Source for aerobatic breather vent (or make your own?)

Allegedly the Aerobat oil breather goes a long way to eliminating that oily smear on the belly of the plane.  A standard breather elbow is ~$15, and the Aerobat is anywhere from $190 to $500. 

The only difference is a 2.75" tube brazed to the std brass fitting.

Has anyone found a source for a more inexpensive solution, or have you made your own?  According to things I've found on the web, it can be done by either brazing or silver soldering the tube to the fitting.

I just can't see paying more than $20 for such a simple contraption.  Ok; I might go $30...

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Carl...funny because I ordered the brass tube and solder from McMaster Carr today.  My fitting has an ID slightly more than 1/2" and I ordered .50" OD brass with a .063 wall.  I'll let you know how it comes out.

I tried many different sources for the part but as you found...ridiculously expensive for what it is.

...and it came to $20.98 so your first quote was right on:)

You might start a side business making these up!

I used my original “L” and cleaned it really good, went to the local hardware store and found a brass tube that fit perfect.  Used silver solder and heated everything really good.  This really stops the oil blowout. $10 and good to go. 

Very nice!  David did you make yours 2 3/4" from the end of the fitting?  Looking at the solder I ordered from McMaster carr, it does have some silver but not enough to make it what I believe is considered "silver solder".  I was going to try a brazing rod????  I know the whole idea is to have a higher melting point...regular solder being around 400 degrees and silver solder and/or brazing road above 1100 degrees (I think).

I'm noticing your baffles there...really nice job around the prop hub...the Zenith baffle kit does not include those parts...did you fabricate those yourself? 

Yes Don, I made it 2-3/4". Yeah the baffles were a lot of work, nothing to go by but the EAA Tony Bingelis article, and the Harry Fenton continental site.

if you want to buy fabricated, I used one in the past on a O200 experimental

if you want to buy fabricated, I used one in the past on a O200 experimental

Yeah; saw that the other day. $190. A bit steep for what u get. 

Thanks to Don, for identifying a source for the tube, I’ll prolly make my own. Since I already have silver solder, it’ll be even less!'s mine. Not as elegant a soldering job as David's, but it is solid. I tried a brazing rod but just could not get it hot enough and I was using Mapp gas. So I went to a plumbing supply and got the silver solder. The wall on my brass tube is .063 and it doesn't need to be that heavy...half of that or less would be fine. So the ID of the fitting is .525 and the OD of the brass tube was .50 so it was not tight enough for me to place it exactly where I wanted it inside the fitting, it essentially bottomed out which necessitated me drilling, after it was soldered, to open up the airway. I think this is why most of what I have read about this procedure has the fitting being milled to open up the ID slightly and using a brass tube with a greater OD for a tighter fit....if that makes sense. Anyway it can be done the way I did it, it is as solid as a brick craphouse. Be careful not to get solder in the threads of the fitting. The tube is 2 3/4" from the end of the fitting.

Here’s the pic:

I assume my A-65 would also benefit from this modification?  And would the dimensions be identical?  I have a machinist friend that could help.  



Roger, I'm not sure if the A65 engine case is smaller or the same size as the O200.  You could probably check that out easily enough.  At a minimum even if you had to shorten the tube somewhat it should also be a benefit on your engine.


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