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At 12:21am on December 3, 2017, Jeff Bailey said…

I forgot to mention I also had a bad oil leak from between the engine mounting plate and the back of the sump, I had to pull the engine out to fix that.

The rocker bushes were a Jabiru fault the bushes were plastic lined and they started to melt but not only on numbers 5 & 6 which had got the hottest but all of them. Anyway she is running nice now. I cant fault the airframe no problems there she fly's great I love it, wouldn't swap her for quids.

I started out using W100 oil but I think she likes the 15W 50 better. It is a little cooler down here though.


At 10:55pm on December 2, 2017, Jeff Bailey said…

Hi Darryl great to hear from you again, I actually only have one year up so far my first annual is due in a week and a half. I have 70 hrs on the clock.

It has not been all clear sailing though I had temperature problems so I removed the plenum that I had made and installed the fiberglass ducts that came with the engine. The cht's are all good know running in the 140's. Then my rocker bushes collapsed so they supplied me with new bushes and shafts and then I had oil pressure problems, the sender unit was lying to me so I replaced it with a new one and it was lying to me too so I threw them away and installed a mechanical gauge and oil line. With the Aeroshell 15W 50 I am running the oil temp seems to stay around 80 deg.

I flew to Narramine for Airventure and had 115 kts Tas @ 2800 rpm and averaged 16.6 litres an hour for the trip. The engine is running good now so it seems all is finally sorted out.

It's been an adventure that's for sure. How is your plane going?


At 3:13am on January 17, 2017, Jeff Bailey said…

Thanks for getting back to me Darryl. Thats interesting, my temps are a little high too in the 180s No's 3, 5 and 6 the rest are ok though but my motor is new and I am expecting them to come down a little (hoping).  

My motor is late Gen 2 serial no 2529. Your temps sound good now. I will see what happens, maybee keep the fibreglass shrouds in mind.


At 6:40pm on December 13, 2016, Jeff Bailey said…

Thanks Darryl, How are your temps going with the cooling fence? mine were ok yesterday except for no 5 was a little hot.


At 1:24am on August 9, 2015, Mirko said…

I have a friend who is a aeronautics engineer and we are trying to come up with a   solution, which I'll post when able. Enjoy the trip!

P.S Jabiru - does not recommend mounting any counter weight on the engine itself - you will need to mount this on the bottom half of cowling!

At 4:00am on August 8, 2015, Mirko said…

Hi Darryl. Interesting figures, very similar to mine. Bottom line we are both AFT heavy. Your C.G with little or none fuel with 2 occupants(approx. 85kg each) is at 466, which is very dangerous especially in a stall situation with no power. Please email me you phone details to mirko@bytecorp.com.au to discuss further if you wish. As I believe the Jabiru engine mount has been calculated incorrectly - too short. My details - see below;

Left wheel = 130.5

Right Wheel = 136.5

Nose  = 90.5

C.G  = 350.4

empty  =  358


At 4:11pm on August 6, 2015, Mirko said…

Hello Darryl. Just curious on your W/B details? If yo can share these with me that would be great!

Great job with the aircraft!

Re: Mirko.

At 12:20am on June 18, 2015, Jeff Bailey said…

Hi Darryl

These template copies are ready for you. If you want you can email me an address at thebaileys@homemail.com.au and I will put them in the post. I can also email you some more photos of my installation so you can see how I did it.

I notice you have installed a HACman mixture control, I bought one too when I decided against the TBI throttle body from Rotec. Have you had a chance to try it out yet I would be interested to here your findings and thoughts on its operation.


At 6:20pm on May 30, 2015, Jeff Bailey said…

That's ok, i'll just get to it when I get time. That would be annoying about the Efis though, you spend a lot of money on your panel and still have problems. With my exhaust I am not installing the standard muffler and have the three into one collectors from camit that i still have to weld together with some stainless pipe and bends I bought. Hopefully those joints will suck in a little instead of leaking out, that's my theory anyway. Ether way I wanted to get rid of that big heater just under the sump for added cooling affect.


