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At 2:25pm on October 22, 2018, ronald zielke said…

steve my daughter posted this on Facebook   try this    it should bring up the  article

At 1:05pm on August 3, 2017, Rodney Hall said…

O-200%20Parts%20List.pdf  Steve, I saw you post about an O-200 Parts Manual. I have attached the most recent copy.

At 6:59pm on December 20, 2015, ronald zielke said…

steve I'd welcome the idea of coming up , but more than anything to go flying in are own planes, wouldn't that cool?  Thanks for the comments  it was a dog getting all that stuff in there.  I have since put screws on both top arm  and baggage rests just to be Shure. I'm hopping to have my plane done by September.

At 12:11pm on July 29, 2015, ronald zielke said…

HI Steve

I see that you have went with steam gauges.  who's did you use? were did you buy them.  ron

At 11:24am on June 30, 2015, ronald zielke said…

hi steve  sorry i didn't get back sooner but for some reason this showed up on one of your old post,  but i thought i told you but when i went to mexico i bought the fuselage kit i thought as slow as i've been i'll never finish.   I have also decided to cut the elevator crank off of the torque tube  I'll post some pictures as soon i can.  thanks again for your inspirations and help ron

At 11:01pm on June 24, 2015, ronald zielke said…

thanks steve  I have not tried to fit the cabin frame but should be o.k. for some reason instead of 714 m.m. spread at the attach points I have 720 but I talked with calib before he left and he gave me the fix, but told me that was not unusual . i'm going to use a covair motor and am working with w.wynne and dan weserman on that see that yours is coming alone nicely, hope that some day some we can all go flying together soon. thanks again  ron

At 3:40pm on April 11, 2015, ronald zielke said…

hi Steve it looks like your really getting close to finishing.  Have you found your engine yet/ as I recall your thinking of using an o 200? I now have everything but the fus done and have started that I'm going with the 3100cc covair from W W .  My target to finish is late September this year.  those #$@^% slats were a real codnokker for me the worst part of the build so far, a lot of work for no more that I'm going to use them.(going with v- gees

At 6:50pm on March 24, 2015, Michael J. Ashura said…

Steve, if you need any fuel system parts, let me know.  Gascolator, electric fuel pump, fittings, clamps.  


At 12:18am on December 29, 2014, ronald zielke said…

thanks steve but it's a really sloooooowwww go  as you know I started plans build, but when I went to mexico for the open house I bought the fuselage  the wing that you se is the secoud wing should have it done in a bought two weeks then the slats and flaperons I'm going to paint it before it leaves the shop.  I know that if I had tried to build every part as slow as I have been I'd probably never finish

At 9:30pm on August 20, 2014, ronald zielke said…

thanks steve for the kind words, i sure wish that i were as far along as you.  man those   wings  really look great  love those seats

At 7:09pm on July 31, 2013, jim miller said…

hi steven

I was half way across to the hamathco ice fields from Vancouver island when I noticed the oil pressure dropping slightly and the temps going up a little .I had drawn a line on the map where I figured I would be at the point of no return if I had any kind of problems and I was right over that line. so I decided to give the throttle a little push to see if the engine was labouring and sure enough the rpm didn't go up at all so I turned around and called cambell river air port that I was having a problem, I told them that I would be coming straight in on 31 if I made it that far .anyway I made it, well almost ,my main wheels touched the grass in front of the runway and my nose wheel hit the tarmack  the motor ran about 5 minutes without any oil which got me close to land, the rest was a nice quiet glide .I had some other options like the beach or a field but I just kept getting closer to the air port and that's were I left my plane for a couple of days  until I could get a trailer to pick it up .

 glad I built a 701 it was still flying at 30 mph as I cleard the light towers at the end of the runway

At 2:59pm on March 14, 2013, ronald zielke said…


Hey, Steve.  I finally have purchased the metal for the build!  The best place I found was from Zenith itself.  I have been working my tail off getting my shop cleaned up. I'm building my table and will start the build itself as soon as I have my bending device assembled.  Will keep you posted.  Thanks, again, for the great help and inspiration.  Ron

At 9:11am on January 16, 2013, Kenneth Buchmann said…

Steve: I owned a czech built 701 that had flanged seams and it gave the plane a professional apperance.When I started my 750 construction I asked Zenith about flanging and their opinion was that it was not worth the time and effort. I decided to experiment and found that it takes patient experienced hand to get a consistent flange so I gave up the idea. Try it.


At 5:01pm on August 22, 2012, ronald zielke said…

Steve been thinking about our phone coversation and would like to come down for the air show and spend a day with you in the shop call me on the house phone 270/773-3254

Im willing to try to get the wind screen for you if i can ron.       ps. eve are best for me because i'm still running to close up loose ends of wife's passing

At 8:34pm on August 9, 2011, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your comments. As I can see, you're gertting there yourself !

Keep at it and you will eventually get there !

Nice work and great pictures too !


At 5:44pm on May 16, 2011, Steven Ward said…
Thanks guys!
At 10:08am on May 16, 2011, Art VanWinterswyk said…

Thanks Steve

Your site looks great and looks like you do nice work, great.  Your little helper is having fun to. 

I am just getting started and mostly just making part now.  I started building the Zodiac but put it on the back burner for now and building the STOL 750 first.   It's all good!

At 7:48am on May 16, 2011, David Peterson said…
Mate you are doing an awesome job. Thanks for the inspiration (from Sydney, Oz).
At 6:46am on April 18, 2011, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your comment. Yours looks good too. Keep at it. Buildong it as an ultralight, experimental or ???

Nice work with the wings - they look very well done!


At 5:23pm on February 28, 2011, Dennis Hutchinson said…


I take a look around this website every few days, but very rarely go to my own page. I only found your comment today, a month later. When we got our airworthiness certicate, Bill Anderson, our local FSDO told us welcome to the "3 Percent Club". Then we inquired what he was talking about. According to him, of the people who start a plans-built project, only 3 percent see it through to completion. I knew the number was low, but I didn't realize that it was that low. I figured 10 or 15 percent. I am a fairly patient person, but the thing that helped me tremendously was some advice from an old friend. He said not to think of it as an airplane project because that can be overwhelming at times. Look at it as a long series of individual projects that have measurable progress, that just happen to become an airplane when completely assembled. The key is to work consistently, even if it is just trying to figure out how to accomplish the next step. You may not see much progress yourself, but as friends stop by to check up on you, they will notice. From the pictures on your page, it looks like you are well on way to completion, keep up the good work. Flying an aircraft that you built with your own hands is satisfying beyond description. It took me 13 years to build, and I've been flying it since May of 2010. I've put 120 hours on it since then. I will have to admit that I do miss the building in a lot of ways. Might have to do it again.


Good luck with your build,

Dennis Hutchinson


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