Can a 750 Super Duty forum be added?

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We have a 15 sub-tab limit under each drop-down box above such as the "Forums" box above.  We're max'd out at the moment, but obviously we need a 750 SD Forum and inevitably, there'll likely be more Zenith type-specific models developed some day and also new engine alternatives that will need forums.  I just function as moderator, I'm not a website administrator, so I really don't deal with website/forum development, but I just recently messaged Sebastien, who handles the technical side of the forums, to see if it is technically possible to split the forums into "Zenith Aircraft" and "Engine Forums" so each will have the 15 sub-tab capacity and allow us to add a 750 SD forum.

I haven't heard back yet, but I suspect he is busier than a one-handed chainsaw juggler what with the cancellation of Sun 'n Fun, virtual rudder class, and reduced Zenith production due to Covid-19 restrictions!  Hopefully, when he can catch his breath, he can look over the forum structure and let me know if adding additional forum capacity is possible.  I'm sure he would be the first one to want to implement it if at all possible!

Stay tuned ...

John Forum Moderator

Thanks for the response and let me know if I can help Ina my way or form, I have extensive experience with websites and forums, more than happy to lend a hand where needed!

If it can't be done here, it could be added on the 'Wings Forum'.  This forum has a Zenith category in the 'Other Aircraft section which has threads for several Zenith models, and the SD could probably be added to that.  This is the go to forum for Just Aircraft and gets lots of traffic for several other models.  

There may be another forum where it could be done also, but wherever, it needs to be done.  Can't believe in our present online culture it hasn't been done.  Takes a lot of hit or miss searching to get any info on the SD, or connections with builders.  There aren't many active here for sure.

What is the wings forum?      It's a builders forum for various brands of aircraft.  But the most used section is the Just Aircraft section with nearly 22,000 posts.  Under "Other Aircraft' they have a Zenith area that has forums for the Zodiac, 701, 750, and 801.  They also have a forums request page where you can request other models to be added if there's enough interest for it.  

Checked it out, not a lot going on there!

Rather than promote other, non-official Zenith forums (especially since Zenith is paying the bills for!), I would encourage builders and those with interest in 750 SD's to post in the Open Forum for now - it has the widest exposure of all our forums and when we get a 750 SD forum going, my moderator permissions will let me transfer old posts to the new forum.  When you start new topics, be sure to include "750 SD" in the title and that will make it easily searchable with the (very limited) search engine this forum's software platform has.

Efe Cem Elci, another member with technical expertise in this area, and I are contacting Sebastien to see if we can get the 750 SD Forum going ASAP!

John Forum Moderator

OK John.  First of all I wasn't promoting anything...just looking at what options there are on the internet to talk to other builders of the Super Duty.  I will use whatever works.  I wasn't aware of either the politics or the economics of this forum.  All I was aware of is there is no dedicated venue for Super Duty builders and wondering why...that's all.  I guess you're saying this is the official forum right here and we should make the best of it.  

The reason I mentioned another forum is that I consider their 22,000 posts on one make of aircraft to be considerable activity.  I doubt there's even a hundred Super Duty posts here, so I hope you can see my point.  People get a lot of practical help and motivation when there's that level of communication. They have achieved it there for that particular aircraft, and it looks like that has been achieved here also for other Zenith models.  Be nice if we had something similar.  I'm sure you'll do your best...thanks.  Hope it doesn't sound like I'm being a purpose is to share information, not be abrasive.  

Some further background information for those interested:

The forums are sponsored by Zenith Aircraft.  However, you will notice that while Zenith Aircraft actively participates in announcements, videos, etc. on the home page, they interject themselves very infrequently in the actual forum discussions.  They do this for 2 reasons - they want the forums to be by and for Zenith builders and flyers and not commercially - oriented, and, they prefer the official source for factory technical support to be phone or email contact with Zenith Aircraft.

I act as an unpaid (actually, that's not true - the friendships I've made over the last 8 years are priceless!) volunteer moderator and that simply means I try to keep members' posts within the rules and have some software permissions to edit, delete, and in some forums, move posts.  However, I'm not a webmaster and don't deal with the technical/software side of the forum's layout.  Sebastien, CEO of Zenith, largely performs those functions.  However, I do get occasional requests for various changes to the forums and all I can do is request this of Sebastien and await his response.  Of course, Sebastien and Zenith are in the business of building airframe kits and that is their primary concern.  So, unfortunately, changes and responses from them are done as time permits.

I hope this provides some insight into and sincerely thank everyone for their participation!

John Forum Moderator

Sure does John, and we really appreciate your work.  Thanks so much...

I would suggest joining the 750 STOL and 750 Cruzer forums. There are few people working on SD vs the others, and there will be similarities. As SD builders will probably be talking way more with Zenith directly, 95%+ of the build is the same, even the new 750 STOL and Cruzer kits come with SD changes to the cabin.

The reason I suggested posting to the Open Forum is that when a 750 SD Forum is created,  my moderator editing permissions will allow me to move 750 SD topics from the Open Forum to the 750 SD Forum. However, I cannot move posts from the 750 STOL and Cruzer Forums to the 750 SD Forum.  

It's OK if one wishes to post 750 SD topics in the STOL and Cruzer forums, but those topics will never be migrated to the 750 SD Forum when it is created. Most everyone scans the Open Forum, so STOL and Cruzer members can also respond to 750 SD topics found there.  DON'T double-post, however! (Post same topic in 2 or more forums - see the Member Rules  under "Info & FAQ" menu at top of page for explanation.)

... all of this is in anticipation we technically CAN create more Forum sub-tabs! Fingers crossed!

John Forum Moderator


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