Engine weights, accessory weights, parts weight,  etc, can be hard to establish because the published weights by manufacturers at times do not specify what is included, and at times are just not plain accurate.  Particularly for engines, some of the add ons can be significant, such as water coolant, radiator, items that are necessary for that particular engine, i.e. header tank, two batteries, and even some items that may not be included in weight listed such as gear reduction, alternator, etc.

I think most of us feel we can trust a building buddy, so it would be great if anyone that has an opportunity to weigh an engine, an accessory, anything that goes on a plane, there would be a lot of pilots and builders that would be grateful if you could post it. This can be very helpful for someone that is trying to play with CG during their build, and also after one is flying. 


I'll try to keep an eye out for posting on other threads and post the comment, and also keep in mind to post items that may be critical for the weight saver crowd, so someone can look at a list of options. If someone wants me to remove their comment, let me know.

Walt Snyder


Below is a listing of weights as builders respond. I'll note whether it's derived from factory claims or actual weighing, and refer to the builders post.

Engine           weight         source                         includes                                  weight determined by

Jabiru 3300   181 lbs     John Austin's post        start, alt, exhst, carb, oil cooler        factory claims  

Cont O200     198 lbs     Steven  Ward          without oil, exhaust, or plug wires       photograph of scale 

Corvair (IFB)  229 lbs      Larry Bird               2700 Azalea exhaust was off and doesn't include the

                                                                       airframe mounted cooler/filter 


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I agree that total installed weight is the true "engine weight." As you point out, the bottom line is you have to include everything that is relative to having a functional engine that actually runs once installed in the aircraft! So you're correct, even a header tank's weight would need to be included if a fuel injection engine requires one!

The Jabiru 3300 specifies its weight as a "ramp weight" (which I would assume means total installed weight) at 178 lbs. and specifies this weight includes the starter, alternator, exhaust, carburetor and ignition system. The only additional equipment I installed was an oil cooler (2.8 lbs), oil sump cooling duct (?few ounces?), and a catch bottle for the crankcase vent (?few ounces?). So, I would estimate the total installed weight at 181+ lbs.



John Austin on avionics weight…...

Permalink Reply by John Austin on January 18, 2015 at 1:39pm

My Nav/Com is 5 lbs and eventually will be switched out with an MGL but that spot will then get a transponder in it so not much will change there but I'm sure I can get the nose lighter with those changes.

You can save significant useful load with the right combination of equipment. The MGL V6 com only weighs about 250 grams and has a stereo intercom! My XTreme EFIS is very light and lets me control a remotely-mounted Sandia 165R transponder that only weighs 1.18 lbs.

Steve Tschurwald on brake line weight…..

Permalink Reply by Steven Tschurwald on May 22, 2013 at 12:58pm

Weight is often brought up as an issue. 10 feet of the -4 hose weighs .7lbs. So lets assume 3 foot hoses. We are talking about 7oz for 6 feet of hose and about 1.5 or so more oz per fitting. We are talking well under a pound for two three foot hoses with fittings.

Jay Carter on Cruzer parts weights…….

Permalink Reply by Jay Carter on August 21, 2014 at 9:40am


             I have the Cruzer gear, but I think it is the same.

Main gear        32.4#

Nose gear         4.6#

Main brakes      6.8# each       Probably different than STOL

Nose wheel       3.0#                Maybe different than STOL

Ballistic chute weight by Patrick Borton…….

Permalink Reply by Patrick Borton on February 17, 2013 at 6:51am

The little label on the big can says 29lb4oz.
I don't remember the exact cost, but it's referred to as the $7,000 life insurance policy...somewhere in that ballpark.

Lyndon Leining on Cruzer part weights...

Permalink Reply by Lyndon Leining on January 15, 2015 at 12:00pm

John I can help with two of your big piece weights.

Rudder 5.1 pounds, fin 7.5 total (12.6 pounds.)

Full stabilizer fully assembled except for vinyl tips. 21.2 pounds, includes complete with counterweights etc. vinyl tips weigh .7 pounds. ( 21.9 pounds total) + the rivet weight to rivet vinyl tips on.

Hope this helps a bit.


Mark Maltais on Sky-Tec starter weight…...

Reply by Mark Maltais 6 hours ago

My new Sky-Tec starter came in yesterday.  I weighted it and it came out at 9.4 lbs!!!  When I pop the old one off I'll check that one to get a comparison but I'm sure it's in the 16 lbs arena with Norm at the least.  The old starter is pretty massive compared to the sky-tec's...

Norm Neuls on Delco Remy starter weight…...

Permalink Reply by Norm Neuls 15 hours ago

Mark, if it helps I removed the heavy Delco Remy starter on the 0-290-D2 in the nose of my C-120 and replaced with a lightweight Sky-Tek.  The weight of the removed starter was 16.6 pounds. 

John Austin on 750 slats weight…...

"I weighed the epoxy primed and catalyzed urethane painted slats before installing them and they weighed 7 lbs each."

Joe Harrington on tire weights...

Comment by Joe Harrington on July 5, 2011 at 10:24pm 

My daughter weighed each wheel today (on a scale meant for small animals). The Matco 8" rim with smoothie tire was exactly 12 pounds and the 6" wheel and stock Carlisle tire was exactly 9.8 lbs.

Normand Lambert on 701 Steel Bungee weight….

Normand Lambert posted a status

"February 04th,2015. Steel Bungee weighs in at 2 pounds 10 onces, cord bungee 4 onces.

Thomas Spickermann on the 750 Steel Bungee weight

The whole system weighed in at 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs). I forgot to weigh the bungee that I removed, though.


 …Added by Thomas Spickermann at 3:39pm on November 30, 2014


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