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If my research is correct, it would appear that there is a sort of "grey area" concerning the use of AS5 rivets. My finishing kit came with 103 AS5 rivets and I am going to spend the day looking for 103 holes in which to place these rivets. I am currently compiling a list of areas in which these rivets are to be used and upon completion will post the list for others to refer to. Please don't yell at me about not reading the plans...I do, it's just easy at times to overlook something. Maybe I am "simple minded" but there are times when it helps to be that way. As I have said many times, when endeavoring to take on a project of this magnitude, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have "too much information" 

If such data already exists, I apologize for using forum space and time...if anyone would like to provide a suggestion, I would be grateful. Any input would help with this list...no detailed info is needed, just comments such as rudder pedal, cabin frame, etc. I will do the "leg work".



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First lets start out with what airplane are you building?

For the 750, I know the cabin frame connects with AS5 rivets to the main cabin, there are AS5 rivets in the horizontal stabilizer, and in the door frames, and the strut mounts. Just be on the lookout for places where they are called out. I accidentally used regular A5 on the frame, because there are two spots in the planes, one says A5, the other AS5. When in doubt stronger is better. They usually come into play when you have highly stressed parts with little area to transfer load, and usually when thicker or stronger materials join with few rivets.

Hi Jonathan

Thanks for the quick reply. I am building a Cruzer. So far I have the following (I will include page numbers on the final list)

Cabin Frame Angles

Rudder Pedals

Seat Backs

Elevator Assembly

Upper Elevator Stop

Frame/Latch on Cabin Door

More to come......

I can't find any callout on AS5 used in the strut mount...Page #?



P.S. I have followed your recent successful first flight...congratulations again!

Rudder stops. Cabin door strut brackets.

What he said " Cabin door strut brackets."

Thanks Jonathan, but my Pick List shows no part listed as "Cabin door strut bracket" (I have plans for both the 750 STOL and Cruzer...that part doesn't come up in a search)  Perhaps a Page # would help to remove yet another "grey area"?

The cabin doors have a gas strut to keep them open they are attached to the cabin and the door via a AS5 rivet. They are called C75N2-10 and C75N2-9

Oh. And I know you don't want to hear it, but go thru the plans page by page and look at every part. Then look at the assembly (A pages) that correspond to how those parts go together. That is what we had to do to answer your questions. I wish I had done that WAAAAY earlier in the project.

I was using the assembly guides and then referring to the documents if I got confused, but I should have read every page of the assembly and every page of the plans before pulling a single rivet and I would have been able to sequence my work much better.

Hi Jonathan

Thank you for the great advice! I have pretty much put the assembly guide in the back seat. Last night, I was drilling out a few rivets and my wife complimented (insulted?) me by commenting how quickly I could get a rivet out...wonder where I learned that?!?!?!?


I hated getting too much practice at that!

I had to rivet the main cabin frame supports 4 times. I followed the guide for the old style doors, and put them on the back of the tubes, then had to move to steel, then had to move them to the front, then remove them again to deal with another issue. AS5 had *HARD* to drill out! 

The biggest deals have been the stuff that is really hard to get wired to once you have closed the baggage compartment and such. 

Psychologically I like finishing things, but unless you have wires, tubes and such run and protected, you are really are not ready. 

Hi James

Thank you for the quick and valuable input! I missed the rudder stops and now have it on the list. On the cabin door strut bracket, would that be the one that attached the side skin longeron to the steel cabin frame...or the cylinder door mount?



New List

Cabin Frame Angles

Rudder Pedals

Seat Backs

Elevator Assembly

Upper Elevator Stop

Frame/Latch on Cabin Door

Rudder Stops (Thanks to James Clapper)

The Newest List

Cabin Frame Angles (C75-NA-1 and C75-N-1)

Rudder Pedals (C75-CA-3)

Seat Backs (C75-FA-8)

Elevator Assembly (C75-7A-2)

Upper Elevator Stop C75-2A-6)

Frame/Latch on Cabin Door C75-NA-2)

Rudder Stops (C75-2A-6) (Thanks to James Clapper)

Cylinder Fuselage Mount (C75-NA-2) (Thanks to Jonathan Fay)

In addition to the cylinder door mount, I used AS5 on the cylinder fuselage mount, although I could not find a rivet call out in the plans. The pictures are from drawing NA-2 and N-2.


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