If you answered NO, then let me share my story of me not having a fire extinguisher in my airplane. 

Check out the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpDbl4F86yQ&t=1s

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I've always had a fire extinguisher in my hangar, had an extinguisher standing by with first engine start and any engine ground run, and always had an on-board extinguisher!



I have one in the hangar (will be adding some more) and so far I've moved it out to the plane every time I've started my Cruzer engine. I've never had a reason to not trust my engine, but we haven't been dating long enough for me to really trust her yet LOL!

Thank you for that video Mark.  Inflight fire is something my pilot friends and I talk about

and I always carry a fire extinguisher.  For me, that would have been a really discouraging

day, insurance or not.  Obviously, the real positive of this was that you weren’t in the air

or you might not be giving us your great videos!

That was a real shame to lose such a beautiful airplane. Just curious, were your oil and fuel hoses firesleeved?

Yes they were all firesleeved. 

To make the choice too have an extinguisher even easier, check you local big box hardware store. They'll have an extinguisher that looks like a can of spray paint. The same size and weight. I have one behind the passenger seat, held in place with a Velcro strip. It has already saved my plane one time from a full fire in the carb. It cost about $10. Seriously. $10. Get yourself a fire extinguisher.

Just make sure it’s a halon one. A regular ABC extinguisher is highly corrosive to the aluminum airframe. 

My Cessna Skylark has a nice halon extinguisher. My Stinson Voyager has none (it's been on the gotta do sometime list). Thanks for the "push" and I took the hint and ordered two - one for the Stinson and one for the car. When my Zenith gets to the almost built stage it will get one also, for sure, before it flies.

Oops don’t make a video about the importance of fire extinguishers and have the camera pointed to the wall with the required decal pointing to the missing equipment (big fine from the inspector waiting- in my state anyway)

Harmen -still working on the cruzer, wiring take a while

I just order mine today from ACS, it’s mandatory in Canada. I’ve to figure where to install it in my 601. Any suggestions or photos ?

Daniel Pelletier 

I'm glad this thread came about.  I have a model A400 bought from Aircraft Spruce several years ago.  I pulled it out of the holder for the first time in a while, only to find it was empty.  Leaked out somehow.  Just bought a replacement.

Daniel Pelletier, I mounted mine on the 601 right behind the passenger seat on that short vertical wall at the front of the luggage area.  It is an easy reach for the pilot.  The A400 comes with a snap-release mount that I screwed in place.

Dave G 


I realize that once the fire got out of control, the insurance company owned it, but the pain of watching your beautiful plane that you built go up in flames must still hurt.  After 150 hours with my 750 STOL, I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Your video brought an end to my procrastination.  Thanks.




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