Hello All,

Up to this point I have been using my iFly EFB for navigation.

I recently (finally) installed the antennae and external (ship's) power (via an installed "cigarette lighter") so I can start using my Gizmo Dock mounted Garmin 296 GPS.

I'd like to connect the two to display HSI info on the D180 but I have a few questions for someone (anyone) who has already done this (instead of trial and error):

1) The only output I see on the back of the Garmin is a circular 5 pin connector. D180 installation manual says that the Garmin needs to share Ship's ground, and then I need to connect the GPS to the D180, DB37 harness, pin # 19 (white/black)

2) I ASSUME that I need to open the Garmin power cable to expose the enclosed wires. From this point, what do I do? Which output wire from the Garmin goes to ship's Gnd? which goes to pin #19? do I just pull these two wires from the Garmin cord and leave the rest intact so I can still use Ship's "cigarette lighter" to power the Garmin? or does this modification "disallow" me to use external power?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I have an HP laptop (Windows 10) with the Dynon App installed, I have not been able to get the D180 to communicate with the laptop to download engine log info. What am I doing wrong?  is there additional software I need to download?

For all that commented on me moving 969BC to a safe harbor-good news, the storm actually is heading north so moving the plane is now a moot point, but I appreciate all the comments.

Thanks in advance

Brad Cohen



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1 & 2 get the Garmin Serial cable. It has all the wires exposed, including serial, power and ground.  Their connector doesn't come apart well, and the non-power pins are missing from the power adapter.

Yes, you need the Dynon software from here: http://dynonavionics.com/docs/support_software.html. And you need to make a serial cable for your PC. http://dynonavionics.com/docs/support_softwareinstructions.html


Thanks for the info. I think the issue with Dynon data dump was that I did not install the software for the serial cable onto my laptop when I first attempted to download. That issue has been addressed, so hopefully when I get back out to ZPH, I'll not only be able to download engine data but also upload my custom checklists.

In regards to connecting my 296 to the D180;

I was able to find a "bare wire" version of the Garmin cable @ West Marine (Model number 7293707 for anyone who cares) and it was $19.99. I'm looking at the pinout diagram and was wondering if you recall which pin number OUT of the Garmin connects to Pin 19 IN to the Dynon?

According to the Garmin diagram;

Pin 1 (orange) Voice (-)

Pin 2 (blue) Data Out 1

Pin 3 (green) Data In 2

Pin 4 (black) ground

Pin 5 (white) alarm

Pin 6 (red) power

Pin 7 (brown) voice (+)

Pin 8 (yellow) Data In 1

Pin 9 (violet) Data Out 2

Obviously red will go to ship's power (via 2amp Circuit breaker, or whatever value is appropriate), black to common ground. Which of the remaining 7 pins did you connect to the Garmin?

thanks again


Hi Brad, sorry for the late reply. Either data out wire - blue or violet would work. If the dynon and the garmain share a ground (a common ground block to the airframe), then that should be all you need.

Be sure to set the serial settings for the wire you use in the Garmin menu just as Brenda mentioned.
You will also need to change the serial out protocol I think it is the NEMA. It has been a few years so you may need to check the reference


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