Not sure where to exactly put this, but thought I'd start here in the Classified Listings. John A. please advise or move as appropriate.;)

I had a request to build roll and pitch servo mounts for install into a STOL750 similar to the way I did mine.  If there is enough interest (3 - 6 or more people) I would be willing to order the material and fabricate these items and make it a "one-stop shopping" kind of kit (no hunting around or shippng charges for other items) which would allow you to mount a pitch or roll servo (Dynon or MGL), I've not seen a Garmin servo, but that may also be a possibility.  I've made some improvements to the designs since my install to make the install simpler/easier and it would be an A&P/IA doing the fabrication. Kit price would range from $200 - $425 depending upon level of completion.  (Includes both mounts) From basic components cut and pilot drilled to completed assembly and expoxy primed units.  

These "should" work in the 750 Cruzer if the fuselage is the same in that area.  I don't know, as I never seen plans or an actual Cruzer. I can find that out from Roger at Zenith later if there is enough interest.  (Talked with Roger at Zenith...the 750STOL & Cruzer baggage areas are identical so these servo mounts will work with either 750 model.)

I am not a business, don't intend to be one, but thought I could help out the community by offering this up to any interested builders and flyers.  Having just gone through an assembly, it is all fresh in my mind and relatively easy to be efficient in making a few more of them.

The picture below is a fully completed kit.  Only fabrication required is sizing the shim material for the space between the fuselage crossmembr and pitch servo side.  Can also provide the kit unassembled, pilot drilled , no expoxy primer, or drilled and ready to rivet with the typical 1/8 Avex rivets used to build our Zenith aircraft.

NOTE:  As I've done a few of these, I've also incorporated a few minor revisions to the mounts which will be slightly different than the below picture.  These changes allow for easier fabrication and install.

Tell me what you're thoughts are!


Dave and the "Mighty Sky Turtle" N826DE

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Hello David: I'm just getting started with my CH 750 STOL build so I'm a LONG WAY from installing controls. That said, a part of my plan is to use a Garmin GMC 507 Control Panel to drive two Garmin GSA 28 servos for pitch and roll. It appears that the servo mounts kit you're offering would be just the ticket for what I intend. However, I simply don't know if the mounting bolt pattern is the same for Dynon/MGL servos as it is for the Garmin servos. I've attached copies of some pages from the Garmin G5 Installation Manual that depict the measurements of the GSA 28 servos for your review. Assuming your kit would fit my application, what is your price for a complete kit as depicted above delivered to Zip Code 34114? Thanks and keep up the good work!




HI Tom, it appears from the Garmin info you attached that the mounts would work just fine.  Mount bolt spacing of the servo body is the same as Dynon and  MGL (which is stated in metric) but converts very very close to Dynon and Garmin dimensions for spacing.  These particular holes would be pilot drilled to allow for final sizing and any slight differences as I don't have the actual servo on hand to mount unless you want to send them to me.  Cost would be $450 and include shipping.  If you would like to discuss further or have questions send me a friend request and we can chat.  Thanks and good luck with your project!


Thomas, here is a set of mounts made up this weekend for another individual to use with Garmin servos.  He already had the rod end bearings and push/pull tubes.

Hi david,

    we have a 750 cruzer, and a grt system. would like to buy just a roll install kit.

friend request sent. 



Hi David, I may be interested in this for pitch and roll with MGL servos in my Zenith CH750 STOL. I am not sure where this mounts though - I have a fuel header tank under the passenger right-hand-side seat. Do you have some more photos that show where it all fits? 



David,  I'll buy a set!  Pete 7274034688. I am traveling today but will be available later today. Thanks

David:   Just finished installing your servo brackets on my 750, it was about 2 1/2 hrs from start to finish , for the install of both brackets and bolting up the MGL servos.    I am very impressed with the quality of construction that went into both the roll and pitch brackets .   The A&P/ machinist that helped me was also impressed, with your quality of manufacturing.  

After I ordered them from , I started to have second thoughts about the purchase, and got to thinking I could have accomplished the task, and built them myself.  With all that said, my thoughts on building them myself, disappeared as soon as the box was opened and I saw the care and time you put into their construction.  I would without and hesitation , suggest anybody looking at adding Autopilot, use your brackets.         Thanks again for building  me  a set!

                                   Peter  Skedsvold


Peter, thanks for being the first to try them out with MGL servos...glad they worked out and you're happy with them.  Another set using Garmin servos required a slight modification which I've incorporated into the mounts.  After 4 revisions/improvements I have a universal design and setup that seems to work well across the Dynon, MGL, Garmin and GRT servos and is easier to fabricate/install.

Cheers, Dave


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