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We are in the process of working a 701 with the Pegastol wings. We have a question on the fuel system with the 2 wing tanks each side. It is set up so that the fuel is fed from the leading edge of the wing which to us looks like it would present a problem of no fuel during a climb.
Any input would greatly be appreciated and also a contact that could be useful for questions as we are moving forward with this project.

Thank you
Bryan Miller
10CO Mack Mesa, CO

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There is a current thread going on the 701 forum dealing with what you're talking about. I agree it does sound like it may be a problem.

How do I find the forum you're talking about. I'm new just getting into this site.

Hi Bryan

My Pegastol wings have a single 30 litre tank in each wing. I feed both tanks to a 15 litre header tank behind the fire wall which in turn feeds the engine.

I put a sight glass (clear plastic tube) on the header tank to ensure there is sufficient fuel available/visible. Haven't had any problems with fuel flow from the wing tanks to date. I think from memory the tanks were originally intended to be vented at the wing tips but I have put an ali tube vent on the top of the wing facing the airflow. The theory being that it pressurises the tanks slightly. Seems to work.

I've got both tanks out at the moment to try and sort out a few leaks and was looking at putting an outlet at the rear of the tanks as an extra. At the moment there is about 4.5 litres unusable per tank.

Happy to help with any other issues you might have.




if you have a 701 # you can access the 701 forum on this site.

here's the thread, I don't know if you can access or not.

read all the way thru


Just back on here this morning and I'm looking at it, looks like I've got some reading to do..

Thank you
HI Gary,
I'll show my group what you have going on there, is there any chance you could send some pics as well? What are your fuel tanks made of? Is there a way to add a fuel outlet at the rear.. the guys were looking at adding an outlet to ours at the rear but the problem comes into how to "weld" into the plastic the new fitting..

Thank you


so your outlet is on the same end as the filler spout? Something's not right about that. Can you post a pic of it?

The outlet is on the leading edge of the fuel tank, i believe under the filler cap.. I'll get pictures of our situation as I get out to the airport tomorrow.

That sounds like a tank designed for some level ground type operation. Feeding from the front won't work unless I missed something big in fooling with these things for 50 years. The inlet needs to be front outboard top and the outlet near the rear corner inboard bottom.

That's right... I'll have better pictures and descriptions tomorrow and even more questions once I am with the rest of the folks at Mack.. I'm excited to have more eyes and input on our plane..

I'm not that familiar with the 701 wing tanks, but from the fuel tank drawing at CH701 Sample Drawing 7-V-11.pdf it looks like the fuel outlet is at the aft bottom corner of the tank.

Please ignore my post above. Reviewing the available literature on the 701 Pegastol wings, the fuel tanks are very different. My apologies.


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