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At 10:38am on December 8, 2017, Ken Smith said…


I noticed on the Zenith Builders comment pages that at one time you had several of those 601/650 wing root fairing kits. #1 - do you have any left? #2 what kind of a price did you get for them? I checked with Roger at Zenith several years and he was reasonably sure that the Checz SportCruiser demensions on their wings were the same as the 601/650's. I checked with them last year and was told they would sell the fairings separate but had to come from across the pond - very high shipping price.My E-Mail address is "kensmith@springnet1.com"

At 12:41am on June 5, 2016, Chris Sinfield said…
I am trying to locate my Pos 12 flap ind sensor. Do you have the size and angle of the bracket that the sensor is mounted to?
Chris Sinfield.
At 1:26pm on July 6, 2014, Larry Winger said…

Thanks for the time aloft in your beautiful CH 650/Corvair combo.  It was great meeting you and getting some stick time as I move toward my airworthiness inspection.  You should be proud of your finished airplane.  Exceptional craftsmanship and a real delight to fly.  

At 10:41am on November 21, 2013, Doug Eaton said…

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your input and your enthusiasm! Yes, I am going to contact Woody Harris, the West Coast rep for William. He lives about 180 miles south of me. I have also contacted two other individuals in California and Oregon who have a long standing relationship with William. 

Thanks for the stats on your 601. Getting 5 gph at 115 mph is about as good as the new fangled "computer engines". This says alot about the engine and as well the quality of the work that went in to the modification of the engine to flight status

Can't wait to get going on mine!


At 11:58am on November 20, 2013, Doug Eaton said…

Hi Dave,

I'm new to the group. Just finished the rudder school with my wife at Quality Sport Planes in Cloverdale,Ca. I have located a Corvair engine core in Medford, Or. I live in Redding,Ca.

I plan on building the WW 3 liter engine right by the book with the 2nd gen Dan Bearing. 

We had a chance to fly a 601 at QSP. I found the aircraft difficult to see out of and the nose position at landing really blanks out the view of the runway as you touch down.

Doug Dugger the owner of QSP has explained that the 650 has addressed many of the shortcomings of the 601. Great people by the way at QSP. We are lucky to have met them.

Dave, I was hoping you could take a minute or so and give me your impression so far of the 650 Corvair combination and some of the basic info.. IE.. Empty Weight, Cruising Speed, Average Climb with one and two on board. Visibility at cruise, vs on final over the numbers, fuel burn at cruising speed.

Dave, what is your opinion of the Corvair engine now that you have really put some time on the engine. The idea of the engine really makes sense to me, but the proof is in the hours spent behing that spinning prop.

I am asking you because you seem to have flown a lot more hours than most since the time you have flown off your 40 hours. This really gives you an edge on knowing the aircraft and all of its plusses and minuses as all aircraft have them.

Thank you in advance for your time. By the way, congratulations on the incredible accomplishment of constructing your own bird.

Doug Eaton

At 8:58pm on March 27, 2013, Joe Zinkel said…

How much did you need to raise the back of the stabilizer to be neutral? I would like to raise it enough so a little less then max trim would be needed, I was thinking about 1 degree.


At 1:44pm on November 1, 2012, Shayne McDaniel said…

Dave:  I bought the 2 diodes that I used for both our planes from Digi-Key.  The part number is MBR 1060G0S-ND, diode schottky 60v, 10A T0220AC.  I ordered them from their website for $1.88 each and had them within 3 days.  I didn't see any reason to use more than 10amps and so far, I have not had any problems.  The battery I used I bought at Battery Outfitters for $27:  Model 12V 7AH SLA UB-1280.  Cranks every time!  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Best of luck!  Shayne

At 8:19am on October 10, 2012, Lynn Dingfelder said…

Hi Dave,    I too had tailwinds, though only about 15 mph, as opposed to 45 mph headwinds on the way there. A good trip, with the only bad weather right in my home area.

           I watched your Oshkosh video with great interest. It's inspiring for those of us who are more timid flyers. I hope to fly in to Osh in the future, if I can muster up the bravery.


At 10:43am on October 4, 2012, Frederick Schutt said…

Thanks Dave -for the info - I guess what I wanted was the thickness height ot the arm rest in your "seats" photo to try and figure vertical throttle quadrant height- I can't sit in cabin yet so I guess I'll put components on floor to get measurements.

