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At 5:24pm on December 31, 2020, Kevin Beriault said…
Normand , back in 2012 you posted this article about increased aileron deflection , I would like to increase the deflection on mine , how much did you increase yours , how well did it work ?
At 9:36am on May 29, 2018, sam hord said…

Hi Normand:

   This is Sam from ID. I'm still trying to get my Subaru from overheating. I have decided it has come down to the engine or the prop. What pitch is your prop set at? I have a 3 blade Warp Drive, the same as you I believe.

Thanks for all the help.

At 6:21pm on June 15, 2017, Perry Delano said…

Just watched your video, take off from Sandy Runway. The engine sounded great. Is it the Subaru? If so, are you planning on using the Subaru in the other 701 and 750 you are building?

At 11:24am on March 1, 2017, Timothy Aanerud said…

I building to third edition.  However, I'm using a custom STOL nose rib.  The nose rib I'm using droops down about 1 inch and it's length is about the same as the regular nose rib plus the slat.  (~14 inches) There's 4 or 5 builders using this nose rib.  There's one CH-701 that flying with it.  The shape was modeled and a section of it was strapped on to the wing of this CH-701 and yarn tested.  This shape yields most of the STOL and a lot less drag across most angles of attack and airspeed.

At 6:47am on February 27, 2017, Rob A said…

Hi Norm,

Yeah I definitely need to post some more pictures. 

I'm still waiting on a handful or back-ordered parts from Zenith before I can continue with the tail. Very nice there are some closer people.

Good luck with your build!

At 10:58am on January 5, 2017, Wayne Woloshin said…
Hi Norman, Good luck with your new building project. Do you have all the planes you have listed? I want to get a faster plane later this year that is faster something that will do at least 115-120 mph for cross country, don't find the need for STOL performance landing in 500ft fields.Has to be high wing float capable, anyway hope we can meet up some time. Tks Wayne
At 8:10am on July 13, 2016, David Warr said…

Hi Normand :  Thanks for the comment.   I feel Zenair has forgotten the original 200/250/300 series that gave them their start.  Good luck with your projects !!  Dave Warr.

At 12:47pm on November 15, 2015, carl bertrand said…

Hi Norm.

Welcome to the 701 frat, hope we meet sometime.


At 1:16pm on August 24, 2015, Alain Dufresne said…

Hi Normand,

Agreed - I was lucky only the tail was complete. Not too much work at the end. I can just imagine having to drill the rivets on 2 wings...... ouch. Thanks for the feedback.


At 7:37am on July 10, 2015, derek power said…

HI Normand, do you have a annual inspection check list to follow for a amature built 701 or do you know where I can get one  THANKS 

At 4:28pm on May 8, 2015, Larry Villafane said…


At 10:01pm on April 7, 2015, Brian Fitzpatrick said…

Hi Norm:

I have no idea how to post pictures but I guess it is time I learned. So I'll call Zenith tomorrow. Been really enjoying the build and the advice I get from others including yourself. Torqued the HStab down today.  Within 3 mm of square. I may just settle for this.

Put rubber pads on elevator stops. I hate the clunking of metal to metal. Never a good thing.    Brian

At 10:29pm on March 30, 2015, Brian Fitzpatrick said…

Hi Normand:

just checking your photos.  I am really impressed with your free thinking of directing the engine exhaust into the external instrument venturi.  Absolutely brilliant solution to the high angle and slow flying of the 701 which can badly affect vacuum stability for instruments and no chance of getting plugged with snow or ice. Elegant!!


At 9:56pm on March 30, 2015, Brian Fitzpatrick said…

Hi Norm:  I'm still kicking.  I'll bet ur glad winter is fading.

I have the Matco split rims but opted for tubes to keep tires from going flat if bead slips open due to low air pressure.

I can't understand how your nose gear tire spun on the rim.  So if you know of a type of suitable adhesive for the tire bead to rim, let me know. I read about an Alaskan pilot whipped up some bannock dough to stuff into a flat tire. Heated the bannock with a wood fire until the dough rose then made a take off. I don't want to try this.  Thanks    Brian

At 4:04pm on December 30, 2014, Jim Pantas said…

Cool, thanks for the info.  On the partially finished aircraft I purchased, the leading edge slats look like they are crooked and I was thinking about removing them.

STOL: I used to have an Alarus 2000 (Zenair CH2000) and it was the same way, you could chop power and bring it in for very short landings. There are a few short grass fields around here ~800-1000ft and wanted to make sure that choosing a Soobie wasn't going to handicap the plane.  I read so much negative stuff on the Subaru that I was worried.  

What is the Beanie mod?

At 9:19am on December 30, 2014, Jim Pantas said…

Thanks for the Ram Performance tip - they aren't far from me!  I build Subaru powered racecars (FFR 818-R's) so I am familiar with the engines. Can you still do a short takeoff with it? 

At 9:27pm on December 29, 2014, Jim Pantas said…

Nice, EA81 installation - did you have to add weight in the tail to balance it?

At 5:07pm on December 21, 2014, Bob Jones said…

Norm,several reasons , If you set your gross at the lsa max 1320 , the 701 has a LOT more usable , it also takes off shorter , lands shorter , has less cost to operate, less cost to build , takes up less space in hanger, and is a more responsive plane to fly , its the difference between flying a Lopriste, and another cessna, it has short field performance unmatched by ANY other plane , even ones costing twice as much , none of this matters much if you are flying lower 48 airports , but is life or death in some places in Alaska...BOB

At 10:01pm on December 10, 2014, garth post said…

 Hi !  I took off on tires with about 2" of snow on the ground . I paced 48 ( yards ) on take off and 73 on landing . My nose wheel was off in about 12 feet . Can't wait to put the skis on and get out on the lakes once they are frozen .  

 Love my 701 - Be safe and have fun .

    : Garth

At 1:58pm on December 9, 2014, Janusz Tichoniuk said…

Hi Norm! Point taken - picture changed :)

I have started flying only last summer, 4 solo flying hours so far. There are two more 701s in the area but the others do not speak English. zbyszekKedziora is one of them (see his profile for some pics) and basically he has asked me to contact you with question about wing fences and the beanie installed on your plane - what are the differences / advantages comparing to original set-up without slats?



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