My UL Power FWF kit included Oetiker clamps which I'm not too familiar with.  Can you use a PEX ear clamp crimping plier to install?  Also curious if people are installing a fuel shut off valve, as the supplied Pollak electric valve has no "off" position.  Zenith did supply a shut off bracket p/n FSOB and support FSOS, but what are they for?


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The pinch clamps are used on low/zero pressure oil return lines or breather lines. Not critical installs. You can buy more at auto parts stores if you need replacements. I just used a nipper tool I use on my pinch clamps for my yard sprinkler system. Don’t over think simple things.

Yes to the fuel shut off. You need one that can be easily reached from the pilot seat in case of engine fire. Also very useful when changing fuel filters, if you remember to close it before you undo a fuel line. Once you undo the fuel line it is too late to reach into the cabin to close the valve. That 4 foot of head pressure on the fuel from the overhead wings tanks is impressive in it’s mess making ability. 

Tip of the day, check for fuel leaks on regular basis. I discovered a leaking banjo fitting after 50 hours of flight time. No fire, but lots of paranoia.

I think that Zenith supplied the bracket that fits on a quarter turn bronze shut off valve. The kind sold at auto parts/plumbing stores. If I remember I will take a picture of my fuel valve install tomorrow. Simple is good. Every deviation from or improvement to plans is another 30 hours of build time.



Ralph, thanks very much for the information, a picture of the valve would be great.  One thing I noticed is when you start construction Zenith does a great job of taking you by the hand with the assembly guide.  Now in the later stages, you're pretty much on your own.  Some KitLog Pro builder websites have been very helpful, in particular my hat is off to Douglas Kupersmith for step by step photographs of a UL Powered 601XL like mine.

Planning to install a shutoff valve on the fuel supply from the Pollak valve.  Such a crowded area, especially as we have the dual stick mod also competing for space forward of the spar with the fuel lines, brake lines, parking brake valve, rudder cables, etc.  The trouble is that puts the valve near floor level below your knee, difficult to reach in emergency.  I'm thinking maybe it can be operated remotely with a push-pull cable similar to what I plan to use for my Matco park brake valve.  Maybe use thin copper witness wire, and/or some other way to prevent accidental fuel shut off.


Mark MacAulay

Instead of a push-pull cable, a slightly less elegant but simple way would be some direct rod connection that in some way grabs the fuel valve handle. Whether one pushes & pulls or turns the rod would depend on everything's orientation.

Reminds me of rod used to turn the fuel valve under the instrument panel for a fuel tank in that area, for a 601.

Attached is photo of valve. I used a stainless steel valve with the locking tab removed.  I used SS because that is what I used on a weed sprayer I was working on at the same time for farm use. It can not be reached with seatbelt fastened. The idea of an extension rod has real possibilities.



Thanks for the photo.  The CH750 looks different, the 601 fuel lines run down the centreline, behind aluminum that the selector valve is mounted.  I attached a picture.  The best place for a shut off valve I think is for me to build a bracket over top of the parking brake valve.  Then have a pull cable that can be reached in case of inflight emergency.



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