It's nice to have a separate forum for us UL Power users. I will share a link to two videos I made on the installation of my UL Power 350iS engine that might be useful if you want to know what's involved in installing one. (part 3 coming soon)

Keep in mind that I'm not providing 'instruction' on how to install it, so the purpose of my videos is to just provide you with an overview of what's involved with installing this engine. I know that in building airplanes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth ten million words, LOL.

Just seeing how someone else did something can be really useful to builders and that is the purpose of the videos. Enjoy...

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Thank you, Mark. just starting my install and need all the help I can get.  Tom

Thanks Mark, Great videos. I have two questions. First of all, in one of your videos you mentioned something about how troublesome the cowling for the ULPower is,  did you do a video on it?  I'm about to start installing my cowling and would  love to see how you did it. Also, in one of your videos you mentioned the problem of the fuel lines going through the firewall to the fuel pump manifold and having to go from 1/2" lines to (I assume) 3/8" lines. How did you resolve that? Thank you, Ron

Ronald. The UL Power cowl is rather easy to install.....if you don't mind it being crooked and not conforming to the curve at the bottom of the fuselage. There's nothing you can do about it being crooked-it's molded that way.

If you look at the factory Cruzer straight on from the front, the front of the cowl is rotated clockwise slightly. I used to have a picture on my computer that shows this, but I must have deleted it. Every other 750 with a UL Power cowl I've seen is the same way.

I ended up paying $850 for a new cowl because no matter what I did, I could not get the first one to work. I now have the new cowl, but haven't done anything with it yet. I'm not sure this cowl will be any different since it comes out of the same plug, but I'll try it an see.

As for the fuel line problem, I have a thread on the forum that explains how I was able to fix it with a custom manifold.

I just found another picture that's not as good, but does show what I'm talking about. Notice the aluminum baffles on the front of the engine (black arrow). Now look at the top of those baffles as compared to where the joint is between the top and the bottom cowl. See how the passenger side is higher than the pilot side?

If I remember, it's a little worse than what's shown in this pic. I think if the top cowl was actually installed in this photo, the twist is a little more.

One my cowl, the passenger side was about 1/2" high at this point, and the pilot side was about 1/2" low. That's a 1 inch difference between the left and right sides.

On my cowl, I accepted the twist, and secured the back of the bottom cowl to match the curve of the fuselage. Once I did this, there was nothing I could do to get the top cowl to connect to the bottom cowl. That's why I ordered a new cowl, but like I said, I'm not very hopeful this one will be any different.

Thanks a lot Mark, It's good to know these thing before starting a project. I'll let you know how mine goes. If you learn anything different when you install your new cowling, please let me know. Ron

If you haven't checked out this site/forum yet I would suggest it.  I'm nowhere near knowledgeable enough to contribute much to it's accuracy, or idiosyncrasies.  But there are definitely a few things worth noting if your're operating a ULpower engine.

Keep up the fun.


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