Having a bit of a problem w/a 601XL-B. I/it tend to drop onto the nose gear immediately after landing. I'm holding full back pressure after main touchdwn. Appch spd 65 - 70. Happens w/wo flaps. Empty CG is 351. Flight C: Fwd 394, Aft 434.Any suggestions? What are some of your all's pattern spds, RPM, Base and Final spds?

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Which way does your gear face? The flat face of my gear faces the front. My empty CG is 321mm, just me it is around 388 and with two of us, close to 431. So I am just a little more forward than you and can hold the nose up after landing and down to around 40 mph. It took some practice to get the feel for the flare and be able to hold the nose up. I have a pretty good flare angle at touchdown. Would you say you land flat or with some flare angle? My approach speed is just about what you fly. I have a Jabiru and pull it back to idle for landing, unless it is hot and I am heavy, where I add just a few extra RPM's.

65-70 what? knots or mph?
All my speeds are in Knots. TO is abt 35, climb 65 - 70. DW 70, decreases to 65 on Base & Final. Touchdwn abt 40 - 45. Land with a nose up flair, holding 1000rpm until field is made, then reduce to idle.

Thanks David. I think you're correct, that it's just practice on my part.

Has anyone achieved 3300 RPM? My max is abt 2850. Gnd Runup is abt 2600 and that's all the brakes will hold. Another item on the Jab, my Carb Heat does NOT indicate any decrease in RPM at runup. I suspect that its due to the Bing carby. Any comment on this?


I also do not get any RPM drop at runup with carb heat. I do see RPM drop in flight where inlet duct airflows are higher and more heat is in the muffler so I know it is working. I have the Sensenich wood 64ZK49 prop and see RPM's similar to yours. RPM on my takeoff roll is right at 2600. Is this the prop you have too?

"1000rpm until field is made, then reduce to idle"

I think the solution lies right there. With my 601XL/Corvair I like to land with some power on. After the mains are down, you can bleed off the rest of the power with the stick full back and the nose settles nicely. Landing at idle power almost always results in the nose dropping very quickly.

Woody Harris
I have a Sensenich 64ZK51 prop. Gear is flat side fwd.

I'm going to try to hold some power until touchdown and see if that helps. Practice, trials and practice.

Where are you all located?

I have an Excel W&B if anyone is interested.

I'm in Charleston, WV, CRW.
I have about the same numbers as David. No real drop in RPM with the mags. This is because of where the plugs are in the cylinders. I will say that I did have a rough running check once. Turned out that one of my plug wires had worked loose. The carb head doesn't really show much of a change.

As for landing I usually fly final at about 65 MPH. I haven't had any problem with the nose dropping. How is your trim. Since I moved my horizontal stab I am just about hands off with full trim at approach speed. I also increased the size of my tab to the new configuration. (Prior to this I had just added an extension to the existing smaller tab). If you are having to hold a lot of pressure this may be contributing to your nose drop.

Good Luck


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