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I have initiated this topic as a central location for any plans or building details, errors, corrections or revisions that might be useful to other members - this is for all type-specific models of Zenith aircraft as the present forum format is inconsistent across the various type-specific forums and I can't "Feature" (similar to a "sticky") this topic in all of the forums. Therefore, it makes the most sense to centralize this topic in the Open Forum where it can be "Featured."  When posting a correction to the plans or additional information, be sure to specify which Zenith type-specific model the information pertains to.

Of course, in all cases of conflicting or questionable information, contacting Zenith Aircraft for technical support is the best and recommended source for correct information.

As always, thanks for your active participation in the Zenith.aero Forums!


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Thank you for creating this Discussion.  It certainly has the potential to be a great resource for important information. While Zenith works hard to create good plans, there are always going to be areas where folks have questions because the plans are not clear, or in some cases simply out of date or not as complete as it could be. 

I have seen many threads over the past year or two where builders are stumped and come to this forum with questions and as a result, there is some very valuable solutions and clarifications that arise out of these discussions.   

I hope people will use this "discussion" thread as a "go to" place for those discussions.  It would be a very valuable resource for other builders.   

While I am not building a Zenith yet I have no first handle knowledge to share, but I may post links to past threads that would be appropriate to be listed here,  if that is OK.


Relates to the 750 Model: 

Discussion about cable fairing C75C4-5, C75C4-6. 



Zenith 750: Plan 75-WA-3

Setting the Flaperon distance from the trailing edge thread. 



Zenith 750:  75W3-4 and 75W1-2K

Main Wing Rear Root Doubler Thread.



Zenith 750:  75-F-15, and 75-ZA-4.


There are two topics in this one thread.  One is trimming rear spare to set wing "sweep". 

The other topic covered at the end involves a very important clarification on setting wing incidence.    


750 Cruzer.   C75N1-2

Cabin Frame Gussets, Front or Back?  


z 750.   Nose rib holes do not align up with holes in skins.


CH-750 Super Duty - Trim Tab Connecting Rod Assembly

Drawing SD75-HE-04 (dated June 28, 2019) says to make the Servo Connecting Rod Assembly 148 mm between the holes in the plastic fork ends.  I carefully measured and cut the threaded rod, temporarily reassembled the rod and forks to the specified 148 mm, and marked the location of the fork ends with the lock nuts. Then, when I connected the end to the servo and fed the rod through the slot to attach to the Trim Tab Horn, I found the assembly was too short to provide the correct trim tab travel.  I had to order another 8-32 SS threaded rod to make a new connecting rod.  The distance between the holes is 158 mm instead of 148mm.  Now I get the specified 30 +/- 2 degrees of travel in both directions.

I might have been able to make the shortened rod work, but I wasn't comfortable with the reduction in distance the rod was threaded into the plastic forks...losing 5mm of threaded length in each plastic fork, at least to me, is undesirable.



Very valuable information thanks for posting. 


CH-750 Super Duty

These comments pertain to the SD75 - Summary of Revisions to Assembly Drawings, dated 30 December 2019:

1. SD75-FR-01 - the Summary of Revisions says the part number for the Center Firewall STIFFENER was changed from SD75F40-14 to LS75F9-4.

Drawing SD75-FR-01 is for the TAIL SKID...the drawing that correctly reflects the changed part number is SD75-FF-01 - FIREWALL ASSEMBLY 1.


2. SD75-FR-02 - The Summary of Revisions says the part number for the Center Firewall DOUBLER was changed from SD75F40-15 to LS75F9-4.

Drawing SD75-FR-02 is for the REAR WING ATTACHMENT FRAME... the drawing that correctly reflects the changed part number is SD75-FF-02 - FIREWALL ASSEMBLY 2.

The “changed to” part number is not LS75F9-4, as shown in the Summary of Revisions, it is LS75F9-5 as shown on SD75-FF-02


3. SD75-HE-04A - the Summary of Revisions says the A5 rivets (previously item 7) were removed from the item listing for the “801 TRIM TAB ASSEMBY” (sic).

The drawing still shows using A5 rivets through the TRIM TAB SKIN and SKIN DOUBLERS and A6 rivets for those that go through the TRIM TAB SKIN and SKIN DOUBLERS and TRIM TAB PIANO HINGE.


4. SD75-HS-04 - the Summary of Revisions says the TOP LEFT DIAGRAM was changed to reference SD75-ZZ-05 instead of SD75-ZZ-01.

There is no reference to either SD75-ZZ-05 or SD75-ZZ-01 on drawing SD75-HS-04.

Also, in the Assembly Drawings package that was posted December 30, 2019, drawing SD75-HS-04 is dated June 19, 2019…not October 15, 2019… as shown in the Summary of Revisions.


5. SD75-FR-04 - the Summary of Revisions shows the “Current SD75-ZZ-01” date as OCT.15, 2019.

The drawing in the Assembly Drawings package is dated January 28, 2019. Is there a later drawing that was not included in the December 30 posting?


6. SD75-FR-03 - the Summary of Revisions indicates the rivets for fastening the bottom skin to the longerons (for the area between the HT frame and access panel) are changed from A4 to A5.

The newer SD75-FR-03 drawing (dated October 9, 2019) shows A4 rivets. The older drawing (dated January 28, 2019) showed A5 rivets. It seems the drawing reflect the reverse of the change specified in the Summary of Revisions.

CH-750 Super Duty

These comments pertain to the CH-750 Super Duty Assembly Drawing List (SD75-GG-01) dated January 16, 2020.

Am I being a little to picky, or is it okay to expect better documentation quality/configuration control?

CH-750 Super Duty

This is an update to my previous post (February 1, 2020 at 8:40pm) regarding the CH-750 Super Duty Assembly Drawing List (SD75-GG-01) dated January 16, 2020.

Most of the issues I identified were corrected; however, there are others that have not been addressed.  Additionally, the changes were made to SD75-GG-01 but the revision date was not updated

For valid configuration management/control Zenith Engineering need to change the revision date any time a change is made to a drawing (or the master drawing list); otherwise, we have no way to know if we are using the latest documentation.


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