I'm looking for one of these power sockets to incorporate in my panel. Does anyone have a recommendation?

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Don't have a specific recommendation, but just one caution.  Some of the 12v/USB converters, especially those with an LED, tend to be very noisy as far as rf interference.  Before installing one, I would temporarily hook it up to power and hold a handheld radio close by and listen on a few common frequencies to be sure it's not problematic.

I haven't purchased one, but Spruce has a power socket with two USB ports.  I inquired and they said it did not have LED lighting and they had received no negative feedback/complaints as far as rf interference.



For the 12V cigarette lighter socket, I used the Blue Sea brand but would have used whatever I could quickly find. However, for the USB port, I was deathly afraid of installing a noise generator so I spent quite a lot on this: http://www.commitlift.com/usbchargers.html. They are pricey but it is as advertised. When I am using it there is zero noise in my radio, intercom and hand held radio. I am sure there many of the less expensive alternatives that are just as good, but this is what I used.


I came across these and found the other day. They have lots of different models and definitely overkill, they might be worth considering ...


Don Honabach


I looked at their website and found a combination USB charger/map pocket JA72-006:

This is a really good idea in that a lot of folks want to charge their cell phone, etc, and the pocket gives you somewhere to put it while it is charging!  I don't think this specific model would be attractive to most homebuilders, since apparently all their products are only sold through avionics shops - no web sales, Spruce, etc. - and the only price I found on a web search was well over $600!!!

However, the idea could easily be used by the homebuilder.  Of course, another variation would be to simply install a glove box with a hinged door and install the USB charger port inside the box as is done in many automobiles, etc. That might be better since one could close the door and ensure the phone doesn't fall out in turbulence.

I've got some unused panel real-estate on the right side and have a 12v socket there now - I may look real hard at replacing that with a glove box and install a USB charger inside.

Thanks for the link, Don!


Thanks John. :-)

One thing I got a kick out of the height of their various make/models are rated in "DZUS". Looked it up and best I can tell it's similar to using 1U, 2U, 4U, 6U and so on which is common in the IT/equipment rack world.

Couldn't find out though if the DZUS was standard measurement everyone uses in the certified avionics shop world, or if it is a special snowflake measurement for the specific rails that DZUS sells/spec'd.... 


I haven't had the noise issue myself with the USB adapters, but I know others have ... 

I had this product suggested to me by the good folks at Dynon Avionics awhile back.  I haven't had a chance to verify if it would fix the noise issue with cheap USB chargers, etc. but tossing it out there in case someone wants to try.



Don Honabach

I'm currently using two of these plane. They are performing well and no squawks to date for my plane/setup.

Please be aware that these units can draw a lot of power -- up to 4.8 AMPs.


Don Honabach

Great Ideas Guys.

Thank You!


Purchased this over amazon prime - can't remember the price but it must have been "economical" if I bought it. Think it was under $20. Offers voltage meter, usb ports and a cig outlet.  I don't know about the noise issue because I put it in my camper. 

Sold by: SENHAI  Product question? Ask Seller

Also bought this for plane  BlueFire Waterproof Dual 2 USB Outlet 1A & 2.1A Port Socket Cha...

And for those who brought up the noise issue - thanks I will check that extensively B4 I final mount in plane.

Good luck

Phil Smith

CH 701

Buhl ID


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