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Sent my unit back when ads-b sil value was off on fast compliance report.  latest test all perfect!! Uses same gps chip as Garmin gdl 82,..... I have been using since the latest unit was releasesed

Ironically pre update the value reported was too accurate!

Hey, not trying to dis anyone, just hoping to educate. To paraphrase Buster Scruggs, "don’t let my FAR quotin' and pleasant demeanor fool ya. I too have been known to violate the statutes of man, and not a few of the laws of the Almighty."

I thought I'd toss this in if it helps, it's from the FAA website: Frequently Asked Questions (

"For experimental category aircraft there is no FAA approval required for the ADS-B Out system installation. Owners of these aircraft may elect to install equipment authorized under a TSO, in accordance with the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer. Alternatively, owners of these aircraft may elect to purchase uncertified equipment. For uncertified equipment, the owner should obtain a statement of compliance from the supplier, along with installation instructions, that identifies that the ADS-B equipment complies with section 3 requirements of the applicable TSO and that, when installed in accordance with the installation instructions, complies with the aircraft requirements of 14 CFR 91.227. The FAA expects manufacturers to perform appropriate engineering efforts to ensure the equipment complies with all requirements of Section 3 of the TSO before issuing their statement of compliance, and expects installers to consider the guidance in the current version of AC 20-165B when performing the installation."

So if your equipment (such as your GPS source) and Skyguard's equipment meet the TSO specs, you're good to go.

Got them today

look fine

even came with the $25.00 bracket and cables , even came with the gps antenna


Mine arrived yesterday; looks to be in great shape.  It even has the DB-9 port so I can connect to my GRT Sport SX.

hi david,

     thanks for posting. how do you like the skyguard?

  one of the guys in the sonex group posted he had trouble with it keep dropping off and had to be rebooted.

whats your experience?



When I first got mine 3 years ago, it was purchased used on eBay, because it was originally set up for portable operation, I had to send it in for a software upgrade to be used as a permanent install. Don Houtz was great, upgraded it for me for a nominal fee, even though I bought it used. Unbelievable quick turn around.When ever I had any issue with the installation he was always helpful and easy to reach by email.

I’m happy with mine and it always worked well.


Thank you for the heads up. I got in contact with him today and hopefully can order by tomorrow. He did up his price to $300 but I think that is still completely fair if these are indeed working units.

Congrats! At $300 it’s still the cheapest ads b in and out in the world. You can’t buy a decent ads b in for that price.

If you have any questions about the install don’t hesitate to contact me.


Great intel Dave. Solid looking out for the team. -Joe

Dave, thank you so much for posting! 'Information is Money', you just made me $1000+ richer! I ordered mine the same day you posted and got it yesterday, looks great! -Fernando

Glad to hear your success.


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