They are a pretty good source. None of the aluminum suppliers around here or even across the internet had the required 6061 T6 0.025 sheet, so I wound getting that from Airparts in KS.  They're good folks.  However, the upper longerons on the 601 are 8' 3" long and the shippers charge a $100 surcharge for anything over 8'. So, I wound up finding some of that at Metals Supermarket in Jacksonville.  The price was a little higher, but it was on the shelf, 1/8" thick instead of the 3/32" thick called out on the drawing.  The ONLY place I've found the 3/32" thick angle called out on the drawing is at Zenith in MO and they wanted $350 shipping plus $50 for packaging.  Airparts Inc. is only charging $9 for packaging and $29 plus tax for shipping the three 4 X 12 sheets.  Having fun - most of the time...

For what it's worth, I picked up a 601 XL that had a nose-over incident on landing, wrinkling the front side sheets, cockpit floor and front top and bottom longerons, all of which I'm replacing. Scratch build will take a little longer, but the holes will definitely match when I'm done. Replacing the top front longerons required removing the entire top to get to all hidden rivets.  Love a good project.


My .025 sheet and everything thicker that I needed full sheets of as well as the .025 angle came from pacific steel which is local to me on the west coast. Better prices than any of the aircraft suppliers and no shipping cost. The only thing they couldn't supply aluminum wise was .016. The .093 angle is proprietary to Zenith


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