I am an old fat guy who needs to build light.  I also will be flying from STOL grass fields and possibly water.  The knock on Viking seems to be weight. I need to keep within the 1440lb design limits of the 750 edition 2 and 3.  Walt's spreadsheet on empty weights indicates the Viking as one of the heavier combinations.  Has anyone successfully built a CH750/Viking plane with a empty weight below 800lbs?

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No, my cruzer came in at 835. Not sure how that stacks up with the STOL MODEL.

www.flybuzzair.com  ---- 840# cont


can you add your info about your plane here.


Keep in mind that the Viking 130 is heavier than the Viking 110. Not sure how much, but estimate 20 pounds.

Viking 130 comparison weights

These can be verified directly with the builders so no smoke and mirrors.  Factual information and real numbers will be used to verify everything on this forum page.   Many get aggressive when actual real life comparisons are made and would rather post ambiguous information that never lead to a conclusion.    Viking believe that comparative, real world data is useful.   

  • Patrick's Corvair to Viking 130 change = +/- 2lb  weight change
  • Richard Jones Corvair to Viking  130 change = +/- 2lb  weight change
  • Roger Grable's Corvair to Viking 130  change = +/- 2lb  weight change
  • Jon's O-200 to Viking 130 change = +/- 2lb  weight change


  • The Viking 130, installed and flying has the same weight as the Corvair and the O-200
  • The Viking has 30 more hp than the 100 hp engines it replaced
  • The Viking has over 250 lb of additional thrust, above any of the replaced engines.  

Rather than cluttering up this forum topic, the following 3  link will take you out of the forum and to the Viking YouTube channel.  Don't click on it if you would like to remain on this forum.  

Dick Jones Corvair powered CH-601XL

Dick Jones Viking 130 powered CH-601XL

Dick Jones loaded 2 pilots full fuel and bags

Please consider putting your personal experience on Engine and Airframe combos here.


Here is where I can help. I dont have any engine in my CH750 STOL Ed. 1, with most of the 2nd and 3rd edtion updates.

I am almost to the point of hanging my wings on the plane. Once I do that I can give you the empty weight with no avionics and engine. Then you can decide how much weight you want to add with engine, avionis, pilot, gas, and passenger. Getting close, maybe a month out.

Do you have the empty weight of your 750 now?

Well if you friend you take with you is 150 lbs, you'll be fine.

Most Viking and CH750 Combos are around 850 lbs. 

So you can load 24 gallons of fuel. If you want a heavier friend, take a short tirp.

weight each in lbs quanity
Plane 850 1 850
fuel in gallons 6.2 24 148.8
pilot 300 1 300
passenger 140 1 140
cargo 0 1 0
LSA Max 1440
Below GW Above GW 1.2

Unless I'm missing something here, and I don't rule out that possibility, the LSA limit is 1320, not 1440.


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