It strikes me that we could better schedule our time if we knew about when to expect delivery of our modification kit. My suggestion is that we post our order number here, and the date when we receive the kit. Zenith has said they are shipping about 20 mod kits per day, so that should help us make a better guess when to expect a kit.

Of course, it depends on at least some of us posting here when the kit arrives. My order # is 7922, and was accepted on November 24. I haven't seen or heard anything yet.

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Hi Jim: I agree with you and think you for running this program. I don't understand why the order numbers and the ship dates are all over the place. I throught it was first in first out. I know a guy that place his order 1 day AFTER me ( 11-28) and receive his kit 3 weeks ago. his plane is not near ready to fly. mine plane was flown OCT. 8TH fair is fair.
It makes me wonder why he was given priority, and suggests that perhaps calling Zenith, then begging, pleading, and maybe threatening, has an impact. Maybe the squeaky wheel gets oiled?
My order number is 7912. Cant continue without kit. Zenith told me maybe the last of this week.
My order #7890 hit my debit card last night after 5:00 pm. Hopefully that means its going to be shipped soon.
I just talked to order number is 7934 and they said #7900 has been shipped, so I'm getting closer to delivery.
#7890 was delivered today! Let the fun begin....
The rate at which kits are shipped is clearly not consistent. According to messages posted here, 7890 was delivered on 28 Jan, and 7853 on 12 January. Assuming (and we all know the danger in that) a five day work week, that's 37 kits shipped in 12 working days, or 3 per day.

Conversely, there is a report of the shipment of 7890 on 26 January, and 7900 on 28 January, which would suggest five per day. This may reflect a large number of kits being shipped at one time to somewhere like Australia, and skewing the numbers. But even the best rate we see doesn't appear to match the 10 per day that was forecast (hoped for?).

I'm guessing that the five per day is the more realistic number. If true, I should be able to chase the cats out of the fuselage next week or the week after. We'll see. Thanks to all who have posted delivery information so far!
order #7907 - hit my credit card yesterday 1/28/10. Wonder what the UPS ground ship time is to California...
I received word that my order (7922) was processed by my credit card the 29th. It sounds like the rate of shipment may be increasing, at least momentarily.
Howdy, Yep my order # is 7922 and was accepted on November 28, 2009. I haven't seen or heard anything also. I think the powers at bee have decided to fullfill the corperations (LSA) comittment first, then the builders!

I placed a downpayment on a landing gear kit last month and boy I was called about that being ready to ship just yesterday... I have requested a refund on the landing gear downpayment and wing kit refund. Dang they shipped my wing kit the day the FAA gave notice of the Zenith 601 grounding....

I need to know some answers, I'm getting a bad feeling about this investment; when you don't get answers to questions from nice people?
Charles, I'm perplexed. You show your order number as 7922, which is the same order number they gave me.
Hello there

Double Dang,

Mine is 8062 entered on November 28, 2009....


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