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At 7:02am on June 18, 2021, Michael Mccarthy said…


My name is Mr. Michael Mccarthy, I have contacted you before without any response from you. Please replied if you receive this message. I have something very important to discuss with you, I have a vital information to give you. Could you please get back to me on ( ) for full details.

Michael Mccarthy.

At 12:34am on March 6, 2020, Stephen Bradley said…

Hi Chris, I just saw your welcome message on my profile. It was great meeting you too! We obviously share all the same interests! 

I'll give you call next time im passing through Richmond and see if I can come check out your plane!


At 4:28pm on October 6, 2019, Joe Hopwood said…

Just saw your request.  Hope you didn't send a long time ago!

At 10:13pm on May 27, 2016, Richard John Sugden said…

He's very helpful, I'm currently getting in his way as he assembles a cruzer, learning heaps.

I also know Richmond very well of course. I can remember as a small kid wandering the base which had wonderful a/c parked everywhere, gooney birds each with "very savage" (I was told) German Shepherd dog tied to it. Mustangs and all sorts.

regards Richard

At 7:53am on July 26, 2014, Mirko said…

Hello Chris. Are we flying wththe birds yet?

At 10:24pm on June 27, 2013, Raymond Woods said…

Hi Chris, I have had 3 months off with a broken collar bone but just started back.

About to close up the second wing then will get back to the fuse with a little help from my son when he comes down, he is a Airbus engineer.

Regards Ray

At 2:33am on June 22, 2013, Christopher barker said…

Hi Chris,

I know of one in SA at Goolawa, about 400km from Port Augusta. His 601 XLB is flying. have email him a few times, think he works away, long time between email. I have also been giving Allan at Bendigo a hard time.I have the wings, tail ,fuel system,control system ordered and pay for before the Aust dollar crashed, still cost $220 more. but will cost a lot more for fuselage, if Aust dollar stays were it is. one can only hope the green back falls 10c. We will see, regaurds chris B.


At 2:43pm on March 13, 2013, Russell Bell said…

Hi am in the states at the min hows it going will  be here for another month  do you need anything while Iam here I have all the time in the world I have an order at spruce  which I will smuggle back in my bags there isn't anything on while I  am here fun in the sun is on the week after we leave so this is going to be a cheap holiday and I don't need much to finish the plane  anyway let me knowif you need anything regards Russ

At 9:27am on October 10, 2012, guido meens said…
Hi Chris yes i bought another 601 XLB from Dave Graham 19-5466 jab 3300 engine After the sale of my first XL i had a spell for about 12 months and then bought an Alegro 2000 Sorry to say the worst mistake i ever made I flew one here in Busselton and tought i liked it and got one from Qeensland but quickly found out that it was not what i wanted I sold it and had a break but could not forget my first XL flipping through the ra aus magazine i came across 19-5466 and the rest is history so to say. i just love it, having flown several others they are hard to beat and i always enjoy it every time i take it out. So there is your answer Hope all is well with you ...are you still flying an XL ?? Regards Guido
At 6:57am on June 25, 2012, Russell Bell said…


One other thing Chris can you ask around any one that you might know that has a

0-200 continental I need to find out what will fit under the cowl zenit want $1650 for the system and I don’t even think its stainless let me know mate also will you be going to Bendigo later in the year I hope to be there with my 601 talk soon Russ

At 6:52am on June 25, 2012, Russell Bell said…

one other thing this picture of me is old I have purt 20KG and look heeps better regards Russ

At 6:51am on June 25, 2012, Russell Bell said…

Hi Chris long time on hear i spent a lot of time in hospital last year anyway I am in the final stage of the build well I have finished the build now I am finishing the interior and I have all the paint but need a friend to pain tit so it will be before the end of the year anyway I figure you have finished let me know regards Russ

At 12:10am on May 11, 2012, Raymond Woods said…

Hi Chris. I purchased my aircraft from David Barwick in Canberra in January, have to do wing mod and complete engine selected as yet. If flying near Mittagong give me a call first and drop in, the airstrip is only 10 minutes away,  0402454261,  0248623545

Regards Ray

At 3:23pm on November 27, 2011, Tim Sutton said…

Thanks Chris.




At 6:35pm on October 5, 2011, Lee Grandja said…

Hi Chris

After few years on hold I have decided to continue with my build which have purchase the 601xl plans in 2004, I just need to see the changes/updates that have been implemented.



At 7:32pm on August 20, 2011, Darryl Legg said…

Hey Chris

Hows your plane progressing? You should be able to land it at Amberly, no.......?

At 5:53am on July 20, 2011, Phill Barnes said…

Hi Chris

Thanks for your comment on my paint scheme.

How are you progressing with your aircraft lately.



At 8:45pm on June 21, 2011, Peter Lalor said…

Hi Chris,

W&B came in empty 762lbs (346kg) with CG at313.

Calculated fully loaded with me, wife, 20lb baggage and full fuel 1228lbs (558kg) with CG at 413.  Luckily the MOTW is now 600kg !!!

It is very easy to fly and land.  regards  Peter

At 6:37pm on June 19, 2011, John Duncombe said…

Hello Chris,

Thanks for the message.

I started building the 601 but opted for the upgrade to the 650 plans.

I had the rudder 90% complete, and you guessed it that is one of the only changes to the 650.

I have recently brought a 4' brake and guillo but have not spent any time on it for the last 12 months due to family stuff.

I hope to get back into it soon.

Yours looks great, Howw is the spar upgrade going?




At 6:17am on June 19, 2011, Gary Ray said…


I have a Dynon D-10A,SV-32 roll servo, SV-32C pitch servo, Dynon HS34 to connect my King KLN-90B GPS connected thru the ARINC data channels(Dynon com speed set to slow). The HS34 allows you to set the heading bug, altitude, and baro.  I track a GPS course, Heading bug, or GPS Nav for flight plans and it climbs/descends to altitude bug.  Calculated winds aloft are shown on the HSI page display.  Dynon sensitivity in Roll and Pitch is set to 25 (highest).  In thermaling environments, with +- 200 feet in 10 seconds or more I still would hand fly the altitude as the aircraft has to pitch down and up changing airspeed to hold altitude. Without throttle control it is less desirable.

The best picture of the roll servo's and mounting brackets and location are on the Dynon Forum site with pictures of a  601XL getting the AP installation.  These helped a lot but I found the pitch Capstan Servo did not have the required  amount of space for the bridle cable to move full travel so I mounted mine below the mid-baggage deck hanging upside down.  The cables pass here at a convenient height on longer runs.  Access was easier due to the service door on the bottom of my fuselage.  I added an additional cross brace to sitffen the floor of the baggage compartment.  I used a wire terminal strip to combine the power, ground, A & B data bus wires that are common to both servos in the rear.  Up front I made up a mini data bus connector from a DB15 d-connector.  Connecting the top row pins to Data A and the bottom row of pins to Data B.  This way I can add or disconnect devices easier.  Over all a very easy installation and calibration.  Also you need a small momentary on push button switch to dissengage/engage the autopilot either on the stick or convenient on the panel.DSC04406.JPG

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