I have been tracking progress to date on the 801 in a spreadsheet. Now that the building is underway and more regular I wanted to get something more official.  What do you guys use and reccomend?  I was looking at KitLog pro as an option but I was wondering what else might be out there and in use. 


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I have been using to show the progress of my 701 and am happy with the ease of using it and adding photos etc, etc...
John Edwards at
I use kitlog. It works well. No problems and should satisfy any record keeping requirement. Be sure to back up the database just in case of disaster. I back up to a memory stick. The only downside is that when tracking expenses, you see what you are actually spending. Scary.
Matt, I have been using Kit log Pro for a long time and it works great. when I started out i was keeping my building log in the pages of the manual listing the time and date of each, I was also at that time using film to photograph the progress. Since i started that I continued to use that process except for the photographs which I switched to digital. I have kept all of the expense reconrd on Kitlog Pro and have loaded some of the original work. I have not decided if i will go back and enter all of the old info. If I start another project I will use Kit Log Pro from the beginning it will make life a lot easier and better for record keeping. Matt Dralle has always been excellent with this program. Tco comment about backing up the database is right on track do it often and keep it also on a sperate location as well like a thumb drive.
Phil Owens CH-801 N84349
Been using Kitlog Pro for years scratch building, only gotcha is three photos only per entry. This forces me to create multiple entries for a days worth of work if I'm trying to illustrate the process.
I also use KitLog Pro , it is excellent! Only drawback is you can only post 3 pics at a time.
I use kitlog, and consider it a good product. However, I've started having some problems when I installed a router and firewall. Kitlog may not be able to talk through a firewall. On my todo list is an email to them to troubleshoot this problem.
Thanks for the feedback guys. I have downloaded the trial and have entered all of my time and notes to date. Seems like a decent program. I assume this must be the one to go with based on your good reviews.
I am using Kitlog Pro, but have had issues since my computer crashed and I tried to load it on a 64 bit processor machine. It simply won't load or run properly. The 32 bit machines work fine. It is a good program, but support is only via e-mails, at least for me. If you are a good computer person, you should like it.

I have been using KitLog Pro and like it.  Unfortunately, the Windows 2016 Anniversary upgrade which Microsoft is forcing on Windows 10 users breaks it.  Had to restore back to previous version of Windows to get it working, but Microsoft keeps reinstalling the upgrade the next day.  I have email in to Matronics for Kitlog support, but no answer so far.

I think I have a workaround.  I'm connected to my router using a wireless connection.  Changing the properties of the connection to indicate it is metered seems to be preventing Windows from automatically updating to the Anniversary edition.  Just have to make sure I don't connect via wired or to another wireless network without changing the setting.

I'm building a Cruzer, so there are a LOT of non-existent assembly guides.  Thank goodness for the Jon Croke DVDs.  I really like the idea of having an integrated application that can produce reports and publish to the web (which serves as a backup if necessary) so others can learn from my screw-ups and see more of what is involved before buying.  I'm surprised nobody has come out with a comparable competing product.

After the first year I decided/found that the Kitlog Pro database entry process was to cumbersome / tedious  / time consuming after working on the project to discipline myself to do so.  Kept all receipts (YIKES!) , show some progress on this site, thousands of photos on my laptop with time/date stamp and now keep a paper notebook with entries of progress, hours, date with comments.  Pretty fast and easy to do in the workshop the old fashioned way.  Throw in a big box, give to inspector as required.  Anyway, that my plan!


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