Can anyone tell me where the flaperon stops are.
Also I dont have the last page of the drawings 75-za-7 06/10 control deflections can anyone help with this
Thanks Hamish

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Hamish, send me a text and I will send some pictures of that page



I just realized u r in New Zealand. Tell me ur email and I will send them

Hi Bruce
My email is
Thanks Hamish


Below is a picture of the stops I put in. I might be wrong, but I think they weren't shown in my Edition 1, but regardless, I put these in. I don't know if they're the same as what is shown now or what, so you might want to check with the others. 

Walt Snyder


My Ed. 2 stops were aluminum angle extrusions ... one of the few things I don't seem to have a picture of!



Hi Walt

I have since found the drawing and have installed stops the same as you,I have made them out of 8mm aluminium plate.

Thanks for your help Hamish

My edition 1stops were also Aluminum angles and no dimensions were given. Trial and error to get called for travel.


Strange, getting ready to install mine soon (if I can ever get the %^&*^ flaperons adjusted right) but I noticed the nyloids used as fairleads for the rudder cables to pass through on in that area are completely in the way of where stops should be! :(  I'll have to figure something out...

Mark, I feel your pain on the flaperon adjustment, I used the side of the fuselage for the deflection calcs and it looked like a math class had class there. I have an edition 1, but I don't know if that's how I located the rudder hole in the picture or not. The nylon sleeve on the cable is there because I have a push pull tube for the AP in that area, and I was concerned about contact.

I don't know if the nylon stops I have are in the same area as the aluminum stops that some are using, but they work very well. I don't think I'll be throwing the controls against the stops, but I didn't want to hear that bang if it happened, hence the nylon.  

Walt Snyder

Hi Walt, yeah your nylon stops look in the right spot, that's where the aluminum angles are suppose to go.  The rudder cable holes in my edition 2 were pre-drilled and are so close to where the angles are suppose to be, I'll probably have to grind some of the nylon off to make room for the stops.

The angles on the flaperons are killing me.  I can't get anywhere near 13 degrees up on the right one and I can't center my sticks!!!  Even if I completely disconnect the bellcranks I can't get the dual sticks centered properly just because I don't have enough adjustment in the arms.  I'm sure I'll figure it out, but I now I'm thinking I should have stuck with the "Y" stick! :(

Keep figuring, Mark! I don't think the dual sticks are the problem - at least I had no problem at all setting up my sticks and flaperons and got full deflections per specs. The only thing odd was that I did end up with both sticks leaning inboard a few degrees, however, since I hold the stick with my left hand 99% of the time, the angle seems to match that of my hand and wrist, so it feels "natural."




As John said, I doubt if its a dual stick problem. I have the Y-stick and I had similar problems getting the flaperons within specs. I ended up installing a 1" extension on the vertical flaperon arm on the pilot side. I never did figure out what was actually causing my problem. I informed my DAR of the additional extension, and he said it was OK.

Please post what you finally do to resolve your problem.



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