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At 4:03pm on June 9, 2019, Tim Crumley said…

Thanks Fred. Can you send a few pictures please. My email is and phone number is 864-346-4893 if text is easier. Talk with you soon. 

At 8:39pm on February 19, 2015, Timothy E Kinney said…

Hey Fred!

    I finally got the cylinders in the mail from WW. No pistons or con rods though. That was several months ago. No word from him either. How much did the heads cost? How long is Mark backlogged. Did he say why he doesn't get the heads out? He's had mine for almost 2 years. How can those guys stay in business?

           I wonder if I pissed them off or something?

                            Lesson learned, never pay in advance.


At 10:57pm on February 17, 2015, Brian A Manlove said…

Fred - I made the nosebowl trim rings by re-engineering a couple of recessed light trim rings.  I figured out a way to bend the flange so that the curve matches up with the contour of the nosebowl.  They're spun aluminum.  The spinner is a Vans FP-13 (13") fiberglass spinner -  the one recommended by WW.

At 8:37pm on November 21, 2014, Timothy E Kinney said…

   It felt like the pride of having a baby until I remembered it didn't take any brains to procreate!

At 9:21pm on November 16, 2014, Timothy E Kinney said…

Passed checkride today. Finally! I failed on one aspect of my first ride and had to come back to do it over. It was such a bummer to have to wait so long to finish up!

     What a feeling to be called a Pilot!

         Tim K

At 12:20am on October 30, 2014, Timothy E Kinney said…

I'm sitting for the checkride Saturday. Wish me luck.

At 3:23pm on October 18, 2014, Timothy E Kinney said…

   Any word Back from WW yet?

At 11:49pm on October 13, 2014, Timothy E Kinney said…

     I wish you luck. I feel that if I get too aggressive with him then I'll be blacklisted.

   He said that he'd ship me the stuff in a month. I'm giving him until I pass my check ride on the 26th(fingers crossed). I don't have the mental energy to do battle with so much on the line in the near future. Keep in touch!

             Tim K

         BTW I bet he'd respond from people like Zenith since they sponsored him at the factor????

At 1:29am on October 6, 2014, Timothy E Kinney said…

  I ordered the whole deal from him August of 13. He owes me the intake and exhaust, distributor, pistons, cylinders and rods and probably some other stuff as well. Its hard to keep up on exactly what he sent and didn't.

At 9:11pm on September 20, 2014, Timothy E Kinney said…

Like I said, I'm at a year for my distributor. I'm studying for my private pilot written for next Saturday. My check ride in 2 or three weeks.  I'm going to get a whole lot more interested in the supply issues when I'm done. I wonder if Zenith would like to know about our issues since they are hosting them for the CC?


At 11:29pm on September 18, 2014, Timothy E Kinney said…

      According to WW there is a 'approved' machinist in Florida that Dan or William can hook us up with.

WW said he would try to stockpile the heads in his shop as well. I'd call Dan W to confirm though. I have lost faith in Mark P.

At 11:23pm on September 18, 2014, Timothy E Kinney said…

      You bet Larry. Tire rubber is a lot cheaper than a shrink and the results are immediate. I live in the Sonoma wine country where people actually pay what I do for free. Bike tours are big around here. Trying to stay in budget is a real issue. Time seems to bleed the money way. For you its diapers. for me its college tuition.

At 5:00pm on September 18, 2014, Larry Nelson said…
I'm with you on the bike riding. I need to pull the road bike back out. My problem is money not so much in the time, my wife and I just had our 4th kid a few weeks ago. So we will see what happens to the airplane budget.
At 10:00pm on September 17, 2014, Timothy E Kinney said…

        I'm not sure how to read him. I think that with the limited resources that I have, the one thing that I have the least of is time. When I get agitated about these suppliers not answering the phone or Emails it messes me up for a long time. I just stop working and do something else. I know that this is my personal issue but I've been told "That which is most personal is most universal."

         I'm sure other people have been "torpedoed" by the frustration of making a call (most every day for several weeks) and not getting a response. I wish I could just get past that, and get on with other parts of the build. I find that when I'm "on a roll' I'm feeling fine. Then I get this kind of thing going and I just want out of my garage, away from the source of the anger.  Usually riding my bicycle as far away as I can get. It preserves my sanity but it destroys my momentum.

                               Sorry for the rant


At 9:46pm on September 17, 2014, Larry Nelson said…
Fred no secret knowledge here. I have just talked to others and learned the best steps for getting the conversion done.
At 3:40pm on September 1, 2014, Louis W. Ott said…

Hi Fred,
Yes, I'm satisfied with Bill Clapp's Corvair (Aeromax). The engine I got was his first prototype 2700cc. I like his 5th bearing design which puts the (Chevy 350) thrust bearing right up front to transfer the thrust directly to the engine block rather than way back near the rear of the crankshaft. I used a Ford EDIS-6 ignition so I didn't use a distributor, and I made my own exhaust and intake system. I used the Rotec carb mounted about where the distributor would be. All of that is counter to the WW practice. The engine ran well for the 100 hrs I used it. I did notice that it had lost some compression on one cylinder. Valve leaking I think.  Bill is making more engines now than 4 or 5 years ago when I was getting mine and his new business is on firmer footing. I found the 2700cc lacking the power I wanted for my 601XL in summer high density altitude use. I'm building another Corvair now with larger bore and increased stroke. Brady McCormick is helping me. Brady had Magnificent Machine a few years ago until the poor economy put it under. That engine is almost done now. Unfortunately, the reason I went with Bill Clapp is the same reason you are now thinking of doing the same. WW was just unresponsive to anything and everything. I don't know what's wrong there, but something definitely is. I also didn't like WWs' attitude of doing it his way or the highway. You might also check with Dan Weseman to see about his offerings. You may get better luck from WW if you had your basic parts in hand and attended one of his Corvair Colleges. He does bring a lot of his stuff to those in hopes of selling something.

Let me know if you have questions on anything else.


At 2:52pm on August 23, 2014, Ken Pavlou said…

Thank you Fred.  The JIMCO regulator is a direct replacement for the john deere unit with the same wiring and specs.  It will work with any single phase permanent magnet alternator up to 20 amps.


At 9:18pm on July 8, 2014, Brian A Manlove said…

Good to hear from you, Frederick.

A guy in my EAA chapter tig-welded the passthru for me for free... I sent him the drawing from the FWF manual and he had it ready the next day.  That's all I needed to be able to finish plumbing everything from my fuel selector all the way to the engine.

I'm heading up to Roy's sometime next week, just have to confirm actual dates with him and then I'll be loading up the truck and driving up to Osseo MI.

Glad you got your stuff - I don't think it's an "intentional" thing on the other side of the order.  William is an eccentric guy and I can forgive a misplaced order for a $29 part, a part that in all actuality he probably rarely if ever gets an order for.

Anyway, hope you heal up real soon and are able to dig into your project!


Brian M.

At 6:58pm on July 6, 2014, Brian A Manlove said…

Fred - Just wanted to let you know, one of the guys in my EAA chapter made the firewall passthru for me and didn't even charge me for it.  I already installed it and have my FWF fuel lines fully plumbed!!  

-Brian M

At 7:38pm on November 2, 2013, David Long said…

Hi Fred,  

Building really slowed down.  I moved and relocated everything (including my 601 kit.)  Finally getting some time to work on the 1st wing.  Starting with wing upgrade kit.  Will keep in touch.  So you bought a 5th bearing block and crank from WW?  I'm still on the fence with the 5th bearing......

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