Have a great day - Fred

At 10:40am on October 2, 2012, Frederick Schutt said…

Hi Dave

Looks like you're having fun with your plane.  Hate to bother you but have some dumb questions. With the corvair eingine -do we need fuel primer or choke?  I'm trying to get ideas for panel placement of controls. Thinking about throttle quadrant mounted in center console since i will have dual sticks (Baxter quadrant) He needs more info from me- what is the height of your armrest pad on console? Engine question- did you use IO 10 cam- new or used?  Plan on Dan's 5th bearing with his new mfg crank- he will be starting assembly in couple of weeks.

Thanks in advance- would like to meet you sometime -look ant your plane and burn your ears with more questions- Fred Schutt

At 9:27pm on June 24, 2012, Joe Zinkel said…

Hi Dave,

I might be interested in your videos, had a couple questions. I just picked up my 650 kit sat. do you know if there are any changes that the videos would not address or steer me the wrong way? Do they address the 650 canopy? Do you have the wing video? Finally would you break them up a little (don't need 912-videos or scratch building).

Sorry for all the questions, Joe

At 9:22am on March 19, 2012, Frederick Schutt said…

Hi Dave- Thanks for the quick response on the control sticks.  I was concerned because the dimensions on my sticks were a lot greater than the plan drawings.  On the 5th bearing-I was at cc#17 and decided on roy,s bearing.  Now I don't know whether it was a good idea or not.  I e-mai him -get answers like he is only a one man shop, etc. Why did you decide on dan's bearing.  And to install it- does it take any special tools or knowledge to press it onto the crank?


Thanks again - Fred

At 11:02am on March 18, 2012, Frederick Schutt said…

Hi Dave - Been following your discussions and blogs.  I am building a 601 and planning on a corvair engine.  Got a couple of questions for you.  Checked fit of  dual sticks and they seem to be very high to instrument panel- about 60mm up from bottom edge. I started a disussion on subject but still question length of sticks -plan to use wood grips also.

Also have question on 5th bearing installation-Prefer to discuss this via E-mail.  My e-mail is frschu7@aol.com.


Thanks- Fred

At 12:11am on May 18, 2011, Eric Shupperd said…

Dave I live near you and would like to chat with you about your build progress. I am just starting my 601xl build and would like to talk to someone who has finished the project. My number is 765-860-0693


 Eric Shupperd

At 9:34pm on May 5, 2011, Michael Herder said…

Nice work Dave, CONGRATS. 


Especially the first few hours take that cowl off and check to see what's rubbing.  I just wrapped up phase 1 here and even though I only had small changes to make, The first 15hrs of flying, I probaby spent 25 - 30 hrs tweaking things.  The next 10 hrs flown,  probably about 45 minutes or so for each hour flown, and for the past 15 hrs or so, almost nothing to tweak, just PREFLIGHT, Get in and FLY!  ENJOY!!!

At 2:47pm on April 21, 2011, Rod Hatcher said…
Hi Dave, I to am using the 3M film.
At 8:06pm on March 21, 2011, Michael Herder said…
Hi Dave, on your paperwork, everythink must match perfectly with information on your data plate and anywhere else.  Hyphens, spaces, periods EVERYTHING.  FAA held up my registration paperwork for 3 weeks on account of a very minor discrepancy, it was something silly like a hyphen, or something like that.  If you can have your DAR help you fill it out, it'd be worthwhile.
At 8:33pm on February 10, 2011, Roger E Barnes said…

Dave what did you set the angle of incidence at for the stab, i have read everything from 0 to minus 4.


At 6:40pm on December 5, 2010, Dave Roloff said…
HI Dave,

Can you let me know what you used for CHT probes?
At 9:43pm on December 1, 2010, Paul said…
It is the plane I have been training in myself. I have 35 hours and should have taking my flight test, but I have been dis-tracked (obsest) with my 750 build. It has been a nice plane to fly. The school just bought a Tecnam P92 high wing. I flew it for an hour. Very nice plane also, but will fly the Sport Star for review. I am still thinking about a Corvair for my engine, but I have time :)


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