I would like to know if anyone has the Viking engine installed and if you have any weights and performance numbers?


Thank you,


Mike Ice

Anchorage, Alaska


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Seriously! The Viking might be a great package but the vendor sure has me scared to place an order. Our lives are on the line here, constructive criticism should've encouraged, not slammed.

Dan didn't point any fingers regarding the delays. I think he handled it with tact. Jan, on the other hand, was vicious to Dan. He can never shed the fact that the Viking is another auto conversion using used engine parts coupled to an experimental ignition and gearbox. I wish he would accept that fact and sell against the corvair and vw instead of trying to compete with certified engines. His rant is a terrible reflection of him and his company. He ADMITS that it isn't programmed for winter weather starting. Are you kidding! What else is it not ready for?

Read it again. We are all "negative and know-it-all builders".

Thank you Tim.  Yes, we are sorting out the apsolute best winter fuel delivery for best starts.



I spoke with Dan this morning.  We have nothing against each other.  Dan has a great airplane, with a great engine.  I was just pointing out that his comments about the engine not being turn key as of yet, are outdated and that Dan chose to use a different wiring scematic than what we have.  In fact, with the information now available on the web site, along with what is currently being done on the 750 installation and an updated DVD installation, the Viking will be the best documented installation in the industry.


I hope we all get to see his nice plane at oshkosh





Constructive criticism should be allowed and welcommed. 

We will take blame where deserved and do better. 



Not sure what that is about.  If it is a stab at myself, it is OK.  I am not perfect and have made many mistakes.  The Viking is far superior than me :)



This is what we are dealing with guys! Can you ever imagine the owner of Rotax or UL Power talking in such a way?

My feelings are that someone needs to knock Rotax down a few notches. They know that they have the market set in the 100Hp range with no competition to worry about. I know that it is a well proven design with a large company behind it.   I admire you for taking on King Kong, I wish I had the stones to do it. I have a Verner MK133 Engine (83HP) in my Kitfox because I didn't want to support Rotax. Turns out that it's a great engine at about 1/3 the price. Point is even Rotax has had some teething issues ( if you don't believe me look up there service bulletins) ,if people think you could just grab an engine and stick it in an airplane they have a lot to learn. I'm sure a lot of R&D went into the Viking to get it where it is today.

I also know of people that have had Lycoming engines come apart on them (one broken rod bolt in a factory new engine and one head separate from the cylinder) causing forced landings. So if anyone knows of an engine that is never going to quit on them I would love to hear which one that is?

Jan I wish you the best of luck and hope you do sell 1000's of your Viking Engines, I for one would not hesitate to fly behind one. Keep up the good work.

Thanks, Paul

Well stated...I've had two engine problems on Rotaxes...(2 strokers mind you) so I agree no engine is completely safe, although I would have no hesitation getting a 912 I find the price just out of this world! I'm still debating on an engine and was looking at a Rotax, a traditional engine and the Viking.

The viking has really impressed me and Jan looks like he put a HUGE amount of work in them. I think the engine is a good fit for an aero conversion since it was designed to be used in an outboard motor. I have been nervous about aero engines, but not to the point where I would dismiss them straight up.  Even at a 1000 hour TBO you'd probably be ahead on a Viking than a conventional engine, in fact you could probably rebuild the entire engine for about 2k block and all!

Since I'm still a ways away from needing an engine, I'm hoping for good long term reviews on the Viking by the time I'm ready. Hopefully some of the "growing pains" will be dealt with by then and it will be a good contender.

Hi Dan.

Glad you are getting a few hours on it. 

Happy that you were able to sort out your wiring issues. 

I don't think it is fair to say that anyone will have to play around with anything.

Wire the Engine as shown, install the latest available software to the ECU and go. 



Don't bother going to the viking site for any weight and balance info. It has been removed.

I will copy it down the next time I'm at the hanger  Sorry



It's sad that there are so many people out there that are looking for testimonial related to actual experience with the Viking engine and finally someone dares to take the time to post their comments and it is taken so poorly. Again, I say that it surprises me that there is so little commentary from those pilots that are the first to fly a Viking engine. Perhaps they are concerned about just this kind of reaction. Personally I didn't find Dan's comment so very negative. Perhaps from his point of view he reported things exactly as he perceived them. There is always another point of view. I would expect there to be growing pains and I would also expect that discussing them out in the open would be the best approach to moving forward.
One thing that I hope Jan realizes is that all of us want to see the Viking succeed. Unfortunately is way to easy for anyone to throw their nay saying out for everyone to read but that is the world or the internet. I for one can ignore the garbage and focus on the constructive. Hopefully we can safely post the challenges that are part of the Viking journey with the successes. That is what will give everyone out there the confidence that they are looking for by hearing from all those explorers out there that are stepping up and giving the Viking a real world chance to succeed. One might say that they are putting their lives on the line to give the Viking a chance. How can you not take their comments both positive and negative? Personally i would like to hear every little story that went into installing, testing, and ultimately flying every Viking that is in the air.


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