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At 4:13am on May 14, 2015, bud smith said…
thank you Clemens look forward to meeting when you return in July
At 9:06am on May 13, 2015, Clemens Kramer said…
Bud, currently in tennesse. Won't be back till July. Flew 750 for 2 years and sold it. Now flying aeronca 7ac/bcm. Jan great guy. Did my rv training with him. Would love to talk about ch750. New phone number 863 697 6078 (cell)
At 3:19pm on May 11, 2015, bud smith said…

Good afternoon Clemens, I'm a RV-8 flyer at F45 just down the Beeline from OBE. I'm very serious about building a CH750 and would love to meet you and talk about yours.


Also great excused to visit for lunch and maybe say hi to Jan Bussell.

At 12:54am on June 30, 2014, Jack Schnurr said…

I am in the phase 1 testing period on my C-90 zenith 750, 14 hours so far. My oil temps are hitting 220 even though I installed an oil cooler. I am considering putting a hole in the cowl to put an airflow over the bottom of the engine. Do you have any ideas on what i might do?

Thanks for your help with my problem,

At 10:44pm on April 28, 2012, Bruce Cruikshank said…

Hi Clemens,

Since you've started flying without the slats, are you still using the original slatted CG range?  Is it any harder to keep the nose off during landing?  Finally about to fly my slatless CH750 for the first time.  Bruce Cruikshank

At 1:42pm on April 5, 2011, Bruce Cruikshank said…
Not fling yet. All parts are finished. Have to paint wings. Assemble and install engine.
At 8:36pm on April 2, 2011, Mike Schlichtman said…
I'm curious what happend to your wing tip.  Was it impacted by something or did the slat come loose due to the impact.
At 11:56pm on April 5, 2010, Bruce Cruikshank said…
Hi Clemens,
Are you using any kind of fuel pump. or just a gravity feed fuel system?
Thanks Bruce
At 8:30am on February 8, 2010, Clemens Kramer said…
I can't be sure but that is what I have been concerned with(exit air), however comparing openning at the bottom of several older aircraft their opennings are no larger than the CH750 and in one case smaller. So, I draw the conclusion that I'm forcing more air in and there fore forcing more air out creating a better cooling effect. Also the air is dircted more toward the oil sump which should help. I may make the "lip" deeper into the compartment this summer if the temps go up to get the air more directly to the oil sump. This past weekend it never got over 168 degrees. My friends got to 220 in 20 mins. He is adding an oil cooler as I write.
At 2:28pm on February 6, 2010, Gary Burdett said…
On your extra hole in the nose, do you know if that is intake or exit air that is improving your temps?

Gary Burdett
At 2:44pm on February 4, 2010, Clemens Kramer said…
Thanks, that will ease the nerves Saturday.
At 2:09pm on February 4, 2010, Angus Watt said…

Yes I've done stalls. Clean stall at about 38 kts. Dirty stall at about 32 kts. Very gentle. No nose drop. Aircraft just mushes. Full aileron control throughout. I also tried a full power stall, but it wouldn't stall. Just hangs on the prop at about 15-20 degrees nose up and mushes. All in all, a very benign stall.

Hope this is helpful.

At 10:52am on February 4, 2010, Tim Biss said…
Thanks for the update Clemens. This has given me the confidence to proceed with the O-200.
At 6:59am on February 4, 2010, Clemens Kramer said…
Nice to hear from you Tim. Yes I have solved the problem with cooling without adding an oil cooler like AMD has.
I don't know how Jim has solved his but I was determined to solve mine without the oil cooler. I will post some pictures tomorrow, but what I did was look at all the old planes with an airspeed of 100 mph and O-200 engines and decided what was missing on our cowlings was a vent below the prop. Starting with a smilely face from a J-3 cub(didnt help) and enlarged to a diamond shape(dropped temp 5 degrees) and finally to a modified rectangle with "rounded" edges made from left over AL angles, I'm running at 178 degrees! I have only 1 hour on this mod but it looks promising.
At 7:18pm on February 3, 2010, Tim Biss said…
Hello Clemens,
Have you figured out the O-200 high oil temp issue? Jim Smith had similar problems, do you know if they are related and how he fixed it?
I had selected the O-200; however I am concerned that so far 3 out of 3 flying O-200 have/had overheat issues. I am particularly concerned since I live in the desert southwest.
At 8:09am on January 19, 2010, Clemens Kramer said…
Thanks. I used a O-200-A with lightweight starter and Plane Power light weight alternator. I weighed the plane twice. First one wheel at a time which gave me a weight of 715 lbs and then weighed it with 3 scales and it weighed 750 lbs. I'm useing all 2 1/4 in. instruments, hand held Icom and no transponder. It's a 30 foot paint job with no more than 2 gallons of paint. It's off the grass strip in 400 ft without even trying. I now have 2 hours in the air. Still needs a little adjustment on the ailerons, has a little left turn tendencies. It's very senitive to the controls. I'm loving it!!!

At 5:16pm on January 17, 2010, Ken Ryan said…
Congratulations on your first flight! Must have been quite a thrill ...

Did you use the straight 0-200 or the "lightweight"0-200-D ?

What was your final weight?

Again, congrats!
At 5:01am on December 29, 2009, Jimmy Young said…
Thanks. I would like to get a fresh rebuilt 0-200 for the same reasons. I flew in the factory plane when it had the 0-200 and I was very satisfied with the performance. Good luck with your AW insp. and flight!
At 7:40am on November 13, 2009, Andre Levesque said…
Hi Clemens,
I'm a new builder and originally bought the 701 plans/drawings and rudder kit. That was 3 weeks ago!! I now decided to switch to the 750 instead. How is the 750 plans in your opinion? i was told the 750 was much easier to assemble than the 701 and the design as incorporated better techniques in building and reinforcing the structure.

Good luck with your build.
At 7:03pm on October 22, 2009, Tim Biss said…
Hi Clemens,

I have also decided on the O-200 (A or D). I have received the firewall components from Zenith. The motor mount had to be 'stretched’ to align the top holes with the firewall. The firewall hole locations are correct. Zenith agrees the mount may need to be stretched for the holes to align. I have accepted that. However, I measured the actual engine attach points an they appear to be off by about 5mm. I may be able to ‘stretch’ these also . I am interested to know if you had similar issues. Also where did you get your O-200A from?


Tim Biss

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