Let's see your favorite panel designs!

I'm deep into this right now and am planning on the simplest and lightest install I can build!

I'm really loving the stuff that Levil is doing with the BOM and more specifically the iLevil 3 AW...paired with a new iPad Pro 12.9 (with mini LED screen hopefully) it should make an amazing, big, bright glass panel.

I have a probe for an LRI left over from a previous build so I'll add a DYI gauge as a backup. I'm also looking at using TQ radios. A bit cheaper than others and extremely light...and the GPS out on the Levil can be used as the position source for the ADS-B out on the transponder.

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Nope, not promoting FlightView. I just think his work is kinda cool and it fit into the discussion of using off the shelf tablet type computers for flight displays.

Sorry if you think my concern for having a primary display with known thermal limitations is exaggerated. It just feels "not good" to me so I will stay away from it. As you say, whatever makes you comfortable. I have heard enough anecdotal stories (both person to person and online) to keep me feeling nervous about use as a cockpit display. Plus, everyone talks about hot shutdowns - these things also shut down if they get too cold and I live in the hills of New Hampshire where we get quite cold sometimes.

I have had i-devices (not being used as cockpit displays) shut down on me for cold temperatures several times both on the ground and while airborne. Some of those cold induced shutdowns were in flight in the winter when trying to take a picture with an iPhone it quit in a cockpit in flight, for me. A friend in Texas has recounted hot weather auto shutdowns he experienced. That's enough evidence for me.

Please do not think I am trying to talk anyone into or out of using i-devices as cockpit displays. Each builder needs to review the available data on risks and benfits and make their own choice. One can make very good arguements for many choices along the range of possible conclusions. As Loren says, do what makes you comfortable. It's your plane and your fight environment.

There seems to be a minimalist trend on panels, particularly for STOL and backcountry pilots. Mine is a minimalist, MGL Odyssey, MGL com (10.6 oz), MicroAir transponder, and a Garmin 796. I mounted the 796 on a RAM mount to the side for easy access in flight, (it does not block any view and is easy to handle with my left hand resting on my left knee) plus I remove it for flight planning etc. The panel box keeps my backup Garmin 496, my Icon handheld, and other stuff like led light, etc. My stick is HOTS, Hand On Throttle and Stick, and has trim, flaps, AP, PTT, etc. Just the basic stuff you need to fly a plane pretty much anywhere, except IFR. 

Here's an earlier tablet used on a Pietenpol, never had any glare or heating issues.


That’s funny I don’t care who ya are!

Thanks for a good laugh Walt. 


Here is mine. The criteria were low cost and low weight. If I had to build it again I would use a MGL radio instead of a FL-760. The radio part of the FL-760 is great, but the intercom/music part is not. I never had any reliability issue, thermal or other, with these instruments.

A few notes :

- There is a glovebox behind the ipad. 

- The magnetic compass is mandatory in Canada. It is a convenient headset hanger but that's it's only use.

- It does not look like that but the trim switch can be operated with one finger while the hand controls the throttle.



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