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I'm getting to the point where I'll be needing my battery.  I purchased the FWF from Zenith, and they say it's built for a PowerSonic BT021 battery. Turns out, it's a European battery.  sigh.

So I contacted Roger, and he noted that they use an Odyssey PC625 battery and that the supplied strap in the kit is designed for that battery.  Ummm, no. The 625 is 4" deep as opposed to the BT021 (and my strap) which is 3" deep. Searching around, I found a Duracell SLAHR-20NB that is the same size as the BT021, and $85 instead of $140 for the Odyssey.

Has anyone tried the Duracell? Any notable comments?

I had the Odyssey on my prior homebuilt, and it was bulletproof. Still, to save some $$$....

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We really are a fan of the Odyssey I know they have all kinds of different sizes, but we have never tried a Duracell... There is always the thing about just because it can be done, doesn't mean it should either. Do they have one they are using in aircraft? -Alissa

Understand your point; the Duracell specs are a bit better than the Odyssey. AGM, hi vibration environment, etc. I was looking for something closer to the BT021 side just for convenience. This one happened to pop up so I thought I'd check into it.

Well, I found a PowerSonic sold by Spruce in the US that’s the same size, and only $83. 

Have you tried Amazon?  I bought my PC680 from Amazon for $100.  It was $140 everywhere else.  I've used the powersonic and duracell in past.  They worked but didn't last very long due to all the vibration and heat under the cowl.


Jerry, thanks for the tip on that battery in Amazon. It's the same size as the BT021 spec'd by Zenith. HOWEVER, it's 3 lbs heavier than the PC625!! If it were closer in weight, I might be swayed. I'm using an O-200, so trying to keep things light.

Check out this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbIQhskJho0.

Can't beat the price or the weight and I think it uses the same battery chemistry as EarthX.  I have an EarthX in my plane and can't say enough good things about it except the price so I can't really comment on how well the approach in the video works.  I am sure it doesn't have all the safeguards and redundancy as the EarthX but it could be an interesting approach if you have a system tolerant to a battery failure (like an O-200).  As I understand it, LiFePO4 chemistry is inherently much safer than LiPo's that can run away.  Of course, it isn't aviation quality or certified.

Just throwing it out as another option.

EARTHX ETX-900 AIRCRAFT LITHIUM BATTERY, im using  vented version. so far better life span than any previous odyssey pc680 used

I had a Duracell for a while, maybe 2 years.   When I looked it up it was listed as a wheelchair battery.   Noticed it starting slower so went with Odessey for maybe 2 plus years and still going strong.  I'd go with Earthx but price and fire keeps me from getting it.  Maybe next time.  

Never heard of an EarthX fire.

I went with the PowerSonic PS-12180. It's within .08" in height to the Odyssey, so I figure if it *doesn't* last, I know that my second choice will fit without having to re-do the holddown.


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