At 6:56am on May 25, 2015, Jeff Bailey said…

No worries Darryl. It might take me two or three weeks to get it organised so just leave it with me. I got everything from Aircraft Spruce, rubber baffle part no - 05-00811-3, rivets - 05-00134, I also used some washers 05-56130.

It will be interesting to see how much the temps change with the plenum, I think they will improve though.

My plane will be raa registered, I already have the number allocated, (19 - 8533).


At 12:02am on May 25, 2015, Jeff Bailey said…

Hey Darryl that fuel burn is unreal, I hope I get those numbers. I have given up predicting when my plane will be finished but I am determined to finish it this year. There's not much left to do, just connect up the engine sensors and tie up some loose ends and then paint when the weather warms up after winter.

If you like I can make a copy of my plenum templates and send them to you. You might have to tweak them a little to fit your plane but they will be close. I think the only don't is, don't make it too tight, leave plenty of room for the rubber so the bottom cowl is easy to get on and off.


At 5:07am on May 7, 2015, Jeff Bailey said…

Hi Darryl, your probably right Allan says he cruises at 105 Kts too. 18 Ltrs is pretty good though I was expecting about 23 so that's a bonus.

When I made the plenum I made cardboard templates for all the pieces first so if I need to I can make more.

Cheers mate

At 11:11pm on May 4, 2015, Jeff Bailey said…

Hi Darryl, for some reason I thought you got Phil's Plenum with his motor, I must have been mistaken. What speeds do you get with your prop and pitch setting? (vy and cruise)

Rob suggested I set mine for 3000 static and that I should tie the plane back as the brakes won't hold it but I haven't started mine yet so I don't know for sure.


At 3:19am on May 3, 2015, Jeff Bailey said…

Thanks for getting back to me Darryl. I had thought of doing that too but I just thought yours might have been a specific one. My prop is  three blade carbon fiber from Rob Petroni at Revolution Rotors, he is up your way. As you know Eddie Seve put one on his Zodiac and was very happy with it.


At 2:02pm on October 30, 2014, Stephen R. Smith said…

Hello Darryl,

9.5 hours.  Now that is a long non-stop flight.  With 53 gallons of fuel, throttled back you can make it half way across Australia.  Sounds like you love to explore in your 601, like I do.  I can spend hours looking out the window and taking pictures as I motor along.  Someday I would like to fly round Australia.  I need to rent a 601 and have someone show me around.


At 4:10pm on February 11, 2009, Chris Sinfield said…
Hey Darryl
when you going to update your web site? Do you know there is also a builder down in AS.. with a Zodiac XL?
At 3:26pm on February 11, 2009, Eddie Seve said…
Hi Darryl,

You probably made the better choice rather than the Jabiru Australia FWF kit which leaves the builder with lots still to do...
I am looking forward to comparing some performance figures for different types of props on the Jab 3300.

You'll love the plane when you get it flying, climb/cruse performance with the Jab is really good.

At 2:20pm on February 10, 2009, Eddie Seve said…
Hi Darryl,

Thanks very much, and yes I have changed to a Carbon Fibre ground adjustable prop from Rob Petroni, as the prop supplied by Jabiru was too course in pitch and had me crusing at 120-125knots at 2700rpm. To slow down to a reasonable speed meant running the engine at 2400rpm which Jabiru do not recommend, and to slow down in rough air mean running the engine even slower.

One of the other big benefits is that the prop is much smoother and quiter in flight.

Running 2700rpm now gives me 110kots and somewhere between 18-20 litres per hour. I am still checking fuel comsuption at the moment as I am still playing around with the pitch.

At 3:49pm on February 8, 2009, Kevin Rudd said…
Hi Darryl
yes they seem quite sturdy the fuses are in line just undo the 4 screws and they come out the front with the wire but you can also buy them with breakers along side in a panel
cheers Kevin
At 8:41pm on February 7, 2009, Chris Sinfield said…
about time you joined up.. been away at work for a while??? now back to building

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