Jerry Bryan recently messaged me asking "You mentioned in the past that you used Navmonster [for flight planning]. Since it is gone, what are you using now?"

I answered Jerry that I haven't found anything as simple or effective... There are plenty of different "planners" out there but most are either cumbersome, expensive, or not that helpful or useful...

What do you use for flight planning? What are your favorite websites or services?  What about iPad / iPhone apps? 

Let's help each other by sharing what we know.

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Foreflight on both Ipad and Iphone ( for one subscription)  love it , actually you would not need anything else in the cockpit or the easy chair.

I've been using Foreflight for about a year and really like it. Flight planning is a breeze and the inflight moving map is a great backup to my portable Garmin GPS.

I agree about Foreflight- I use it on my iPhone and like it (it's easy to use), and it's reasonably priced at $75 / yr. (free services, such as NavMonster can disappear as they gain popularity...)

What online (web) flight planning services are others using?  What about non iOS platforms?

Pocketfms, great software, runs on windows, android and ipad. Check out there website, lots of info. Also world wide. Being in Australia we have few options, as compared to europe or the States. plus some referencing of airnav for AFD info and approach plates.

I use skyvector to spec out the route and get approximate times.  I use Anywhere Map - both on their "Quadra" gps in the plane, and on my Asus Android tablet.  I have XM weather with the Quadra - but am thinking about foreflight.  

I'm using the AnyWhere Map app on my Toshiba Excite 7.7 (android) tablet. Control Vision says they will have ADS-B weather options in a couple of months and specify which ADS-B receivers will be compatible. I used to use XM weather, but I'd rather just pay once for a ADS-B receiver and get "free" (taxpayer-paid!) weather vs $35/mo to XM ad infinitum!

I was an AnywhereMap user for years on various PDAs and would love to try the iPad version but they don't do any kind of trial, have to pay full fare whether you like it or not. So right now I have ForeFlight on the iPad but may switch at renewal time.

I've been using  It provides a good overview of weather, AFD info, and links to sky vector charts.  Works very well for the short flights I generally take.  It works ok with android devices(buttons are a bit small), but is really designed around a PC interface. I generally print a copy of the planning screen and take it with me in the plane.  No flight plan filing capability.  Also provides links for available instrument approaches.  I've been thinking of getting a tablet of some kind to run Foreflight, I'm glad to hear others find it useful. looks pretty good and user friendly for short flights, but not so useful for x-country... :(

Another vote for Foreflight on iPad and iPhone. I also have a emprum UltiMate GPS "dongle". It has it's own gps receiver that feeds its info to the iPad. Used it last month on the OSH cross country. Seems to work well. I also have a glare reduction sheet that helps somewhat with the iPad "mirror".

DUAT works well for me. Haven't needed a moving map, I just look out the window. Same with terrain avoidance, look out the window. I do use a Garmin 60CSX with topo software in flight, with a sectional, I never get lost. I can plan routes on my laptop and upload to the the Garmin. Topo software includes all airports, the sectional has the rest of the data.

AnywhereMap now offers Android, thinking about using a Samsung unlocked smartphone with Wifi, no need to have cell service with Internet. But I can't justify the $400 it would cost, my Garmin works as well and it's easier to carry when hiking, etc. I have a perfectly good laptop, so an iPad isn't an option. Guess I'd rather buy gas.


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