A friend and I just bought a used Ch701 from Montana.   We trailered it back home to Minnesota about 2 weeks ago.   We are in the process of re-registering with the FAA, insuring the aircraft and registering with the Sate of Minnesota.   In order for us to register with Minnesota, Minnesota requires us to show proof of Insurance.  We have talked to several insurers including the one recommended by the EAA.   The EAA provider seemed to be the best fit BUT one of their requirements is that both of us have 2 hours of instruction in a CH 701 (no other model or brand will suffice)! 

Here is our current problem.   We have not been able to locate any instructor with experience in a CH701 who would feel comfortable or knowledgeable taking us up.   The EAA insurer says that we can also use an existing CH 701 owner to give us orientation/instruction.   I contacted Zenith and they gave me names of two owners of CH701's in Minnesota.  We have not, as yet, had any existing owner offer to give us the orientation even though we would pay  for their services.   The individual giving us instruction or orientation does not have to sign off on anything.  We, as the certified pilots, just make an entry in our respective log books recording the hours and name of the person who was with us.  Basically, the person giving us the orientation is just giving us his/her input as to the uniqueness of flying a CH701.

I have contacted Zenith directly to see if they could offer services and it seemed that it would a case of their pilot to decide if he wanted to do so (he is on his way back from a Florida show).

I appreciate any advice or suggestions from any of you.



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Hi Jerry,

I had the same requirement with insurance for my 701. I went to Zenith and flew 5 hours with Rodger (their pilot) who was kind enough to help me out. At that time he could not charge for his time, but I covered expenses and a donation for time away from his family. It was well worth it and I recommend that you get transition training. The 701 is different enough that a GA guy can get into trouble in particular on landings.  I have over 350 hours and I'm still learning but haven fun. Good luck and be safe.

Bob Kissell, N701UB

Dayton. Ohio


If you're not committed on the insurance, I would get an independent aviation insurance broker to shop the insurance for you. Not only will they usually get you the best price, they can take your prior experience, hours, ratings, etc. into account and "sell" you to the underwriter. When you call yourself for insurance, you usually just get an agent or sales person. A good broker talks directly to the underwriter - the person that actually determines your rate and pilot requirements. My broker got me a rate far less ... almost half vs some quotes and less than EAA, AOPA, etc.  - and the least pilot experience requirements of any quotes I've heard from other Zenith pilots. Best part, the broker does all the work, saves you money, and doesn't cost you a cent!

Of course, I'm not recommending avoiding transition training - it's a must - but it's nice to have the least required and then you and not the insurance company can decide how much more is necessary after the requirement!



Another transition training option would be Buzz Air who advertises on this site. He lists a CH701 as one of the aircraft he has available. I've heard nothing but good things about his operation.

Not knowing anything about your flying experience, I would regardless recommend that some training in type would be a good idea. Every plane has it's quirks and one designed for extreme STOL operation would certainly be different than your typical Cessna or Piper.  Meeting insurance requirements is one thing, but learning how to take full advantage of the performance envelope of your aircraft is another.  I would think actual hands-on experience thru all phases of flight would be better than going for a two hour ride with another owner.  Just my 2¢ worth :-)

Tim Juhl - CFII

You may have to travel.  I know that Doug at Quality Sport Planes can give orientation flights.  They are NOT a flight school but he may be able to help with ideas too.  It's worth a call I think.   http://www.qualitysportplanes.com  Quality Sport Planes is the West Coast dealer and building center for Zenith.  


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