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At 4:57pm on October 21, 2019, James Ballenger said…

Good Afternoon,
I am building a 701 and nearing the installation of the controls. I read an article in a zenair newsletter about your modification to the torque tube. I like what you did, it makes complete sense and appears to be a simple solution to a problem with the 701 aileron/elevator coupling. I want to use your modification in my plane. How do you like it ? Would you do anything differently? Do you have additional information on how to complete the modification?
Thanks in advance
Jim Ballenger
Ocala, Florida

At 12:17am on December 2, 2014, Kurt Satter said…

(1) I plan on adding the Viking Nose-gear spring.

(2) I'm only 5'10" so headroom isn't much of an issue, but I'll take a look.

(3) Have you seen the Oshkosh video of the 801 (John Lucassi, I think) with the electric trim on the flaperon?  He used an additional elevator trim kit.

(4) I've been reading about not installing the slats.  Still very much undecided on this option.

(5) Have not given any thought to changing the horiz. stab airfoil.  Will probably add the micro vortex generators.

(6) Looking into the PVC teardrop strut covers.

(7) I'm no bush-pilot, but it's pretty flat down here.

I'm a Software/Industrial Engr. (retired) so I'll probably stick pretty close to the stock 701.  However,  I keep going back to the Viking Engine website.  Chris Heintz red-lined the 701 at 100 hp and something like 165# ... I know Viking 110 (~190#) 701s are flying, so ...  Also, if you check the website, there seems to be a big push on at Viking to get 701 business.  Engine & Firewall Fwd for under $16K.  Add the Viking View EIS and required "installation incidentals" package and you're at about $18K ... the cost of the Jabiru 2200 install.  I've got plenty of time yet, but I really have to think about this ... decisions, decisions, decisions ... Thanks

At 11:39pm on December 28, 2013, joseph aloof said…

hi joe how are things, any newson your build, send me a line  joe,in fl    hapy new year

At 12:20am on May 7, 2012, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Joe,

Didn't make the seats ...Bought them at Aircraft Spruce (NORAL seats).

Mine are part #13-00329 Gray 2 inch cushion type A - the taller ones made for C-172.

I made a bracket from .125 alu and attached the both shoulder harnesses to it . The bracket is riveted to the baggage floor reinforced with an aluminum "L" underneath the floor.

Easy, simple and sturdier than the top side bracket.



At 11:25pm on January 26, 2012, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Joseph,

I did the same thing with my elevator/aileron control thanks to your design. Works real good BUT I would advise to do this when the plane is in the boat stage not when it is finished (like mine). I had to retrofit this mod with the control in the plane because I could not undo the control column from the cockpit (because of my console). Real messy and lots of cursing !!!


At 10:55pm on January 25, 2012, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Joseph,

Shoulder belt attachment was done to the floor of the bagage compartment. I hade to reinforce that structure for it to be properly secured. Original design has a 3 point belt where the top attachment is riveted to the skin and 'L' angle that make the side of the bagage compartment. My way is safer (4 points) and the reinforcement plate I made is sturdier than the original drawing.



At 12:26pm on November 25, 2011, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Joseph,

No problem. This plate is used as a support piece when the CH701 goes on amphibious floats. The wheels are taken off and the plane is lowered onto the spreader bar. The plate is sandwiched between 2 "L" shaped support bolted to the spreader bar. Look at my album "Amphibious floats installation"  and check the picture titled "Main gear rear support".



At 6:58am on November 9, 2011, Geoff Heap said…

Joe. Hi this is Geoff. Spitfire aerodrome is exactly at exit 7 on I295 a couple of miles north of Delaware Memeorial bridge. Where are you?

At 8:07pm on September 29, 2011, David Rees said…

Hi,  rear fuselage and firewall are done, just starting on the forward fuselage.



At 8:12pm on May 30, 2011, Joseph Begany said…


I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do with your wing fold modifications.  I have been thinking about how the wing fold function can be improved on the 750.  As research I have studied several other aircraft to see how they accomplish the wing fold in the hopes of improving the Zenith option.  The wing and fuse configuration of the 701 and 750 do not lend themselves to most of the clean systems of other aircraft.  Most of my ideas need to wait till I get something built to test clearances.   Joe B

At 8:43pm on January 5, 2011, Jack Jackson said…

I think you will appreciate the diagonal braces.  I started drilling the bracing for the side skins yesterday..  scratch building is 10 times slower than kit but it has a nice sense of accomplishment when progress is made.   keep in touch


At 8:33pm on January 4, 2011, Jack Jackson said…

Thanks for the quesitons..  I have already drilled the diagonal holes in the skins.  I only put them between stations 3-4 and 4-5.. there is no need to fasten them to the longerons but if it worked out, I did connect. I'm just begining my side skins.  putting the vertical ell's in..   and will do the diagonals tomorrow.  My friend added his after it flew.. but he just used 2 sided tape on his.  I want it to stay put.. 

  You sure have some nice pictures and a really nice place to work..  Good luck on your project


At 7:45pm on January 1, 2011, Jack Jackson said…

Thanks for the comment

  Actually Joe, i took the idea from some friends who added them after the oil canning got to them.  as for weight, it only adds very little weight (like 8 L angles) I intend to add stiffeners between the wing ribs also..  To each His own.


PS did you ever wish you owned Cleco stock?

At 5:28am on October 26, 2010, vincenzo annunziata said…
Joseph thanks for the compliments!!I never driven a 601xl before, this is the result of two hours of training with an experienced istructor.It took me almost two years to built it from kit.The plane that i used to fly before was an high wing named SAVANNAH (italian made) Which is the same as yours 701. I'm sorry if i made some mistakes in spelling. Keep in touch- CIAO VINNY.
At 8:15pm on September 7, 2010, joseph aloof said…
hi joe thanx for the info the spoon do you reverse the crease? and i think your right you can eye the lines better than with the level the front spar is right on the money the flaperon brackets are a little off there should be a jig to hold and align things . i will have too fix it joe
At 8:04pm on August 30, 2010, joseph aloof said…
hi joe im using a 100 hp corvair already installed i have all steam gauges flight intercom a hand held comm radio and for nav for now a airmap 500 by lowrance they discontinued it so after a while i will get something more up to date right now im getting ready to install the flaperon brackets on the wing joe
At 9:32pm on March 30, 2010, Leo Arrigo said…
Hi Joe,

I am really enjoying the build..So far everything seems to be going well. It seems that for every hour of building, I have done three hours of filing sharp edges,burrs, etc..etc. and then add the prep for priming and on and on and on...but it will be worth it after that ride in the Demo at Zenith.
At 9:06pm on March 24, 2010, Debra and Patrick Nesbitt said…
Thanks, This was the hardest part for me the paint scheme and colours. I search long and hard to try and get it just right and I think I got it. It gives the fuselage a roundish look to it. And yes go ahead if you like the look.

At 9:14pm on February 8, 2010, Dr. Edward L. Olds III said…
Welcome to the group. You will find that it is very helpful as you move through the process. My best advice to new builders is to buy lots of clecos and find some Scotch Brite wheels to help in duburring. The ones I use were purchased at Oshkosh during the show and I got them in the flea market area. They fit on the end of a drill and are perfect for deburring edges. When I find the source, I'll e-mail you.

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