I have three new Matco split rims and two leak air, have tried to tighten them and still no luck.Help Please

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Yes, I need to unseat the tire bead from the matco rim before I can address the leaks.I don't want to use anything that will damage those soft rims and was considering either the HF bad breaker or using this as an excuse to buy that 20 ton drill press I've always wanted!

... was considering either the HF bad breaker or using this as an excuse to buy that 20 ton drill press I've always wanted!

I feel your pain! I've needed a bead breaker occasionally and before I get a chance to buy one, my buddy who owns a tire shop always does it for free!  Darn it, another chance to buy a new tool is missed again!  ;>)



A BIG c clamp is what I use. small piece of ply top and bottom(bout a foot long) and screw the clamp down against those and it should pull the tire loose from the bead with no problem

Forgot to mention, to break beads cover top and bottom with scraps of carpet and jack up your car or pickup and place tires under jacked up vehicle  tire and slowly lower onto tire to break bead on,  works every time, have yet to hurt a rim or tire.   GO SLOW..........

( hydraulic bottle jacks work the best)

I have found that if you coat all the mating surfaces of the rims including the O ring, with Stan's Notubes Sealant (I used an artist paint brush) and then add a few ounces of the solution though the valve...fill with air and ...zero leaks.

Where did you find the c clamp?

  First take some soapy water and find which  bead is leaking, break the bead on that  side, then remove the bolts so you can split the rim and then pull the o-ring out and make sure the surface where the o-ring seats on both rim halves is smooth and clean ,if not polish with with fine grit emery cloth and clean all of the grit out .  Bolt the rims back together and then apply silicone grease onto the area where the o-ring will seat , now take the o-ring and make sure there are no nicks or cuts and apply some more silicone grease onto the o-ring and roll it onto the rim on the open side, down into centre of the rims . Make sure the o-ring is all the way down and is seated evenly between halves.  Clean the area on the rim where the tire seats , and apply a little 100% silicone caulk onto the bead and air the tire up.  If the tire will not come back up onto the rim take a rope or nylon tie down strap ,place it around circumference or the centre of the tire tread and get it as tight as possible, then take a bar and twist the rope or strap, until the bead, moves up onto the rim and air up, and wipe excess silicone of tire and rim and  FLY............

  Did it on both mains after replacing with tundra tires and both are still holding air after 6 months.

OK so here is what has (so far so good) worked for me.  Vaseline. Lots of it.  As many have said, ensure a smooth joining of the wheel halves, and smooth edges at the center join seam.  Then lube the o ring generously with petroleum jelly (an option per the Matco instructions), roll the o ring into the install position up high on the inner rim, AND lube up the entire inside surfaces of the wheels, both halves. Bolt the halves together, release the o ring into position, allowing it to  pick up additional petroleum jelly on its way there, confirm proper position at the seam, then inflate the tire to seat the tire beads. So far so good!  No leaks, confirmed with the soapy water spray bottle and 12 hours holding pressure now.

Congratulations, those of us that have been down the exact same road knew we would see this post :) 

They're a good product, nice and light without the tube.


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