Need more specific information about the Aeromomentum line of aircraft engines? Watch Mark Kettering as he gives a presentation at a local EAA chapter discussing the engines he has developed and also a Q and A session.

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I watched the video, & found it interesting. I learned they have been using these engines for a while on airboats. One proportedly ran 4000 hrs, and then after an engine rebuild another 1500 hrs on the same gearbox. They claim the engine is 37 lbs lighter than a Honda Fit engine due to a belt driven single cam vs. a chain driven double overhead cam. A lot of the info was a bit over my head, but I did find it very interesting and I usually have to look at these presentations again in the morning with a couple of cups of coffee to fully digest it all. Best of luck to you. All of this is what makes experimental aviation so exciting.

Thanks for the comments Jimmy. There is a lot of good, very detailed information here that should be digested over "several" cups of coffee. Agreed! Sorry it is a bit long but as you can see valuable info.

There is another video someone just uploaded to YouTube that is an overview of the Aventura seaplane which is now using the Aeromomentum AM15 117HP engine as an OEM option. Good walk around views and also a startup and engine running. Here is the LINK:


I am curious about a couple of things that I think are important, such as;

What is your background in aviation, and do you currently hold a pilot's certificate? 

How many experimental aircraft are currently flying with an Aeromomentum engine world wide?

Have you ever personally flown in an aircraft powered with the Aeromomentum engine?

I believe the answers to these questions would go a long way in establishing some credibility for you and your new business. 

Best wishes to your success,

Jimmy Young

Hey Jimmy,

  First and foremost, I am a HUGE aviation enthusiast such as yourself and looking to promote aviation and get more people involved in this hobby/passion we call Kit Building. I’ve been involved in aviation for about 25 years. I have been involved with management at airports, avionics installation and panel machining. Also projects like scratch built fabrication of 2/3 scale Jenny replica, RV6 and F1 Rocket sub components and now the CH 750 Cruzer which is part kit and part scratch built. I really enjoy working with metal and seeing flat, lifeless sheet stock turned into functional art such as an airplane.  I am also a current Private Pilot and have been for about 22 years.




  There are currently over 30 aircraft flying worldwide with 8 that have been installed and flown as an OEM engine with “Aero Adventures” Aventura aircraft which is based in Deland FL. I believe this Aventura fleet combined has over 300hrs logged now. As you may have read (or watched) by now, this engine started out in jet boats and then airboats, which I believe to be probably the best as well as safest way of testing before flying with it.  The total time on the over 200 engines (jetboat, airboat and aircraft) in the field is estimated to be well over 30,000 hours.  The highest time single engine went over 4000 hours on an airboat.  As of today I personally have not flown with this engine but am scheduled to in the next few weeks.




  How I got involved with Aeromomentum: About a year ago I was in the process of rebuilding my airport car/work car which is a 2001 Suzuki Swift (equipped with a 1.3L engine which is nearly the same as the AM13) and had about 230k miles on it and I wanted to freshen it up. So I tore the engine down and sent of the bits and pieces to a local machine shop, and then a second shop because after checking the dims myself it wasn’t done correctly. Then I assembled the engine using the Suzuki manual I found in PDF form online. It is then that I really gained a respect and appreciation for this simple yet very nicely engineered engine  (This is actually the 6th Suzuki powered vehicle I have owned over the years and never did I have engine troubles). I had a question about the crankshaft position sensor and it’s distance/relation to the crank so I figure who better to call than someone that builds these for aircraft (I had seen Aeromomentum as I have an interest in Suzuki engines). So I called Mark Kettering to discuss and I was impressed with his answer to my question. Not necessarily the answer itself, but the way he answered it. We had several long conversations over the next few months and based on those conversations I felt very confident in not only this Suzuki (which I had been driving behind for years) but in Mark’s knowledge and abilities as an engineer and also engine developer. So I decided to “switch gears” with my choice of engine for my CH 750 Cruzer project and proceed with the AM13 and later to the AM15 for just a little more power. I felt like this engine was sort of experimental aviation’s “best kept secret” and I wanted to share this with other builders as another affordable option to consider for their build. So I decided to make this now my mission and full time career to not only promote but support this engine in this industry I have grown to love. I am putting this engine into my airplane when completed and I will be flying this engine to events. I don’t have much of a sales background at all. But I do have a serious amount of passion and find it very easy to speak and educate people about something I love. 

I hope this answers your questions. If you have any other questions you are more than welcome to email me also directly if you would like or call.  Congratulations on your successful CH750 build and accomplishing your dream of building an airplane.

-Bryan Walstrom 

Thanks for a very thorough reply. I'm looking forward to following the progress on this engine.


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