I see in the latest video that Zenith have come up with a new nose wheel system apparently all aircraft at Oshkosh have them installed and will soon be released to the public.

Can some one please take some photos as would really like to change mine before my COA weight and balance inspection that is happening soon.

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I was just griping about how I wasn't making any progress due to the DFW heat.

Well, now I'm glad I waited!  The fuselage was my next assembly, so if I'd just finished the firewall, I'd really be ticked knowing there was a new solution to the bungee.  On my way up to Convention to check it out in person.

Don't forget to check out the Viking Spring as another option which has been around for a long time, and proven to be a good replacement for the bungee.

Yes was looking at going for a Viking spring but would like more info on Zenith's one as some people have had to modify there vicking one as they hit on engine mount..

Not hitting an engine mount that I'm aware of on a Zenith aircraft, but I agree you should check them both out.

I’m looking forward to this. I am on my 4th bungee in 6 years. The first one lasted about 2 hrs, & since then I average a broken bungee about every 18 months. My plans were to replace it this year with the Viking bungee, but I will certainly take a look at this system first. I am glad that Sebastian is acknowledging the fact the bungees are not holding up like they used to. Something has had to have changed in the bungee manufacturing process that is causing the short life span we are seeing these days.

I stopped by the zenith booth today and spoke with Roger. He said I could look at the new donuts, but I'd have to crawl underneath and look up through the cowl opening. Too old for that. He said they don't have info printed up yet or prices or even parts, but they should be out soon. 

He did say to not start my firewall until I've called him, though. Minor changes involved. 

Roger posted a video yesterday showing the new doughnut system. Cant wait to find out more about it. Im kind of tired of dealing with the bungee system for a number of reasons.

Hi where did Roger post the video of the new system tried to find it but can't.

I didnt see Roger post it but Jon did one about it


I watched it earlier but can't find it now. It was done at Osh and showed the stacked pucks up close and noted they expect to offer if for sale very soon for the 601, 750, 650, Cruzer  and Super Duty. Apparently the 701 has some additional challenges that they still need to solve. He didn't elaborate on this.

The system eliminated the bungee which was replaced by a series of 8 or 9 (?) stacked pucks of some kind. At the base of the pucks were two retaining rings which sound like they were adjusted for tension on the pucks. Again, not a lot of detail given.

Roger did mention that part of the conversion would require a new nose gear tube ($110 for the 601) or you could cut off the bungee pegs and "re-weld". He didn't elaborate on this either.

He did say the pucks were "not expensive", whatever that means in AMU's...

He did say that the system eliminated the "stiff rudder" issue with the bungee system and that the landings were much smoother due to the adjustability of the cushioning of the pucks. 

One thing that stood out to me was the simplicity and inherent reliability of the system. Even if one puck would somehow fail it would not drop the nose to a significant degree. It just didn't look like there was anything to break or fail. If it woks its' definitely more elegant and simple than the Viking Steel Bungee, IMO.

Roger noted they have been flying with this system in all their planes (except the 701) for almost a year with no negative issues - and a lot of positive ones.

It certainly looks like Zenith came up with a better mousetrap. It's a solution I've never seen on any other aircraft.

I'm wondering if Zenith took the video down for some reason?

Its back up, I just viewed the video using the link posted by Paul above.


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